Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday thru Sunday

I wasn't sure I was going to make it on Friday morning but after having a short conversation with myself and a few more minutes in my bed I managed to get up and fix a quick piece of toast and make it to the gym.

My workout on Friday was a good one and after it was over I was glad I got out of the bed.

I was off to work. I haven't really told you all that much about my new job but you are going to get to know a little more about it now....

What I do! I am a loan processors assistant. I work for 2 different processors doing whatever they need. Well on Friday one of my processors kicked my butt. All day long it was up and down and up and down. It was at least 1000 squats. I told her at the end of the day I was going to be sore from all that up and down. Im don't but don't tell her cause Im going to complain about it on Monday!

Friday night was full off coffee (I am really missing my diet drinks and drinking anything I can find with flavor) ballgames, and early bedtime!!!! My body was so tired and ready for an extra long night of sleep and rest, this body has been through a lot this week!

This morning it was back to the gym for some more ballgames. There was a short lull in the action so my nephew and I got into the ballgame spirit and shared some suckers with the little one...

He was so sticky he had to be stripped down to nothing and taken to the bathroom for a quick ballgame bath.

He was loving the bath time at the ballgame! hahah!!!!

Sorry I just had to share!

Now I didn't eat the best today but it was nothing to terrible just a little more than normal, but I did get in a good calorie burn today. And I did try to keep the food high in protein today even though it was not what I should have been eating. It was fast food all day long!

Now Im back home again today, still enjoying my mostly rest day, watching Miss America and coloring my hair and there are so many questions running through my head. Im wondering why none of these girls wear a one piece bathing suit? Shouldn't Miss Florida always look good in bathing suit? Why is Kaila Maroney's dress so tight? Really, Mariah Cary??? Could that dress be any trashier!!!?!?! So many comments!

Now Im just going to throw this out there, go Miss Tennessee, bring it home to TN!!!!

Im still trying to decide if Im going to workout tomorrow and I cannot come up with a solution. I know I need rest but I am committed to a hard core year and want to make sure I hit all my goals! Before I go to bed I will have a decision, I just don't know yet!

Im gonna have to go now because we are getting to the talent portion of this pageant and I gotta get focused!

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