Monday, December 30, 2013

December in a Nut Shell

How ironic is it that the one month of my life that is the most busiest is the one I am going to sum up in one blog post.  I don’t really have any other option.  This is the first day since about the 15th that I have had enough time to sit still and type for about an hour.  So let’s see what all we missed in December.

I got to tell you all about Fancy and her mischievous ways and I posted them to Instagram and Facebook daily but after about her first week at my house I didn’t get to post again.  So here are all of Fancy’s shenanigans for the month.  She did get to stay all the way up to Christmas eve and she left with a bang!


I also celebrated my BIG 30 in December.  Yes, I am O-F-F-I-C-A-L-L-Y in my 30’s.  I have big plans for my 30’s so no sadness here.  I’m glad I made it and just hope to see 40!  My family made sure to make it special and we had several parties.  On my actual birthday night we went out to the local Mexican restaurant and had a big dinner and I got showered with gifts and then had another party on Sunday where I got more gifts.  I racked up for my 30th.  I got the entire Rachel Ray cook ware, the Naked3 Palet, new goggles, and a radar detector.   I also got some t-shirts for working out and just everyday that I was so excited to have! 

So quick after my birthday it was time for Christmas.  I ran around for Christmas for a few days trying to get everything together for Christmas lunch, I’m in charge of that, but luckily I didn’t have to do any present shopping.  I was a good little shopper this year and I got all my shopping done early.  I got done with all my Christmas shopping on the 22nd and just got to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas without the stress!  That was a nice change from years before.  


Christmas went off without a hitch.  I managed to make it all day without taking one picture.  I got busy with family and food and presents and didn’t take any.  I got some wonderful presents, a new make-up bag, more cooking stuff for my kitchen (Panini press and Rachel Ray accessories), and a new Garmin watch.  Mine finally kicked the bucket so this is a much needed watch for all the races I have coming up this year. 

Once I got back to my house with my new birthday and Christmas loot I realized that I had to clean house.  Not clean clean but organize.   I spent this entire weekend cleaning out the house.  Kitchen cabinets all purged for new cookware and all duplicate appliances given to Goodwill.  I had to clean out my office because it has become the catch all and was overwhelming with junk!  And finally I had to get rid of the TV junkyard that has littered my living room for months.  I had lightening hit my cable months ago and the broken TV’s have just been sitting, but no more!  I like that everything is now organized and has a home.

I love that my house is ready to start a new year.  I’m not much for making a huge lifestyle change just because it’s the beginning of the year but I am looking forward to a new start and new goals for 2014.  I can’t wait to let you all know about my New Year’s resolutions and goals but that will just have to wait for now (cause this is the December post.) 

And as far as Phase 4 goes…..

I struggled in November and December and I am most certainly up in weight, but since I make the rules of this one year of weight loss I am giving myself a Mulligan.  I am extending my year by 3 months, Lets just call this the 5th Quarter!  I will do my final weight in at the end of March.  I did good in October and kinda fell off the wagon after that so instead of not getting the results I want I am just going to have a redo! 

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Greatest Santa Photo EVER!

Happy Holidays All! I know everyone is all a busy getting ready for the holidays, which is precisely why I haven't posted all week long.  I have lots of things going on right now and my anxiety level is pretty high.  Like on a terror alert scale I'm in the Orange zone.

I like to post cause I get to talk about my day, my workouts, my diet and it eases me and gets my anxiety down but this week I have been busy, like everyone else, going from dawn to dark. and my nerves are just haywire. 

So lets see if I cant get in a little FatGirl therapy right now.  I have been pretty good this week with my workouts.  Everyday this week has been a quick workout, under 20 minutes, at a really high intensity with a weight component in there as well.  I have made it to all my workouts this week until Wednesday.  This is the first unplanned miss I have had since I started CrossFit.  I absolutely overslept....

