Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As Promised....

My gosh it feels like weeks since I posted. I have gone non-stop since Monday, all of a sudden I looked up and its Wednesday. Where did the time go? Let me tell you…

First off on Saturday I took my car to the shop cause it was making a funny noise. That turned into finding out that my car was “unsafe” for the road and the body shop confiscated my car and sent me away! Luckily they were kind enough to give me a Buick for the weekend until my car could be fixed and removed from the Car Dealership Jail.

Something about having the Buick threw me off a little bit. Ok, maybe it wasn’t the Buick but I have to blame something. I missed my Monday morning workout which just isn’t my style, nobody misses Monday right!?!? I don’t know what happened to me, well I know, I didn’t set any of my 3 alarms. Who forgets to set an alarm? Me! (And I have three of them!)

So I just let that one go. We had a ballgame, I met with my cousins, and cleaned the office, when in the world would I have gone to the gym that afternoon! I got home and fell into the bed around 11:30pm. That is not an acceptable bed time ever, much less when you have to be awake the next morning at 4:45 to make it to Spin class (which I still love BTW!)

Amazingly enough I was able to get up in time Tuesday morning and get to the gym, ON TIME!!!! Im really really enjoying the spin class. I was enjoying it so much that I though this week I would try another something new.

But before I could get to a new class I had to get my new Body Bugg set up. Yes, it came in on Monday but I was so busy and not home that I didnt even get to set up everything.

I was in such a hurry to get it open I just threw the box in the floor and got it open and charging.

On Tuesday night we had another ballgame, this was the final game of the season and then a late night meal. Basically it was another night of getting in bed late and waking up early. Thats right I decided to sign up for an early morning Wednesday class too so I had to be up at the crack 2 days in a row with not much sleep.

It would be one thing if I just went to bed late and woke up early, but last night while sound asleep and in dream land I heard a slamming crashing noise on the side of my house. It startled me awake at 2am. I didn't know if it was a storm or someone trying to break into my house. When I finally got brave enough to investigate the noise it was about 2:30. If it hadnt been for the twitter support of my neice I would have been up all night.

I realized that there was not a robber in my house, there was no door open, but yet a little wind damage from the storm. My gutter was hanging off my house and blowing into my bedroom window. What was I going to do to fix it at 2am. I was standing outside in a rain/wind storm in my underware pondering the fix for the gutter. I decided to do absolutely nothing and go back to bed and address it when I have some daylight.

Who needs gutters?

So, finally I got back in bed and off to sleep again. The next wake up call came at 4:45 and it was time to run to the gym again for my something new workout....

Body Pump.

It was a really fun class. Im enjoying trying these new classes for lots of was a great workout, painful but great, and Im getting to meet some people at the gym. I miss my gym friends but I think I am finally making some new ones.

As the day goes on I can tell Im really going to pay for this class tomorrow. Its a weight lifting class, full body weights, squats, lunges, power cleans, and so much more. I discovered that I need to work on my triceps (of all muscles) because that was the one exercise that I struggled with.

And today I got to wear my Body Bugg and this one is definatly an upgrade from my last one....check this out...

This one was after the morning sent directly to my phone.

Before dinner update.

I am getting the results live from the Bugg to my phone. It really lets me see my progress as the day moves on. I will finish my day short of my steps goal but I am not complaining about 13000+ steps ever.

How cool is this?!?!?!!?! Weight loss toys tools are my friend!

So that has been my day today! I have not gotten a single two a day this week, much less a three a day but I have busted my butt at my morning workout so I didnt have to get that second or third workout.

Tomorrow Ill be off to the gym again early for Spin, that is if I can walk. My legs are really starting to get sore. I feel like I need to walk with my legs about 10 inches apart.

One more thing tonight. I follow several past Biggest Loser contestants on Twitter and Instagram and look what I got today...


I am obsessed with this show, yes I know, but this kinda made my day!!! This should tell you how busy my week has been, its Wednesday night and Im just now watching Biggest Loser...that is NOT ok!

I gotta run tonight and get some Zzzzz's otherwise I will be useless tomorrow.

