Thursday, January 17, 2013

REST Is a Four Letter Word....

But is also necessary!!!!! So Im doing what has to be done!! I was going to attempt to do the 3 a day again today but things changed a bit.

I made my morning workout (4 in a row) and got a great burn. I was feeling pretty good but still really stiff throughout my hips. I don't know what I have done other than maybe to many workouts but I was still going to go for 3 today.

Once I got to work things changed big time. Within the first hour of work we had a pretty intense hail storm, for 10 minutes, and the whole town shut down! It made my job rather difficult because everyone closed down for what turned out to be "really cold" rain!

Well, once we had the half inch of hail and a few sprinkles of snow everything closed including the gym. So no mid-day/lunchtime workout!

So I decided that since I did get a second workout in yesterday then maybe I could make today the rest day!

So now the end of my night is pretty boring. I got to see some of my family tonight, which I have missed terribly bad since we have cancelled all the ballgames for cold weather. And now Im curled up in a nice warm bed watching a movie with a few ice packs. Really, good times!!!

This is whats next if I cant get past this soreness.

Now, as I sit on my butt and get all this rest I can tell you that I am ready to start seeing some results. The past three weeks are making me understand why people quit their resolutions after 2-3 weeks...they want to see some weight loss.

Dont worry Im not giving up or anything...Im still counting down all the days (literally) and hoping my results just start showing soon.

This is my countdown, everyday I change my iPhone background a new and fun way to remind me every time I look at my phone (which I do 4,023,210 times a day) that I am on a mission, a 365 day mission of weight loss!

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