I woke up 10 minutes before class started and it takes me 25 minutes minimum to get to the gym so I took advantage of the extra sleep and headed to work on time.  I'm used to getting ready at the gym and driving to work with no traffic so Wednesday was quite a change of pace.  I had to shower at my own house and drive through traffic!  haha!  That's a First World Problem if I have ever heard one, poor me right!?!?!?

Since I'm trying to fast forward the week a little bit we will get directly to today's workout.  First off when I got to class this morning BB Cheryl was there with 2 shoes on...that's right SHE GOT THE BOOT OFF!!!  Finally, but she is still restricted so no running yet.  Our workout today was a squat series followed by a quick one. 

100 DU Buy In

3 Rounds

5x Hand Stand Push Ups
10x Power Clean 95lbs
15x Burpees

100 DU Buy Out

When I got to the Power Cleans on round 2 I was ready for it to be over.  The first round of burpees really hurt my knee, the same one I tweeked last week and it was finally felling better and Burpee #1 killed.  Darn IT!

This is part of my anxiety, I have a marathon to run in 4 months and my knee has not been agreeing with me.  I also want to do triathlons and I'm not feeling like I can do those right this second because my knee hurts.  I also need to be getting more cardio but I haven't been getting it in.  Again I like my running, its great cardio and I love it, but I am trying to let the knee feel better so I will be able to do all those things in the sentence before!!!  Its just too much for my little mind to process.  And on top of everything else I'm finishing up the year, Phase 4 is almost complete and I haven't lost an ounce.  I have been way to relaxed in my diet, that's 96% of the problem.  I have also relaxed my cardio and gained muscle but the problem is my lack of control of the food going in my mouth.  I'm thinking about giving myself a 5th quarter beginning of next year to get closer to my final goal weight, but not if it causes too much stress, I think that causes part of the problem.  Wah wah I know!

I'm still going to baby my knee for the next little bit until it feels 1oo%.  Ill use the rowing machine and the elliptical until things are back to normal.  I'm ready for more intensity and now that I'm getting the hang of Crossfit I think I know how to get my workout and some additional afterwards.

I know I can get it all together again, I always do, but I needed to talk about it a little bit! Thanks for letting me vent a little tonight, I already feel some better.

Good news alert:  My gym is putting in a Juice Bar.  Finally, fresh juice in the morning that I can buy instead of trying to do the night before.  I think I can work that into my budget so I don't have to tote a blender around.

Now to bed so I don't end up missing two classes this week due to oversleeping!  I managed to get there everyday last week sick and slept in, psh!  Night All!

And one more thing....don't forget to follow Fancy.  She has been up to no good already!  I have updated her post with all the things she has been up to so far, but everyday she keeps getting worse and worse.

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fancy: A Second Chance (UPDATED)

Well, I have quite a story to tell.  Stick with me for a few minutes...

I went to my sisters house (Sister 3) one day last week.  I was only there for a  few minutes when my nephew came to get me and take me to his bathroom.  I was a little bit confused on why we were taking a field trip to the bathroom but I went anyway.  When I walked in his Elf on the Shelf and his sisters elf were sitting on the bathroom sink with shaving cream everywhere.  One shaving his face and the other shaving her legs. 

The conversation from that point went something like this....

"Oh my G, I cannot believe that.  There is shaving cream everywhere.  That is crazy"

Grady said, "You know Emily, you need to get an Elf at your house."

I was trying to be encouraging and said, "That would be awesome, but I don't think Elves live with adults."

He said so quickly, "You know what, I'm gonna leave a note for Santa tonight asking if you can have an elf at your house!" 

He was so excited about this idea and I love the innocents of children so I was already ready to go that second.  That's right, I was committed to having an elf come live at my house.  A 30 year old, single woman with no children having an elf.  Cool!

So I went home after a few more conversations about the elf, got all ready for bed and really just let the idea go through my head.  When I woke up the next morning I had the sweetest text and the idea became real....

This pic is not the best but here's what it says, "Dear Santa Clause, Can you please get my aunt Emily and Elf on a Shelf.  Please don't give Emily one of mine.  Emily wants a girl elf.  She lives (my address here) Love, G

When I got home on Friday afternoon he asked if I got an elf and I told him that she was not there when I woke up but I was still hopeful.  We talked about it for the rest of the evening.

