Monday, January 21, 2013

Lots of New Things

I know I haven't been here since Thursday...and a lot of things have been happening. Lets start with Friday. On Friday I made it 5 for 5 at my early morning workout. After Friday I just kept thinking I know why my weight is not looking like I want it to, I made the mistake of doing the same workout day after day or week after week. So over the weekend (of eating like shit) I decided I have to be a little bit uncomfortable and try some new things.

So now I have recruited a little bit of company, my cousin and workout buddy to do the Pure Barr class. It is totally new to me but I have been told it is an amazing workout and I have been wanting to try it.

Im really looking forward to this workout. I can only imagine how sore this will make me but also how it will use a completely new set of muscle in a totally new way. Shock the body for big weight loss!!!!

The other new workout for me this week is a spin class. I have taken one spin class in my entire life and it was very difficult, but at the time I hadnt been on a bike in years. At least now I have been riding regularly. Im really hoping to learn how to get a workout on the bike other than just peddling and climbing.

Now those are my new workouts...lets talk about my new stuff. Apparently all my fitness equipment has torn up or broken in the last few weeks. My running shoes both developed a hole in the back (I told you about that) and finally went ca-put. But after shopping for a few days I couldnt find the ones I like. Turns out...discontinued!!!! I didnt tell anyone how much I loved them so why did Asics take them away. But I was able to find a new pair ($30 more expensive) but none the less new comfy shoes.

My favorite bag because it means I got to shop at Fleet Feet and my tootsies are going to be comfortable for 3-4 months!

Then just moments after my shoes blew up my Body Bugg decided that 3 years was its limit. It could no longer take the abuse I put it through so it was time to upgrade that as well.

You cant say that I didn't get my moneys worth from this guy. I have this thing on my arm in so many pictures.

I actually ordered a new one and its an upgrade. This one syncs with my phone for real time updates. Im excited for this guy, I should be seeing it in the next 5-8 days! I have missed having it on my arm. Its like a constant reminder that I am trying to do big things, lose big weight, and burn some major calories, so Body Bugg people could you send it a little quicker so I don't have to be in withdrawals!

Ok, so maybe I didn't get too many things this week, just 2 really exciting new things.

Now, this weekend my food sucked. I let myself eat things that I know I shouldn't have eaten but I did and now I am letting it go and getting back on track 100%. We all slip every now and then and today I was right back on track just like I needed to be. I need to hit my goal for Phase 1 so I can get my prize. I also need to meet my Phase 1 goal so I can look great in my bridesmaid dress, oh and so I can be wicked healthy and look freaking good!!!! You never want to leave that part out! Speaking of looking good you have to see my style statement from the gym tonight.

I went to the gym this evening because I just couldn't do it this morning. I was up late with a stomach ache, probably because of the bad food I shoved down my gullet this weekend but anyway I couldn't fall asleep cause my belly was hurting. The last time I looked at the clock it was 1:30am so it was not looking good that I was going to be up at 5:30am. And then once I finally got to sleep I dreamed that I was the victim of a spree killer (too much time watching conspiracies on Sandy Hook on YouTube) who shot me 6 times in the back and I just laid there dying until my alarm went was awful, the whole nights sleep was awful. So I just slept in a little bit and went to the gym tonight.

I did High Intensity Intervals on the treadmill tonight and got a great workout! I was pouring sweat when I finished and then hit the steam room to sweat out a little more retained water (probably from all the salty snacks this weekend.) I feel amazing after getting that workout and getting my sweat on.

I have to go to bed really early tonight to make up for the loss of sleep last night and the fact that I have to leave my house so early tomorrow to make it to my spin class!

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