Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Whole New Group of Folks

This morning was an incredibly early day. For me it started (not so) bright and early. I was a little bit late but I made it to the gym in time for the 5:30AM spin class....and it was soooo fun! I don't know if I am in better shape than the last time I took this class (7 years ago), or if my butt is finally getting used to the bike seat but I really felt like this was a great workout One thing about spin class that I don't love...a little thing we call "hover!" The class was sprints, climbs, and hovers! You just hover over the seat and you cant sit down and you just hold it! It hurts pretty good. To let you know how I liked it I am going to go again at 5am on Thursday.

Now because I got to the gym so early I had plenty of time to burn some more calories. I set up a short circuit and did lots of ab work with some heart rate raising jumps and step ups. Then I finished up with some rowing and elliptical work. All in all it was an amazing workout, lots of sweat and lots of soreness.

Now the crowd at the gym this morning was very different than my usual crowd. For starters there was a guy that looked just like my preacher...the resemblance was uncanny! And then there was that girl that had on less material than a washcloth. It was only about 30 minutes earlier than I get there but there was lots of new people.

Now as the day goes on I can definitely feel a little more stiffness in my legs but I wouldn't say sore...yet! Im sure I will be tomorrow but I did try to stretch it out good today and even spent a little time in the whirlpool on my lunch break.

Then there is the down side to waking up before 5am, Im exhausted and its 8:15pm. Im ready for bed right now, my eyelids are heavy and sleepy. I have gotten straight into my packing up for tomorrow so I can get to bed a littler early than normal. Im going to try to get to the gym a little earlier, I liked having a little extra time at the gym.

Im not sure exactly how it has happened but I made it the entire day without taking a single picture. I only took a screen shot and I have to share cause its hysterical....(sorry for the curse!)

Tomorrow is going to be another new adventure. Pure Barre is on the agenda tomorrow night. I would think my legs would take all the heat tomorrow but I have been told to be prepared for sore arms...who know!!!

I haven't decided what day Im going to get to rest this week, maybe I'll rest when I just cant take it anymore!

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Spoonful of Me said...

I can't wait to here about the barre class. Does your office have a gym in the building or are you just close to your gym?

Emily said...

My gym is actually about 30 miles away, but I work about 35 miles away so I just get up, go to the gym and then shower for work from there.

I'm so excited about this class. I'll let you know how it goes for sure!!!!

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