Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sooo Many Topics Today

Where to start?

OK, last night I kept my word and actually went to bed early.  Really I fell asleep before the opening credits of my TV show.  I was asleep when my head hit the pillow and I slept like a dead guy.  It made for an early morning and I was ready to get going and off to the gym.

I had a great sweat this morning.  A full body circuit and then intervals on the treadmill. 

I cooled down with a 10 minute spin on the elliptical and then finished with 10 minutes in the steam room!!!!!!  I did have a guy that totally broke the RULES . I was on the treadmill running as hard as my little legs would take me and this guy chose the machine right beside me...there are 18 treadmills in a row, only about 3 were taken, and he picked the one right beside me!!!!  (OK I break the spandex rule every day but they are my rules so it doesn't matter) 

That's Pretty Fast!!!!

I just love the steam room that is hotter than hot and forces sweat.  Remember that statement...I love to sweat.

It was off to work and then off to the 2nd new workout for the week, Pure Barre.  This is a whole topic in itself. 

I got to class a little bit early because I knew there would be paperwork and I didn't know what to expect at all.  I called my cousin on the way there and she informed me that we don't wear shoes in class just socks so I put my tennis shoes back in the car and made my way inside.  First lets say this, I got a good workout.  I worked up a pretty good sweat but didn't really get an elevated heart rate.  There was a lot about this workout that really was not for me.  The Bar in the class really seemed like a moot point.  We only used the bar once for a standing workout and the we sat below the bar to do ab exercises but we really could have done the entire class without the bar at all.  It was lots of holding positions and small movements with lots of control. 

Then there was carpet on the floor which made plank pretty difficult to hold because my socked feet kept sliding.  (They had special socks for sale but I'm not going to buy special socks for the first visit)  I just really wanted to wear tennis shoes. 

Then the last thing that really kinda bothered me was the people.  I know this has nothing to do with the workout but I just wasn't my kind of people.  I like to do workouts that cause lots of sweat and make you grunt and groan and really work so hard that you might puke.  This just seemed like a fancy kind of workout.  These girls couldn't sweat because they might sweat on their $65 tank tops.  Once I was on all fours and had sweat dripping from my nose and the girl next to me was admiring her engagement ring and checking out her manicure.  "YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH!!!" 

So all in all I think the burn I got was amazing but I'm not sure if I will do this one again.  I'm sure that I will be sore tomorrow but that's really all I'm sure of right now.  Return visit:  maybe but maybe not!

50% on the new workouts this week have been a success.  I know that because tomorrow I am going back to the gym early for Spin Class.

Now if I am going to make it up in the morning I have to go.  I have eaten my 10pm dinner and now I have to sleep...4:45am comes really really early.  I had to eat something even though it was late because I really kind of phoned in my lunch today by only making a Peanut Butter sandwich and packing fruit.  I couldn't even be bothered to put jelly on it!  So when I got home tonight I was starving so I rocked out 4 ounces of turkey and string cheese.  Not my ideal dinner but I didn't want to eat carby carby right before I go to bed.

Holy Cow, its 10:30  I must sleep!

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