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Can't Wait to Post

Hey guys, sorry its been a few days but I promise I'll post for you tonight. The last couple of days have been crazy busy and crazy long!

Just a sneak peak: today's calorie burn as of 8:30am....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

FatGirl Workout Funnies!

I totally get this!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

When the Day Starts Early...

Honestly, when the day starts so early it makes it the longest day ever. When that day happens to also be one of the busiest days of the month at work it makes it even longer. I have so much to talk about tonight. Ill try to get it all in order but I cannot promise anything.

First off the day started at 4:45a and I actually got up and got everything together and out the door on time. I was sure this morning would be tough to get up but it ended up being ok.

While I was driving to work I realized the Top 3 ways to know you are awake toooooooooo early...

1. When you pass 2 Starbucks on the way to the gym and neither of them are open yet.

2. When the morning radio talk show hasn't started yet. They get there sooo early but not before me.

3. The only place that there is no parking is the gym.

I had another good spin class this morning. This one was not as enjoyable as Tuesday but it was still good. I somehow managed to get the bike that the handle bars were broken. I didn't realize they were too low until about 10 minutes in, I got off and tried to adjust them and they were not moving. Then I realized that it was actually messed up but it was too late to change bikes so I thought I would just deal with it. I wish I had changed it! I still got a great workout but I think I could have done better if I had checked the bike out before class started. I learned and wont make that mistake again.

Then I moved on to a pretty serious ab workout. At the time I thought it was fine and now Im dying of soreness.

Speaking of soreness I am definitely sore from Pure Barre class. It has slowly gotten worse as the day goes on and all I can guess is that I must have been clinched throughout the entire class because its my butt and neck that are so sore, I must have clinched my teeth and my tush.

Sorry, back to the gym. After the ab work it was a little bit of weight work and then I finished up on the elliptical machine. I didn't stay as long as I did the last time because I had to get to work early since I left early the day before for the Barr class. I got ready at the gym and I realized I forgot to pack shoes. I couldnt believe it!!! All I had was tennis shoes and bright red shower shoes. Neither of which were appropriate for work! When I got to my car thankfully I found the shoes that I wore yesterday to work in the floor board.

Work was busy busy busy but a good day. Another down side to early wake up time...I was starving all day long. It seems like I need to get another meal in when I am awake this long. I had my oatmeal for breakfast (and a cup of coffee) then a peanut butter sandwich again for lunch (yes, I phoned it in again) and then I ate a baked potato later in the lunch time part of the day. Then there was some fruit cause I was starving, and well, some Skittles.

My processor brought them to me so it really would have been rude to not eat them right! If it is any consolation I ate them and then had a pretty upset stomach so Im pretty sure that is why. I enjoyed them while they lasted.

About mid-morning the Coke guy came to work. I don't know if y'all are keeping up with it but today makes 24 days since I had a Diet Coke of any kind at all! I thought y'all might be keeping up with it. It has been a little easier than I though because I haven't stopped and bought one and we were out of them at work so it was pretty simple to not give in...not so much anymore. Now there is 6 cases all stacked up nice and pretty right in the kitchen. My other processor told me I could just have a sip, thats like having just one Krispy Kreme just cant do it!

Now work is complete. It was a long day and busy which makes it go by pretty quick and I am finally home for a little "Tush Time." Thats right I decided tonight would be the night off. Rest time has been pretty enjoyable so far. I got the laundry started, dinner prepared and sat down to my DVR.

Dinner was spaghetti! I changed my mind over and over all day long about what I was going to eat for dinner, I decided on pasta and it was all I hoped for and more. I am finally satisfied!

Now I am finally wrapping up my day! Its been a long one but incredibly busy and successful so I cant complain. Now I just have to get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

BTW: I have had several ask how my weigh in went this week, well, I forgot to weigh on Wednesday morning so I will just catch it next week and it better be a freaking good weight loss. Last week was not very impressive and I have killed myself this week so I better see some good numbers! I still am not seeing the results I want to see but I did have to put my blue jeans in the dryer so they would shrink up a bit so that something right!?!?!?

Im off to finish up for the day and crawl into bed. Hope you all had a great day!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sooo Many Topics Today

Where to start?

