Monday, January 14, 2013

The Fastest Monday Ever

I really dont know where the day went. My Monday started like normal, up early (I generally struggle on Monday because I always take a nap on Sunday that keeps me up) and off to work. Well I must have needed the Zzzz's because I slept like a baby last night even after my 3 hour nap.

My workout this morning was already planned out...actually my workout for the whole week are planned out.

Its just a template, not a definite but so far so good. My body is hopefully getting stronger because right now I feel a little beat down. I was able to get through a tough circuit this morning and then off to work.

Well, I went it to work expecting the same ol' and got a surprise. This morning I got to do a little training, and it made my day fly by. I looked up once and it was time for lunch, grilled chicken panini and tortilla chips, and then I looked up again and it was 4:04pm. I don't know where my day went but it just flew by!!!

So after work I ran to the sporting goods store to get a new pair of shoes and apparently no one has my size right now! Its driving me crazy, my old shoes have a hole and new shoes just don't exist.

I finally got home around 7ish and started an evening workout. I did a 45 minute ride (my butt is sooooo sore) and a short run around the block.


After my workout I finished up my Biggest Loser with some stretching and even sorer (haha!) muscles.

Well, its a look...I didnt say it was a good look but the tight pants and compression sleeves make my legs feel better after all this working out.

Then it was finally time for rest! I lost the socks and added house shoes and ice packs. For the girl who forgot to turn on her heater this was torture. The Tennessee weather has shifted yet again, yesterday it was 71 degrees today 30 and my house is right in the middle at about 53 degrees. Once I got out of my ice coma I prepared my bag for tomorrow and my meals for the day.

Im a little later than I would like to be but I got in two hard core workouts, an entire day of work, laundry done bags packed and ready to do it all again tomorrow! Thats ADHD/OCD if Ive ever heard it.

Tomorrow Im going for 3 short workouts: cardio before work, water aerobics (Im going with some co-workers at lunch), and another ride tomorrow evening...on the death seat again!

So now rest is most important...Ill let you know how the 3 goes!

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