Then this morning, Saturday morning I woke up to a phone call from my niece.  She said that her elves had left a note that I should have an elf at my house in the living room and could I go check.  I hung up with her and checked by my tree.  (G informed me that that is where the elf comes the first day)  There she was with a note and everything...

The pic is not the best so Ill tell you what this note says too. 
Dear Emily,  I am so excited to be at your house this Christmas.  This is a BIG deal for me.  You see, I was a naughty elf last year and Santa sent me home.  I didn't get to play with any little kids last Christmas.  Yesterday Santa came in and asked me if I would like a 2nd chance.  I got SO excited.  It seems that your nephew, G has requested you have an elf to watch over you this year.  We normally don't get to go to grownups houses but Santa is making a special exception this year since G has been so good.  So.....I get to play at your house this Christmas.  YEAH!  I cant wait to see how much fun we have.  Remember, don't touch me so I will have all my special powers.  I love you already.  Fancy

I called my niece back after a few minutes and told her I got an elf!  Her exact reaction was "YESSSS!"  I can only imagine it came with a fist pump and a lift of the knee. 

I know it seems a little bit crazy but I am so excited to have this elf at my house.  I love the Christmas season and the innocence of children so I am totally embracing the ELF at my house this year.  There will be plenty of pictures (instagram and twitter both @fatgirltothin if you want to follow along) of what my elf does daily, just prepare yourself for that now.  I am not crazy, just someone who loves her babies very very much!

Fancy got very friendly with my fish Bruce.  I'm not sure how friendly she is....

Apparently my Christmas decorations were not sufficient so Fancy helped me out....

Fancy had a night of beauty playing in my makeup.  Obviously I'm not the only one who like red lipstick....

The game and coat closet was just too tempting....

I worked all night Monday night wrapping gifts only to be greeted with this the next morning.

Fancy is living up to her reputation.

Hope you all Enjoy this!!!

So Ready for Friday

It has been another absolutely crazy week at work this week and with the Holiday upon us I am just trying to keep up.  I made all 5 days of CrossFit which is pretty normal but being that I was sick the first three days of the week it was a struggle the beginning of the week. 

On my way to the gym on Thursday Big Bad Cheryl sent me a text saying she wasn't coming so I was on my own.  I don't look ahead to the workout but I just assumed that it was something that she couldn't do cause she still has the boot. So when I got it I looked at the board and it seemed so simple.

The DU (double unders: jump rope with the rope passing under your feet twice for one jump) are what caused Bootie Pants from being able to participate.  Anyway, I still cannot do the double unders so I did just regular single under (regular jump roping) times 4 to make up for the fact that I cannot do double unders.  So the workout went 200 jump ropes and 50 sit ups, 160 jumps and 40 sit-ups, and so on until it was done. 
It was amazingly hard!  I was able to do it but I went absolutely stupid with the jump rope.  It got caught on my shoe, untied my shoe lace, whipped me on the leg, arm, side of the head, and around the ankle.  I couldn't seem to get the jump rope to participate. 
I finished the workout in 16:50, in perspective the best time was just over 7 minutes so I did a lot of the workout after everyone finished.  I totally underestimated how long it would take to sit up 50 times.  By the 10 times round I was pooped, I could hardly get up.  My arms were sore the rest of the afternoon from swinging my arms to help me up.
I have really tried to get in additional cardio after my WOD in the mornings so I went out to the elliptical machine to get in a few more miles before work.  The more I workout the less stressful work gets...its an amazing comparison.
Today was BigBad Cheryl's birthday so we had a special birthday workout today.  She broke the rules and sent it to me the night before and I knew how bad it was going to be.
When I saw it I was instantly wishing that she was turning 15.  36 of anything is too many and we were doing 36 of a lot of things, some really hard things, but luckily no burpees!!!!
The only part I really struggled with was the step ups.  I step upped 10 times but it was really hurting my knee so I decided to take the step ups to the tiny step so I wouldn't hurt myself.  I have been very gentle all week long with my sore knee cause I have some serious training coming up and I don't need an injury. "Aint nobody got time for that!"
After the brutal workout it was time for cupcakes....yep cupcakes at the gym!  And after the crazy workout.  Everyone needs cupcakes on their birthday!