OK, last night I kept my word and actually went to bed early.  Really I fell asleep before the opening credits of my TV show.  I was asleep when my head hit the pillow and I slept like a dead guy.  It made for an early morning and I was ready to get going and off to the gym.

I had a great sweat this morning.  A full body circuit and then intervals on the treadmill. 

I cooled down with a 10 minute spin on the elliptical and then finished with 10 minutes in the steam room!!!!!!  I did have a guy that totally broke the RULES . I was on the treadmill running as hard as my little legs would take me and this guy chose the machine right beside me...there are 18 treadmills in a row, only about 3 were taken, and he picked the one right beside me!!!!  (OK I break the spandex rule every day but they are my rules so it doesn't matter) 

That's Pretty Fast!!!!

I just love the steam room that is hotter than hot and forces sweat.  Remember that statement...I love to sweat.

It was off to work and then off to the 2nd new workout for the week, Pure Barre.  This is a whole topic in itself. 

I got to class a little bit early because I knew there would be paperwork and I didn't know what to expect at all.  I called my cousin on the way there and she informed me that we don't wear shoes in class just socks so I put my tennis shoes back in the car and made my way inside.  First lets say this, I got a good workout.  I worked up a pretty good sweat but didn't really get an elevated heart rate.  There was a lot about this workout that really was not for me.  The Bar in the class really seemed like a moot point.  We only used the bar once for a standing workout and the we sat below the bar to do ab exercises but we really could have done the entire class without the bar at all.  It was lots of holding positions and small movements with lots of control. 

Then there was carpet on the floor which made plank pretty difficult to hold because my socked feet kept sliding.  (They had special socks for sale but I'm not going to buy special socks for the first visit)  I just really wanted to wear tennis shoes. 

Then the last thing that really kinda bothered me was the people.  I know this has nothing to do with the workout but I just wasn't my kind of people.  I like to do workouts that cause lots of sweat and make you grunt and groan and really work so hard that you might puke.  This just seemed like a fancy kind of workout.  These girls couldn't sweat because they might sweat on their $65 tank tops.  Once I was on all fours and had sweat dripping from my nose and the girl next to me was admiring her engagement ring and checking out her manicure.  "YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH!!!" 

So all in all I think the burn I got was amazing but I'm not sure if I will do this one again.  I'm sure that I will be sore tomorrow but that's really all I'm sure of right now.  Return visit:  maybe but maybe not!

50% on the new workouts this week have been a success.  I know that because tomorrow I am going back to the gym early for Spin Class.

Now if I am going to make it up in the morning I have to go.  I have eaten my 10pm dinner and now I have to sleep...4:45am comes really really early.  I had to eat something even though it was late because I really kind of phoned in my lunch today by only making a Peanut Butter sandwich and packing fruit.  I couldn't even be bothered to put jelly on it!  So when I got home tonight I was starving so I rocked out 4 ounces of turkey and string cheese.  Not my ideal dinner but I didn't want to eat carby carby right before I go to bed.

Holy Cow, its 10:30  I must sleep!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Whole New Group of Folks

This morning was an incredibly early day. For me it started (not so) bright and early. I was a little bit late but I made it to the gym in time for the 5:30AM spin class....and it was soooo fun! I don't know if I am in better shape than the last time I took this class (7 years ago), or if my butt is finally getting used to the bike seat but I really felt like this was a great workout One thing about spin class that I don't love...a little thing we call "hover!" The class was sprints, climbs, and hovers! You just hover over the seat and you cant sit down and you just hold it! It hurts pretty good. To let you know how I liked it I am going to go again at 5am on Thursday.

Now because I got to the gym so early I had plenty of time to burn some more calories. I set up a short circuit and did lots of ab work with some heart rate raising jumps and step ups. Then I finished up with some rowing and elliptical work. All in all it was an amazing workout, lots of sweat and lots of soreness.

Now the crowd at the gym this morning was very different than my usual crowd. For starters there was a guy that looked just like my preacher...the resemblance was uncanny! And then there was that girl that had on less material than a washcloth. It was only about 30 minutes earlier than I get there but there was lots of new people.

