Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gym AM or PM

Tonight I did something that I have not done in months, literally months!  I went and worked out after work.  I forgot what it is like to workout in the evening.  I usually go after the early morning rush so the gym is not crowded but at the time I go its mostly older people. 

This afternoon it was so different.  I found out several things that I have missed.....

     1.  There is no need to shower and dress once the workout is over...just drive home in the dirty workout clothes.

    2.  All the Cutie McHotboys aka Army McMarinemen workout in the afternoon!!!  I'm not sure how effective my workout really was but I liked the view, I love a man with a crew cut and an ARMY shirt!

    3.  Tonight I discovered if I get on the very last treadmill I don't have to watch myself run in the huge mirror while working out.

I generally get a better workout because I'm not so groggy and already warmed up but I think I still like my mornings better.  That way I dont have to worry about missing anything in the evenings.

This morning I slept in a little bit.  I was up late vandalizing my nephews car and catching up on my TV shows I needed a few more minutes this morning.  I also knew I had no plans this evening so I could postpone it.

He made fun of my antlers so he got his own!
I'm just trying to get in the spirit!  #tistheseason

It was an amazingly successful workout.  I did 2 miles on the rowing machine!!!!!  This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment.  Full body workout in a smooth gliding motion!  And I am pretty sure it is working every one of those muscles...

That is a personal best for me and I love this machine and this is the first gym I have been to since college that had a rowing machine.  2 miles and 2 meters in 22 minutes.  Now I did stay on 2 minutes more than the gym maximum but no once came to yell at me so I figured it was ok.

I was pretty excited about this...
Sorry this picture cracked me up...not because of the display but you can see me taking the picture in the background!  haha.

I'm just a touch sore, I did deep squats earlier this week and I haven't quite recovered.  Tomorrow I have to do legs again and hopefully the soreness will work out instead of get worse!  Especially since tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!  I think that means my body cannot be sore!


Tiffany said...

I'm totally an evening work out kind of girl, but I really wish I could do it in the mornings. I just cannot make myself get out of bed!!


Spoonful of Me said...


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