Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back to the Gym

Well, again I will say the phrase..."Still don't know what is wrong so I will just deal with the pain!"  I got my results from the CAT Scan and I was wrong, I don't have any abdominal pain.  So back to the gym for me.  I told you guys the other day that I'm gym shopping again and I think I found the place.

If you are wondering why there is writing on the pic I am doing a photo a day and this was today's photo.

I was given a week pass to try the place out and today was my first try.  There is just something wonderful about waking up before the sun and putting on tight pants and tennis shoes!!!!!

I packed up my clothes for work, grabbed my coffee and drove to the gym.  This place was really nice.  Lots of equipment, some that I haven't gotten to use in years...I started with a half mile warm up, 1 mile on the elliptical and then 1500 meters on a rowing machine, and some upper body weights!
Burning calories!!!!
It was a great workout!  I really liked the facility.   Since I have to get ready for work there the locker room is really important to me and this locker room was fantastic.  All in all an A+!  I still like D1 but for my needs and my schedule I think this gym might me more for me.
The rest of my week has been crazy busy.  I have left the house early every morning and get home around 10pm or later.  This is a December, holiday, basketball, Christmas program, sleep deprived, almost my birthday time of year which means busy busy time but I will get my post up, maybe not as frequent as normal but here none the less!

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