Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

It goes like this, New Year: New Focus.  My focus has changed many many times over the last few years, and every time it changes it means new good things for this FatGirl.  The resolution from year to year is always weight loss but the focus the last couple of years has been anything but.  I was really focused on Running and I accomplished everything I wanted to on the running front.  Then I had the year of injuries!  For goodness sake I have been sick or hurt for the last year.  But now that I have been told 1000 times that nothing is wrong then I am just accepting that and moving on (yes, it still hurts!)

So this year I have a new goal, a new challenge, and a new focus.  Weight loss!  For 2 years now I have let the main focus of my blog slip so now it’s back to the basics.  Less calories in, more calories out!   In the past 2 years I have put on about 60 lbs and that is the first to go!

I’ve decided that I am going to follow the Chris Powell format.  365 days, 12 months, broken in to 3 month phases.  Phase one will be the biggest goal and the biggest weight loss (if all goes to plan) and then the goals get smaller but are equally important.  Now at the end of each phase there is a prize if you meet your goal, and only if you meet your goal.  I haven’t decided on all of the goal prizes yet but I have some ideas.  On his plan one of the prizes is skin removal surgery, I’m not going to that extreme, just something that’s on my wish list.  I would love to have skin removal surgery but that won’t happen until I get to my goal weight and stay there for a while.
Phase 1: 65 lbs
Phase 2: 25 lbs
Phase 3: 15 lbs
Phase 4: 15 lbs
That's a grand total of 120 lbs in one year.  Lots of people look at these number and think its just too much, but if you think about what is considered safe weight loss its 2 pounds a week.  if you multiply that by 52 weeks that would be 104 pounds in a year, and I'm much heavier than the average person so I should be able to safely lose the 120 pounds.  Its a huge HUGE goal but I'm ready for a new challenge.
Ive even gone to the point of putting a white board in my living room to keep track of things.

I know a lot of you are thinking this is too big of a time frame, too big of a goal.  Maybe, but why can I not be committed to weight loss exclusively for 1 year.  People are committed to husbands for years!  I am single and can afford a little selfish time.

So here we go with the New Year’s resolutions!  The biggest and probably most popular first:

1.        Weight loss

2.     Run 2 Half Marathons/1 Olympic length triathlon

3.        I'm sure there are a few more but its late and i cant think of another thing I want to focus on but losing some weight.
I did find out today that several of the girls at work are looking to lose weight in the new year which actually makes me pretty excited.  Even if their goal is not as big as mine or if its bigger it will be nice to have a bit of support for a while.  At least I wont have to be so worried about going out to eat at every meal or having constant sweets around all the time. (That does not include my candy drawer!)
I'm really looking forward to 2013, not just for my new resolution but for a new year.  I feel like the last couple of years have been a bit crazy with lots of new jobs and new beginnings but I feel a little more comfortable in my current job and I hope to be with this company for a while so I have very high hopes for 2013.
I wish you all a prosperous and happy new year.  Please follow along on this long and huge journey!  Phase 1 has officially begun!!!!!
Here goes!!!!!

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