Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It was Almost a REST Day

Today's workout schedule didn't go exactly as planned. It started off right but took a turn quickly. My weigh in didn't go exactly as I wanted it to so I quickly planned a second workout for today.

My morning workout was incredibly tough! My arms were just shaking they were so tired. Then I took a couple extra minutes and stayed on the elliptical and cut out some of my sauna/steam room time. The Steam Room is a very very important part of my workout..thank you very much!!!!

It was the same ol' day at work as usual, nothing exceptionally different. The 20,000 times standing up from my chair was hurting my hips! I don't know what I have done to make my hips so sore but I cant seem to shake it. I have been getting strange looks all day long and I cant figure out why (the hip thrusting and squatting at random moments in the day is not strange, right?)

I decided that I was going to go for another run this afternoon. After a good jog around the neighborhood I was itching to get out and run again and the not so good weigh in made for a good combination. I got dressed up all pretty in my warm clothes and ran around in the dark.

Sometimes one head warmer is just not enough! It was ok cause I ran for about 30 minutes, didn't even keep up with the distance, and it felt as amazing today as it did yesterday.

It was another day of up before daylight and home after dark but there was one little treat tonight. For dinner I had pizza. I have been craving pizza for a few days now so I made the best decision I could.


Tomorrow is another attempt at 3 a Day, but we have an evening ballgame planned so I might only get in 2....that is unless they cancel school for all this bad weather (rain!)

Night folks!!!!!!

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