After another busy day at work I was ready to get home to watch some basketball.  All of our games got cancelled this week so there were no games this week.  Usually when we have no games I don't see my family but its Christmastime so I am seeing them every night because there are gifts to be delivered and dropped off.
I was glad to see the kids play and not have to rush home to get in bed at a reasonable hour.  After a long week of being under the weather and dealing with knee pain I was glad to have a chill night where I can blog till after midnight but its ok because I get to sleep in in the morning!!!
I have also worn my FitBit band all week long and I am almost ready to give a review on it.  I'm trying to get it synced with MyFitnessPal to see how that works but I just haven't had the chance yet.  Ill let you know!

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

I was so quick to talk about Black Friday but I failed to mention our first annual Thanksgiving dinner. We have always gone to my Grandparents house but this year we decided to do it a little differently. This year my sisters and I cooked the dinner ourselves, one of my sisters hosted and amazingly enough it was delicious.

How great is this?!?!?

Guess who I sat next to?

My bro in laws handled the meat since none of my sisters or myself are huge meat eaters and we did the veggies and deserts. My number one goal was Don’t catch anything on fire! All went well in my kitchen and after a minor meltdown over the mashed potatoes (there weren’t enough but there really were way to many, we didn’t know) we got to sit down and enjoy a huge thanksgiving meal together. I actually know what it feels like to be full when I get up from the table!

We really tried to make it our own, no casseroles, sweatpants, and an “I’m Thankful for…” games that couldn’t include any of the things that everyone is thankful for…

I had to share just a short post about our Thanksgiving and brag on my sisters who did most of the cooking. I know what I’m most Thankful for…

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Hangover

I'm in a food coma after a weekend full of sleep, football, more sleep, and way too much food! Let’s just say with the Thanksgiving holiday, Black Friday and a long weekend my food was not so good…and aside from standing up for 30+ hours on Thursday/Friday I didn’t get much of a workout in over the weekend as well. But none the less Monday came it was back to the grind. December is officially here and I have 1 month left on the “Extreme Weight Loss” Experiment left.

On Monday 4:15 am came really really early but I did get up and get to class. I was feeling a little bit under the weather but fine enough to get to the gym. I was glad to get back to the gym, it was finally a Woman’s Name workout that wasn’t too bad.

3 Rounds:
Run 400M
21 x Kettle Bell Swings (53/35)
12 x Pull-Ups

About halfway through my workout I stepped down just wrong and hurt my knee. It was nothing major but it was incredibly painful. It hurt most of the day and no matter how much ice or pain meds I took I just couldn’t seem to get it to settle down.

In the afternoon at work I managed to make a makeshift leg holder and got my leg up and ice on the knee and it started to feel a little better. When I finally got home (after 8pm) I went straight to bed with some BenGay and an ice pack and put my leg up for a good 20 minutes. It felt amazing and when I woke up this morning my knee felt better. Still pretty tender but so much better than it did on Monday.

When I woke up this morning my knee was feeling much better but my cold was not! I was still fighting a cold and this morning I was losing miserably. I wasn’t sick enough to skip a workout but still not 100%.

When I got to class this morning it was a tough one.

3-Position Snatch (light weight, focus on form)

5 Rounds:
10 x Curtis P (95/65)
Run 300M (2 laps)

If you are wondering what a Curtis P is you would be in the same boat as I was this morning. It’s a clean of the bar, a full lunge on both legs, finished with an overhead press. Also known as HELL! I did about 2 rounds with the full lunge and my knee just couldn’t do it. So I asked for a modification and got to do 4 front squats in place of the lunge. This didn’t hurt my knee which was nice but was still super challenging so I think the Modification was worth it. I also did a 500m Row in place of the run just to baby the knee. Basically I MOD’d the entire workout but I cannot complain because when I was done I was sweaty and had a great workout. I was a little disappointed in my time but that was the least of my worries this morning.

