Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As Promised....

My gosh it feels like weeks since I posted. I have gone non-stop since Monday, all of a sudden I looked up and its Wednesday. Where did the time go? Let me tell you…

First off on Saturday I took my car to the shop cause it was making a funny noise. That turned into finding out that my car was “unsafe” for the road and the body shop confiscated my car and sent me away! Luckily they were kind enough to give me a Buick for the weekend until my car could be fixed and removed from the Car Dealership Jail.

Something about having the Buick threw me off a little bit. Ok, maybe it wasn’t the Buick but I have to blame something. I missed my Monday morning workout which just isn’t my style, nobody misses Monday right!?!? I don’t know what happened to me, well I know, I didn’t set any of my 3 alarms. Who forgets to set an alarm? Me! (And I have three of them!)

So I just let that one go. We had a ballgame, I met with my cousins, and cleaned the office, when in the world would I have gone to the gym that afternoon! I got home and fell into the bed around 11:30pm. That is not an acceptable bed time ever, much less when you have to be awake the next morning at 4:45 to make it to Spin class (which I still love BTW!)

Amazingly enough I was able to get up in time Tuesday morning and get to the gym, ON TIME!!!! Im really really enjoying the spin class. I was enjoying it so much that I though this week I would try another something new.

But before I could get to a new class I had to get my new Body Bugg set up. Yes, it came in on Monday but I was so busy and not home that I didnt even get to set up everything.

I was in such a hurry to get it open I just threw the box in the floor and got it open and charging.

On Tuesday night we had another ballgame, this was the final game of the season and then a late night meal. Basically it was another night of getting in bed late and waking up early. Thats right I decided to sign up for an early morning Wednesday class too so I had to be up at the crack 2 days in a row with not much sleep.

It would be one thing if I just went to bed late and woke up early, but last night while sound asleep and in dream land I heard a slamming crashing noise on the side of my house. It startled me awake at 2am. I didn't know if it was a storm or someone trying to break into my house. When I finally got brave enough to investigate the noise it was about 2:30. If it hadnt been for the twitter support of my neice I would have been up all night.

I realized that there was not a robber in my house, there was no door open, but yet a little wind damage from the storm. My gutter was hanging off my house and blowing into my bedroom window. What was I going to do to fix it at 2am. I was standing outside in a rain/wind storm in my underware pondering the fix for the gutter. I decided to do absolutely nothing and go back to bed and address it when I have some daylight.

Who needs gutters?

So, finally I got back in bed and off to sleep again. The next wake up call came at 4:45 and it was time to run to the gym again for my something new workout....

Body Pump.

It was a really fun class. Im enjoying trying these new classes for lots of was a great workout, painful but great, and Im getting to meet some people at the gym. I miss my gym friends but I think I am finally making some new ones.

As the day goes on I can tell Im really going to pay for this class tomorrow. Its a weight lifting class, full body weights, squats, lunges, power cleans, and so much more. I discovered that I need to work on my triceps (of all muscles) because that was the one exercise that I struggled with.

And today I got to wear my Body Bugg and this one is definatly an upgrade from my last one....check this out...

This one was after the morning sent directly to my phone.

Before dinner update.

I am getting the results live from the Bugg to my phone. It really lets me see my progress as the day moves on. I will finish my day short of my steps goal but I am not complaining about 13000+ steps ever.

How cool is this?!?!?!!?! Weight loss toys tools are my friend!

So that has been my day today! I have not gotten a single two a day this week, much less a three a day but I have busted my butt at my morning workout so I didnt have to get that second or third workout.

Tomorrow Ill be off to the gym again early for Spin, that is if I can walk. My legs are really starting to get sore. I feel like I need to walk with my legs about 10 inches apart.

One more thing tonight. I follow several past Biggest Loser contestants on Twitter and Instagram and look what I got today...


I am obsessed with this show, yes I know, but this kinda made my day!!! This should tell you how busy my week has been, its Wednesday night and Im just now watching Biggest Loser...that is NOT ok!

I gotta run tonight and get some Zzzzz's otherwise I will be useless tomorrow.

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