Now as the day goes on I can definitely feel a little more stiffness in my legs but I wouldn't say sore...yet! Im sure I will be tomorrow but I did try to stretch it out good today and even spent a little time in the whirlpool on my lunch break.

Then there is the down side to waking up before 5am, Im exhausted and its 8:15pm. Im ready for bed right now, my eyelids are heavy and sleepy. I have gotten straight into my packing up for tomorrow so I can get to bed a littler early than normal. Im going to try to get to the gym a little earlier, I liked having a little extra time at the gym.

Im not sure exactly how it has happened but I made it the entire day without taking a single picture. I only took a screen shot and I have to share cause its hysterical....(sorry for the curse!)

Tomorrow is going to be another new adventure. Pure Barre is on the agenda tomorrow night. I would think my legs would take all the heat tomorrow but I have been told to be prepared for sore arms...who know!!!

I haven't decided what day Im going to get to rest this week, maybe I'll rest when I just cant take it anymore!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Lots of New Things

I know I haven't been here since Thursday...and a lot of things have been happening. Lets start with Friday. On Friday I made it 5 for 5 at my early morning workout. After Friday I just kept thinking I know why my weight is not looking like I want it to, I made the mistake of doing the same workout day after day or week after week. So over the weekend (of eating like shit) I decided I have to be a little bit uncomfortable and try some new things.

So now I have recruited a little bit of company, my cousin and workout buddy to do the Pure Barr class. It is totally new to me but I have been told it is an amazing workout and I have been wanting to try it.

Im really looking forward to this workout. I can only imagine how sore this will make me but also how it will use a completely new set of muscle in a totally new way. Shock the body for big weight loss!!!!

The other new workout for me this week is a spin class. I have taken one spin class in my entire life and it was very difficult, but at the time I hadnt been on a bike in years. At least now I have been riding regularly. Im really hoping to learn how to get a workout on the bike other than just peddling and climbing.

Now those are my new workouts...lets talk about my new stuff. Apparently all my fitness equipment has torn up or broken in the last few weeks. My running shoes both developed a hole in the back (I told you about that) and finally went ca-put. But after shopping for a few days I couldnt find the ones I like. Turns out...discontinued!!!! I didnt tell anyone how much I loved them so why did Asics take them away. But I was able to find a new pair ($30 more expensive) but none the less new comfy shoes.

My favorite bag because it means I got to shop at Fleet Feet and my tootsies are going to be comfortable for 3-4 months!

Then just moments after my shoes blew up my Body Bugg decided that 3 years was its limit. It could no longer take the abuse I put it through so it was time to upgrade that as well.

You cant say that I didn't get my moneys worth from this guy. I have this thing on my arm in so many pictures.

I actually ordered a new one and its an upgrade. This one syncs with my phone for real time updates. Im excited for this guy, I should be seeing it in the next 5-8 days! I have missed having it on my arm. Its like a constant reminder that I am trying to do big things, lose big weight, and burn some major calories, so Body Bugg people could you send it a little quicker so I don't have to be in withdrawals!

Ok, so maybe I didn't get too many things this week, just 2 really exciting new things.

Now, this weekend my food sucked. I let myself eat things that I know I shouldn't have eaten but I did and now I am letting it go and getting back on track 100%. We all slip every now and then and today I was right back on track just like I needed to be. I need to hit my goal for Phase 1 so I can get my prize. I also need to meet my Phase 1 goal so I can look great in my bridesmaid dress, oh and so I can be wicked healthy and look freaking good!!!! You never want to leave that part out! Speaking of looking good you have to see my style statement from the gym tonight.

I went to the gym this evening because I just couldn't do it this morning. I was up late with a stomach ache, probably because of the bad food I shoved down my gullet this weekend but anyway I couldn't fall asleep cause my belly was hurting. The last time I looked at the clock it was 1:30am so it was not looking good that I was going to be up at 5:30am. And then once I finally got to sleep I dreamed that I was the victim of a spree killer (too much time watching conspiracies on Sandy Hook on YouTube) who shot me 6 times in the back and I just laid there dying until my alarm went was awful, the whole nights sleep was awful. So I just slept in a little bit and went to the gym tonight.

