Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Update

 My goodness...its the most wonderful time of the year.  I don't know about y'all but I am a busy busy girl this time of the year.  None the less, I have enjoyed so much getting back to the gym.  I made it to the gym nearly every day this week with the exception of Tuesday when I woke up just a touch sick.

I have my daily alarm set and I have been to the gym.  Now that I have issued a challenge to my niece I have to work harder than ever training for my Halfarathon.  Yes, that is my new word, halfarathon!

Now my body is a bit sore from getting back to the gym, not bad sore like it has been in the past.  Just a little sore in the calves and inner thighs!  Not a fun muscle to hurt BTW!  And then there is the blisters.  My feet have been working out but they haven't been running so my blisters are back.  Ive got to train that skin again too.

Now my gym excitement for the week at the gym was my getting hit on.  I haven't been hit on in a while and lets just say I was not expecting it.  I had just gotten out of the pool and a kind gentleman came up to speak to me...he was between 60-70 (I'm guessing closer to 70) and he asked me for my number!!!!!!  It was a riot...I told him we could be gym friends but I didn't think giving him my number was the best idea....I like older guys but I think I found my age limit!

This weekend I have gotten to take a small break from the gym and be in baby central.  On Saturday night I went with one cousin to the other cousin to be the baby sitter extraordinaire!  Two grown ups, 2 babies, and we survived.

And I found my t-shirt that has been missing for 20 some odd years....


Then today we had the Children's Christmas program at church, and during Sunday School I got to hold another baby the entire time!  My biological clock is in overdrive this weekend!!!!!


Maybe I will give this guy my number!?!?!!?

Tonight, I am up very late getting ready for the week to come.  This week I have a Christmas concert that I will be performing in and I had to get ready.   I am in desperate need of a cut and color but I have no time to get to the salon so tonight I had an appointment with Salon FatGirl and got this mess cleaned up a little bit.

This is always a hit or miss moment.

My hair is done and I did ruin it, its slightly purple but it is better than the dark roots and the brassy ends.  It will work until I can get it done professionally, and it will work for the Christmas Concert this week.  I will be late getting on here all week long.  I have dress rehearsal on Monday and then the performance the next three nights!  Its going to be a long week and then hopefully a little rest over the weekend, haha, like that is going to happen.

Now it is almost 1am and I have an appointment at the gym in the morning so I must get to bed!

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Spoonful of Me said...

You have blonde hair. How did you get slightly purple? Pics please.

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