After the WOD I got in a few miles on the elliptical machine. I needed to burn off a few more of those Thanksgiving calories without banging my knee so the elliptical machine was a nice compromise. Once I was all done at the gym I went on a mission to find Aleve Cold & Sinus. The most amazing cold medicine in the world! Two stops to CVS later and I was stocked for the day.

My plan is for the rest of the evening is another round of ice on the knee and cold medicine in the gut and hopefully a lot of sleep.

Now, on Black Friday I did get myself a little fitness happy. As many of you know I have worn a Body Bugg for several years but I was ready for something new. I wanted something that was not so obtrusive on my arm so I decided on the FitBit. I had shopped several different products for the past few months and put the FitBit on my Christmas list but it was on such a good deal on Black Friday that I ended up buying it for myself. Ha, that is how I Black Friday shop, 2 for me, 1 for someone else!

I’ll let you know how I like it after I wear it for a little bit, it’s not really fair to review it since I have only worn it for 2 days!

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Black Friday 2013

Its here again, the holiday season is upon us and we all know what that means!!!!!  BLACK FRIDAY!!!!  This year was so much different than the past couple of years.  For starters since all the stores decided that Black Friday needs to start right smack dab in the middle of Thanksgiving day.  So we had to adjust our plans.  We did our prep dinner on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving because we had to leave out so early on Thanksgiving night. 

We met up at my sisters house and got out lists and coupons out and ready.  Sister 1 brought special Black Friday cookies that only Sister 2 likes so she got a full plate all to herself.

We had most of the crew for the Wednesday night meeting.  I say most and you will notice this as a trend throughout the post.  We rarely were all together at the same time. 

Look how cute we are and look at this spread that the Cook prepared for us.  It was sooooo good!!!  Homemade chips and salsa, spinach won tons, mini chicken pot pies and pizza pinwheels!  It was food overload!!  I was just hoping something would be gross but I managed to eat 1 or 2 of everything.

I think she got cold during the meeting.

The Black Friday Ho's with the Cook!  Minus one!

The drink situation was the same as the years past except for me, that case of water was mine, no Diet Coke here.  Its a sad moment but I have made it 11 months and I cant give in now.

Thanksgiving Day:

We met up at my sisters house for Thanksgiving dinner....that will be in a whole other post....and we did a Thanksgiving dinner our style.  We finished up dinner about 3 pm and it was time to go home and prep up for Black Friday. 

I discovered that getting ready for Black Friday and getting ready for a date/race are very much the same thing in my life.  I showered, shaved, powered, and fluffed!  Everything had to be done just right so I could shop like I needed too.

Black Friday HO's shirts this year.  We didn't have the list on the back this year because people make us stop so they can read them, and we don't have time to stop, its BLACK FRIDAY!

I even prepped up my legs for 30+ hours, Compression sleeves.

Once I was ready it was time to meet the girls and go shopping.  The surprise selfie was so much fun, for me at least, the rest didn't love them so much!

We left the house around 4:15pm.  We forgot to take the group picture at the house because Sister 1 was late so we took it in the parking lot of Wal-Mart while walking backwards.  Yet again we are missing one....Patty didn't join us until later. 

We had to call in reinforcements at Wal-Mart.  We needed more things than we had hands for.  This was the first sign that things were going to be different this year.  We got some of the "childrens" to stand in line while we ran around the store to get the blitz items we needed. 
The store was not as crowded as they have been in the past, not by a long shot.  There were a lot of people there but nothing like some of the years past.  And about 5:45 they started breaking pallets for people to get the items they came for.  It was nuts.  Most lines gave a ticket instead of the product so you didn't have to figure out how to carry a Ping Pong table around the store while shopping for other items.  (That's just an example, we didn't really get a Ping Pong table, I have to be discrete because some of the recipients of the presents could read this)

We managed to get all but 1 item on the list at Wal-Mart and were able to send the kids home before they could see what all we bought them.  Ha!  Once all the shopping round 1 was done and most of the check outs were done it was back in for round 2.  There was another round of sales at 8pm. 
After most of the hard work was done Patty showed up!  I think she planned that out but either way it was nice to see her!