I did High Intensity Intervals on the treadmill tonight and got a great workout! I was pouring sweat when I finished and then hit the steam room to sweat out a little more retained water (probably from all the salty snacks this weekend.) I feel amazing after getting that workout and getting my sweat on.

I have to go to bed really early tonight to make up for the loss of sleep last night and the fact that I have to leave my house so early tomorrow to make it to my spin class!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

REST Is a Four Letter Word....

But is also necessary!!!!! So Im doing what has to be done!! I was going to attempt to do the 3 a day again today but things changed a bit.

I made my morning workout (4 in a row) and got a great burn. I was feeling pretty good but still really stiff throughout my hips. I don't know what I have done other than maybe to many workouts but I was still going to go for 3 today.

Once I got to work things changed big time. Within the first hour of work we had a pretty intense hail storm, for 10 minutes, and the whole town shut down! It made my job rather difficult because everyone closed down for what turned out to be "really cold" rain!

Well, once we had the half inch of hail and a few sprinkles of snow everything closed including the gym. So no mid-day/lunchtime workout!

So I decided that since I did get a second workout in yesterday then maybe I could make today the rest day!

So now the end of my night is pretty boring. I got to see some of my family tonight, which I have missed terribly bad since we have cancelled all the ballgames for cold weather. And now Im curled up in a nice warm bed watching a movie with a few ice packs. Really, good times!!!

This is whats next if I cant get past this soreness.

Now, as I sit on my butt and get all this rest I can tell you that I am ready to start seeing some results. The past three weeks are making me understand why people quit their resolutions after 2-3 weeks...they want to see some weight loss.

Dont worry Im not giving up or anything...Im still counting down all the days (literally) and hoping my results just start showing soon.

This is my countdown, everyday I change my iPhone background a new and fun way to remind me every time I look at my phone (which I do 4,023,210 times a day) that I am on a mission, a 365 day mission of weight loss!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It was Almost a REST Day

Today's workout schedule didn't go exactly as planned. It started off right but took a turn quickly. My weigh in didn't go exactly as I wanted it to so I quickly planned a second workout for today.

My morning workout was incredibly tough! My arms were just shaking they were so tired. Then I took a couple extra minutes and stayed on the elliptical and cut out some of my sauna/steam room time. The Steam Room is a very very important part of my workout..thank you very much!!!!

It was the same ol' day at work as usual, nothing exceptionally different. The 20,000 times standing up from my chair was hurting my hips! I don't know what I have done to make my hips so sore but I cant seem to shake it. I have been getting strange looks all day long and I cant figure out why (the hip thrusting and squatting at random moments in the day is not strange, right?)

I decided that I was going to go for another run this afternoon. After a good jog around the neighborhood I was itching to get out and run again and the not so good weigh in made for a good combination. I got dressed up all pretty in my warm clothes and ran around in the dark.

Sometimes one head warmer is just not enough! It was ok cause I ran for about 30 minutes, didn't even keep up with the distance, and it felt as amazing today as it did yesterday.

It was another day of up before daylight and home after dark but there was one little treat tonight. For dinner I had pizza. I have been craving pizza for a few days now so I made the best decision I could.


Tomorrow is another attempt at 3 a Day, but we have an evening ballgame planned so I might only get in 2....that is unless they cancel school for all this bad weather (rain!)

Night folks!!!!!!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three A Day...DONE!!!!!

That's right, I did it. All three workouts done! This morning was an extremely hard hour of cardio. I did just under 2 miles on the elliptical and the rowing machine and some ab work. All in all it was a good sweat and a good calorie burn. There was a small distraction durning my workout, new Tom's. That's right, I got a text from my sister informing me of the new styles...

I went from no Tom's to way to many pairs of Tom's and completely obsessed with these shoes in just a matter of months. Come on, music note Tom's, those are perfect!!!! I know the shoes don't sound all that important but it kept my mind off the tiredness and gave me the extra push I needed to finish up my workout and get to a computer to shop.

