Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday is Always a Test

Today was highly eventful for a Saturday. This week starts 8 Saturdays in a row of waking up early for some basketball games. Jr. Pro has started!!!! I love getting to watch the little ones play (especially in a league where we do keep score) and learn the game.

My photo of the day included the babies playing ball!

She might be the worst assistant coach ever, NO BABIES ON THE BENCH!!!!
I spent the vast majority of the day sitting in the bleacher. I needed a break from sitting. I did get a few breaks but not for a workout like I needed. I left to go visit my cuz who was in town for a few mins with her babies. Only one was awake and I interrupted their lunch but I did get to see those babies.

Don't worry, I got photos, he wont take the hat off!
Then I was off to the beauty shop to get this hair cut off...I have way to much hair right now, on my head and my face, so it was a cut and a wax for this FatGirl. I was needing a little beautification and I let it carry on to the afternoon and gave myself a little manicure.

My beautification is complete!

The evening ended with dinner out at fast food. I have tried really hard to not even take a bite of one fry or one diet coke because I know once I give in that first time it tends to be a downward spiral and I only have 360 days left so no cheating now.
This evening I made cupcakes again because I didn't have enough today and the boys need some more for tomorrow. Instead of just chilling while the cupcakes baked I got on the bike and got a pretty good ride in between baking and decorating.

Of course, I have my magazine again.
I don't generally workout this late because it tends to keep me awake but I am happy that I rode tonight because I got my bike all adjusted just right. I haven't been able to figure out the right position (butt, handlebar, pedal placement) but tonight it was just right. Now Im doubly happy that I got on the bike because I finished up the day with a good workout, a newly tuned bike and no cupcakes (or batter) in my mouth!

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