We were trying to celebrate Patty's arrival with a few photos and the guy behind them gave them ears!  Ha, I couldn't crop it out it was just perfect.

The whole group again, minus Emma this time, she was in line!

We slightly underestimated the first haul of the night.  We filled up the car in the first 2 hours and had to smoosh into the car to get the first round delivered and the rest of the children home.  7 people in 2 seats.

After the car was empty we headed off to Huntsville to the bigger shopping centers.  We hit Target first and again I was totally surprised at the lack of a crowd.   We were able to walk through the store, pick up our items, and check out with very little waiting.  Now there was a line here at the electronics section but that was the only line.

The same thing happened at the next stop.  Lots of merchandise still on the shelves and no lines!  I think starting right in the middle of Thanksgiving day really thinned out the crowd.   After our 3rd stop we had to take a dinner break.  We needed food cause at this point I had bought a snack in all of the stores to hold me over.

We made a stop at the Steak-n-Shake for dinner and to regroup.  It was around midnight at this point and we were just getting cranked up.  We went to the Mall next, lots of stops and only one parking spot.  This was when you really noticed the crowds going down.  It was like the people who started at 6pm had gone home and the early morning shoppers hadn't come out yet.  We had the mall to ourselves.  We hit the entire indoor mall and I don't think we waited in one line.

Sister 2 did a wonderful dance outside the mall that caused quite a stir in the mall, I just wish I had video taped it!

Since we didn't wait and didn't fight crowds we had lots of time to do stuff like this...
and this....

and this was my favorite!  Over My Dead Body!!!
Another group photo....minus me this time!

We headed to the next stop.  This time it was an outdoor mall.  Do you know exactly how cold it is at 3am?  Really really cold, and we didn't notice at the indoor mall but when it was time to go to the outdoor mall we all started buying scarves and jackets for ourselves.  Some of the stores here were not open yet but some were and again we got in and out with no lines or anything.

Anybody want some candy???

And breaking into security to ride the Segway...we may have gone too far on this one!  But again no one was there to stop us!

With white shirts there was a contest to determine who could get the dirtiest, turns out Patty was the winner of this game when she spilt an entire Diet Coke down her sleeve.

IHOP was the busiest stop of the day and one of the most disappointing.  We were going on about 24 hours of being awake, 15 hours of shopping and 16 stores.  We did our final sit down and list organization of the day, however we didn't know this would be the final meal of the day.  It was so incredibly disappointing for a final meal.  The pancakes were burnt and hard, the service was terrible, and Sister 2 kept falling asleep.

After the meal we headed over to the other side of town.  We hit all the shops we needed on that end of town and another mall.  I was still amazed at the lack of crowds.  The people that would have normally been out at 5am didn't come out early because they assumed the good stuff was gone, the deal busters weren't there on Thanksgiving night because they were still having Thanksgiving maybe?!?  Just a guess on my part but that was just the idea that I got. 

We hit the final stop for our day and managed to get home after 20+ stores, gifts for 50+ and all before the sun went down.  That was another new one for us!  We did manage to shop for 24 hours, 24 hours of non-stop shopping.

I know that I got almost all of my list complete, the only things I didn't get were online order things or things that were not on sale at all.  I can get those on my lunch break during the week, no need to take up extra time on Black Friday.


It was an amazingly successful Black Friday but I just don't see the retailers doing it like this again.  Unless they were much busier in other locations I don't know if that they could justify keeping the stores open all night for no customers, but personally it worked out great for us!  We got done in record time!  Another great Black Friday in the books....I'm already ready to do it again next year!!!!

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