Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One Day at a Time

No Im not an alcoholic but that title does make me sound like one. You know today was day 2, really more like day 1 because today was the first day having to be away from the comfort of home.

All went well, but you cant judge anything by day 2 can you? Of course you cant. But today I did get to try a few new things that I havent been brave enough to try. For starters, I made my smoothie with kale and water this morning instead of only fruit and juice. It was different but not bad. It will take a little getting used to but I am going to keep trying new ideas. This mornings shake was brown so it was not appealing to look at but Im still working on it.

I found this program thats a 3 day detox, you know Im not a huge fan of detoxing (im skeptical of the whole process) but this one is Dr. Oz's 3 day detox, and if Dr. Oz is for it how can anyone be against it. I still havent decided if I am going to do it or not but it has given me some new ideas for smoothies.

If I remember in the morning I will take a picture of my shake (I had to steal the pic today because I forgot) and if I get up on time. I somehow managed to set my alarm for 6 pm last night so I overslept really bad this morning and then had to go to the gym this afternoon. I cant pretend like going in the afternoon is all that bad, its the Army Sexy Boy parade at 5:30.

I did my part at the gym tonight for sure...when I got done and sat in my car for 15 seconds and steamed up all the windows (and not in a good way!)

One more an attepmt to put off the computer buying experience look at the cool new toy that came in the mail today! And Im using it now and it really works great!

I got a wireless keyboard to pair with my iPad and iPhone so I can post without having to turn on and fight with my laptop for hours. I have cut down some time tonight for sure! (Now I just have to worry about AutoCorrect)

Goodnight all, heres hoping that day 3 goes as well as day 2 but I must leave you and get to bed because tomorrow its workout in the morning or not at all.

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Wendie Haynes said...

Do you like blog press? I have a battle of the iPad vs. laptop going on all the time. I'd post a lot more photos if I didn't always cave to the iPad.

Elizabeth said...

i've been experimenting with spinach, parsley, and romaine with fruit and water in my smoothies....find the book Green Smoothie has some good recipes...i'm starting to work my way through it. it says to rotate your greens because alkaloids can build up and be toxic. so far so good!

Emily said...

Wendie, I do like it because most of my pictures are on my photo stream a(from my phone and ipad) and I don't have to email them and the save and upload, I can just post directly in the post. I'm a fan!

Elizabeth, thanks for the suggestion. I'm googling all the different drinks I can make and some are really out there. Ill have to get that book sooner rather than later! Thanks!

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