Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Day that Never Ends

It started so early and is still going. I thought I would get home tonight, get my bags packed up and maybe a little ride and then to bed...that soooo did not happen.

Let me tell you how my day went....

First off I got up on time this morning, actually a little earlier than normal to make breakfast. Thats right I got to have FOOD and nothing blended! I make an Eggie Sandwich (thats what my mom called them) and took it to go so I could get to the gym on time. I was on schedule, which never happens.

My workout today was pretty good. It was all cardio today and no weights. Im still a little bit sore from all this new activity but its getting better, that is until I do weights again tomorrow. But I did the rowing machine to warm up and then the elliptical machine. I had a magazine on the machine with me so I was not really paying attention to my workout but I was sweating hard core so I knew it was a good one.

This was my favorite story of all...Jessica Simpson was paid $4 million dollars to lose weight after having a baby and they are mad at her for getting preggers again because she will gain weight again. You know what Weight Watchers, I will gladly be your spokesperson for half the price! Really, what better motivation could you have..$4million bucks! I find this whole story annoying.

Anyway, I got done with my workout and it was off to work. Busy busy days like always which makes the day go by quick. I was ready for lunch at about 10 o'clock (remember no food since Sunday) so I started to prep. I had packed tacos for lunch but was out of salsa so I got a treat with my lunch.

The work day was finally over and I was on my way home on time. (That's another rare thing) I got home and went to visit my bro-in-law for a treat...

My eggie sandwich will be made with these bad boys and some love tomorrow morning. Then another errand in town and home before 7pm. I got right on the bike and got in a evening calorie burn. I stayed on the bike a little longer than I meant to and lost a lot of my night. Then I packed up my bags, paid some bills and balanced my checkbook and the next time I looked up it was after 9:30. I wasn't even close to ready for bed.

I have now officially given up the idea of going to bed at a reasonable hour and just thought I would post so in celebration of my 3 days without food and coming back to a healthy day of eating without overindulging I am having a midnight (11:00pm) snack while blogging.

Today my cardio calorie burn was maxed out and tomorrow I have a cardio/weight mix. 6am is going to come early!

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Andrea Peterson said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and wanted to tell you how AMAZING this is!!!!! I can't believe your progress, and you're so brave to do it online. You go girl, you are motivating me!!

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