The lunchtime workout was water aerobics and it was pretty fun. The pool was a little bit warm for my liking but I definitely think I got a pretty good burn, and it was fun to workout with some of the girls that I work with (and an assortment of old folks that I dont know!)

The final workout actually changed before I knew what was happening. I was going to ride the bike again tonight, but after about 3 mintues on that seat I gave up, I was going to have to come up with something else. What I wanted to do was run, outside, concrete run! but its raining and its been raining all day long. I just couldnt think of anything else I wanted to do. So at 30 degrees and raining I bundled up and took to the road.

I forget how much I love to run on the road and not on the treadmill. In the first 5 mintues I lose my breath and think, "I can't do this!" and then the breathing regulates and you can just go for a while with nothing but your thoughts.

It sounds crazy but it is so good for my mind to go outside and run. After the first half mile I thought I might be crazy for going outside and running in this weather. But its my crazy. I solved all the worlds problems when I was out there, I got to think about my year long challenge, and plan my runs for the rest of the week, and even try to figure out if there was any way I was going to be ready for 13.1 in April. I talked to myself about what I was going to wear tomorrow to work and how good it was going to be to ice my knees when I got done! And I got to write my blog post in my mind while I was running.

It wasn't a long run but it felt so good.

A few more bits of news, I made a gym friend today! Thats right, I have a new friend. I have worked out at the same gym all my life so to change and not have all my peeps there has been weird. But I have officially made a friend. We really don't workout together but its nice to have someone to talk to when I get there.

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh day! Im not nervous about it because the number better be down. Im not telling my loss until the end of the Phase One. haha! I just hope I make my Phase 1 Goal!

Tomorrow its a morning workout with an Arms Circuit and the an evening of REST!!!!! Much needed rest after the 3 a day today!

Now I just have to finish up my nightly packing and get in the warm bed, Im cold to the CORE after that run and its not helping anything that I'm sitting with ice on my legs. For sure an early bedtime tonight!

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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Fastest Monday Ever

I really dont know where the day went. My Monday started like normal, up early (I generally struggle on Monday because I always take a nap on Sunday that keeps me up) and off to work. Well I must have needed the Zzzz's because I slept like a baby last night even after my 3 hour nap.

My workout this morning was already planned out...actually my workout for the whole week are planned out.

Its just a template, not a definite but so far so good. My body is hopefully getting stronger because right now I feel a little beat down. I was able to get through a tough circuit this morning and then off to work.

Well, I went it to work expecting the same ol' and got a surprise. This morning I got to do a little training, and it made my day fly by. I looked up once and it was time for lunch, grilled chicken panini and tortilla chips, and then I looked up again and it was 4:04pm. I don't know where my day went but it just flew by!!!

So after work I ran to the sporting goods store to get a new pair of shoes and apparently no one has my size right now! Its driving me crazy, my old shoes have a hole and new shoes just don't exist.

I finally got home around 7ish and started an evening workout. I did a 45 minute ride (my butt is sooooo sore) and a short run around the block.


After my workout I finished up my Biggest Loser with some stretching and even sorer (haha!) muscles.

Well, its a look...I didnt say it was a good look but the tight pants and compression sleeves make my legs feel better after all this working out.

Then it was finally time for rest! I lost the socks and added house shoes and ice packs. For the girl who forgot to turn on her heater this was torture. The Tennessee weather has shifted yet again, yesterday it was 71 degrees today 30 and my house is right in the middle at about 53 degrees. Once I got out of my ice coma I prepared my bag for tomorrow and my meals for the day.

Im a little later than I would like to be but I got in two hard core workouts, an entire day of work, laundry done bags packed and ready to do it all again tomorrow! Thats ADHD/OCD if Ive ever heard it.

Tomorrow Im going for 3 short workouts: cardio before work, water aerobics (Im going with some co-workers at lunch), and another ride tomorrow evening...on the death seat again!

So now rest is most important...Ill let you know how the 3 goes!

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday thru Sunday

I wasn't sure I was going to make it on Friday morning but after having a short conversation with myself and a few more minutes in my bed I managed to get up and fix a quick piece of toast and make it to the gym.

