Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Little Better Now

Thanks for listening to my daytime rant...my headache has subsided a little and Im feeling much better about so many things. For starters, I got to rethink a way to make that lunch time shake taste better (minus putting chocolate in it) and I had an idea. Again, I don't know if Dr. Oz would approve but instead of blending the celery and cucumber I decided to juice them. Maybe that way the texture might be a little bit better. Its only one more day so if its nasty who cares! ONE MORE DAY!!!! This might be my last cleanse. You know Ive never done one that I liked! Why do I do these things?

Another thing I didn't realize that Biggest Loser had moved to Monday night. I thought they were doing a three night premiere, so when it wasn't on tonight I was so confused. But after a little research I learned that Biggest Loser will now be a Monday show, OK! Its still the greatest show ever so I'll watch it Monday or record it, on my new DVR! But because I only had an hour of the show I didn't get to watch from the bike. I was in the kitchen the entire time...

So thanks for listening to me vent this afternoon, just one more day of this detox is over so hopefully this headache will go all the way away and all will be back to normal (you know chewing and all!!!!)

Im going to try to kick this headache in the butt so I'm gonna medicate and take early bedtime!

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