Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday 2012

Getting warmed up before the night begun.  I hate that it started so early this year, I wasn't even able to get a mini nap before we were off to our meeting.  But I did get a few minutes to lay down and warm up my feet and digest a little from Thanksgiving dinner.

We had our before hand meeting but no one was really as ready as we needed to be.  So instead of making out list we ate a really good snack and did the best we could on our lists.

Getting ready for the first stop and the most intense stop...
We were running a little bit behind so we got dropped at the door but it was no trouble finding a parking spot!
Amazingly, the rest of the day we got spaces in the first 3 spots the rest of the day.

This girl and I champed it out at the first stop.  I got sheets and small appliances and she had movies and games.  Two really hard sections and we got everything we needed!

We got all of out 8pm door busters and then in the line for the 10pm door busters.  Again, not my favorite way of doing it but I did get all I needed this way.  I want the day to start on Friday!!!!  You know "Black Friday!"
We hung out on the can good isle for 2 hours taking selfies and texting the other girls waiting in line.

As I sat on the can goods isle I met the only guy in the free world that would grocery shop on Black Friday.  He was so pissed off that he had to try and get around all the crazy shoppers.

I had to post this to show you how close this lady was behind me...seriously, your buggy is touching me, "Back off Lady!!!!"
The other girl started sending us pics when Sister ? made it to the party...she was late as usual.
Texting and Tweeting....that's how we roll!
Poor Sister ?  She spilt something in every single store we went to.  She had to throw away her bag and even got the emergency cone pulled out at Wal-Mart.

Car photos!

Yes the college student got really tired and her feet hurt so in an effort to take care of her, her mama let her crawl in the buggy and gave her a ride for a while.

Another example of Black Friday parking...

We tried to take this with us for Sister ? but we couldn't fit it in the car!

Hello Daylight!!!

This photo made the day...I don't know the last time I laughed this hard.  Sister 2 the one on the left and right really wanted to see if she could get on both sides of the panoramic picture and as you can see it was very successful.  They did this in the back of the van...hysterical laughter!
Between this and Glozell I have never laughed this hard.

Our feet hurt so bad I thought it was necessary to take a picture so you could see how bad they hurt....I had been awake for 35 hours and I thought it was a good idea.
We did have a repeat of the red lipstick just for Sister 2, she has gotten miles of laughter off that photo.

We did our fair share of eating!
This guy came down and fed us lunch, took some stuff home and even did a little bit of shopping...

Nothing But Noodles

3am Breakfast at IHOP
This girl loves her some Gigi's!
Nobody knows!!!!
My dinner company was crazy!!!!
Those are sleepy eyes.

This was a treat for the end of the Lover Troy!

Hahahaha, she couldn't fit behind the steering wheel.
This was my main treat to myself, a Keurig Coffee Maker, and coffee tree, and coffee cup!

We hit the 24 hours of shopping mark and celebrated with a little bit more food, and another group photo...
We tried the panoramic picture was still as funny but no good picture came of this one.
Over all the day was a huge success, we got tons of gifts, had major laughs, and survived about 30 hours of shopping.  It took 2 days to recover.  I am just now getting pictures up because my computer is so slow, maybe I should have purchased a computer instead of these 700 thread count sheets but these new sheets are feeling pretty good on my body. 
I hope you all had a good Black Friday and a Happy Thanksgiving.
Now I have to get my burn on from all the Black Friday calories!!!

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Spoonful of Me said...

I agree that Black Friday needs to go back to being on Friday. I shopped til I literally dropped but we didn't have as much fun as you and your sisters did. :) But I did get everything on my list.

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