Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Longest Week Ever

This week has been the Christmas program at church.  Three nights of performances, one night at dress rehearsal, drag queen makeup and spikey fun hair.  I love to have any reason to put on way to much makeup! 

It also became the week to take thousands of self portraits.  My sisters were so nice in helping me past my first night jitters by taking self portraits of themselves and sending them to me....then it became a thing....and if my sisters let me I'll post their photos too!!!  UPDATE:  I GOT A YES!!!!

This is what they were sending me.....

This is FatGirl's drag queen make-up extrodiare!

(Side note: I had one person ask how I turned my hair blue.  I use a violet toner to help with any brassy tones and I left it on just a bit to long.  The majority of it has washed away but you can still kind of see a blue/grey tone!)
I caught Elvis's scarf!!!
The self portraits quickly turned into back stage photos, which then chronicled the 3 days of the Christmas program....
This is my preacher dressed up as Elvis...he did a great job!!!!! 
The self portraits quickly got posted to instargram under the #obsessedwithextremecloseups and my Biggest Loser contestant liked my photos and reposted it!!!!!!  My excitement is overwhelming.

The Christmas program has taken up 90% of my week and the other 10% has been HARDCORE at work.  I had to leave on time everyday and I like to leave with everything is done not when the clock strikes 5!
But today we did get to have a little bit of fun at work.  My manager sent and email before he got to work letting us know that he had been to the eye doc and that he was going to have to wear a patch for a few days so get our pirate jokes ready because he was only going to listen to it once....

We took it just a step to far and managed to get all kinds of pirate decorations ready to go!!!
Now that is office support right there!!!!

Now my one devastation (FIRST WORLD PROBLEM!!!) this week was really a tear jerker.  I set up an appointment 2 weeks ago to get upgraded to DVR.  This was my birthday present to myself.  I have looked forward to it.  I managed to have someone at my house for my 2 hour window, I even cleaned the toilet and straightened up so the cable guy wouldn't think I was a slob! 
Well, he didn't show, he didn't call to tell me he was running around an hour behind, nothing.  I was furious.  I have been looking forward to this for weeks.  Now I am having to shop for a new cable service.  I set this appointment up before the new year and before the new season of Biggest Loser so I don't miss all the episodes like last season.  Now I am just pissed and DVRless!!!!
The only other thing I have going on this week is the new gym.  I have decided that I am going to join this new gym for a few months.  I have really enjoyed my free week trial and its worth a try right??!?!  Ill try anything once and I really liked this gym.  You know Ill let you know how I like it!!
Now I have to get my rest, I have been going hard for days now and I need some sleep!!!!!!

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