My workout on Friday was a good one and after it was over I was glad I got out of the bed.

I was off to work. I haven't really told you all that much about my new job but you are going to get to know a little more about it now....

What I do! I am a loan processors assistant. I work for 2 different processors doing whatever they need. Well on Friday one of my processors kicked my butt. All day long it was up and down and up and down. It was at least 1000 squats. I told her at the end of the day I was going to be sore from all that up and down. Im don't but don't tell her cause Im going to complain about it on Monday!

Friday night was full off coffee (I am really missing my diet drinks and drinking anything I can find with flavor) ballgames, and early bedtime!!!! My body was so tired and ready for an extra long night of sleep and rest, this body has been through a lot this week!

This morning it was back to the gym for some more ballgames. There was a short lull in the action so my nephew and I got into the ballgame spirit and shared some suckers with the little one...

He was so sticky he had to be stripped down to nothing and taken to the bathroom for a quick ballgame bath.

He was loving the bath time at the ballgame! hahah!!!!

Sorry I just had to share!

Now I didn't eat the best today but it was nothing to terrible just a little more than normal, but I did get in a good calorie burn today. And I did try to keep the food high in protein today even though it was not what I should have been eating. It was fast food all day long!

Now Im back home again today, still enjoying my mostly rest day, watching Miss America and coloring my hair and there are so many questions running through my head. Im wondering why none of these girls wear a one piece bathing suit? Shouldn't Miss Florida always look good in bathing suit? Why is Kaila Maroney's dress so tight? Really, Mariah Cary??? Could that dress be any trashier!!!?!?! So many comments!

Now Im just going to throw this out there, go Miss Tennessee, bring it home to TN!!!!

Im still trying to decide if Im going to workout tomorrow and I cannot come up with a solution. I know I need rest but I am committed to a hard core year and want to make sure I hit all my goals! Before I go to bed I will have a decision, I just don't know yet!

Im gonna have to go now because we are getting to the talent portion of this pageant and I gotta get focused!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Day that Never Ends

It started so early and is still going. I thought I would get home tonight, get my bags packed up and maybe a little ride and then to bed...that soooo did not happen.

Let me tell you how my day went....

First off I got up on time this morning, actually a little earlier than normal to make breakfast. Thats right I got to have FOOD and nothing blended! I make an Eggie Sandwich (thats what my mom called them) and took it to go so I could get to the gym on time. I was on schedule, which never happens.

My workout today was pretty good. It was all cardio today and no weights. Im still a little bit sore from all this new activity but its getting better, that is until I do weights again tomorrow. But I did the rowing machine to warm up and then the elliptical machine. I had a magazine on the machine with me so I was not really paying attention to my workout but I was sweating hard core so I knew it was a good one.

This was my favorite story of all...Jessica Simpson was paid $4 million dollars to lose weight after having a baby and they are mad at her for getting preggers again because she will gain weight again. You know what Weight Watchers, I will gladly be your spokesperson for half the price! Really, what better motivation could you have..$4million bucks! I find this whole story annoying.

Anyway, I got done with my workout and it was off to work. Busy busy days like always which makes the day go by quick. I was ready for lunch at about 10 o'clock (remember no food since Sunday) so I started to prep. I had packed tacos for lunch but was out of salsa so I got a treat with my lunch.

The work day was finally over and I was on my way home on time. (That's another rare thing) I got home and went to visit my bro-in-law for a treat...

My eggie sandwich will be made with these bad boys and some love tomorrow morning. Then another errand in town and home before 7pm. I got right on the bike and got in a evening calorie burn. I stayed on the bike a little longer than I meant to and lost a lot of my night. Then I packed up my bags, paid some bills and balanced my checkbook and the next time I looked up it was after 9:30. I wasn't even close to ready for bed.

I have now officially given up the idea of going to bed at a reasonable hour and just thought I would post so in celebration of my 3 days without food and coming back to a healthy day of eating without overindulging I am having a midnight (11:00pm) snack while blogging.

Today my cardio calorie burn was maxed out and tomorrow I have a cardio/weight mix. 6am is going to come early!

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