Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three A Day...DONE!!!!!

That's right, I did it. All three workouts done! This morning was an extremely hard hour of cardio. I did just under 2 miles on the elliptical and the rowing machine and some ab work. All in all it was a good sweat and a good calorie burn. There was a small distraction durning my workout, new Tom's. That's right, I got a text from my sister informing me of the new styles...

I went from no Tom's to way to many pairs of Tom's and completely obsessed with these shoes in just a matter of months. Come on, music note Tom's, those are perfect!!!! I know the shoes don't sound all that important but it kept my mind off the tiredness and gave me the extra push I needed to finish up my workout and get to a computer to shop.

The lunchtime workout was water aerobics and it was pretty fun. The pool was a little bit warm for my liking but I definitely think I got a pretty good burn, and it was fun to workout with some of the girls that I work with (and an assortment of old folks that I dont know!)

The final workout actually changed before I knew what was happening. I was going to ride the bike again tonight, but after about 3 mintues on that seat I gave up, I was going to have to come up with something else. What I wanted to do was run, outside, concrete run! but its raining and its been raining all day long. I just couldnt think of anything else I wanted to do. So at 30 degrees and raining I bundled up and took to the road.

I forget how much I love to run on the road and not on the treadmill. In the first 5 mintues I lose my breath and think, "I can't do this!" and then the breathing regulates and you can just go for a while with nothing but your thoughts.

It sounds crazy but it is so good for my mind to go outside and run. After the first half mile I thought I might be crazy for going outside and running in this weather. But its my crazy. I solved all the worlds problems when I was out there, I got to think about my year long challenge, and plan my runs for the rest of the week, and even try to figure out if there was any way I was going to be ready for 13.1 in April. I talked to myself about what I was going to wear tomorrow to work and how good it was going to be to ice my knees when I got done! And I got to write my blog post in my mind while I was running.

It wasn't a long run but it felt so good.

A few more bits of news, I made a gym friend today! Thats right, I have a new friend. I have worked out at the same gym all my life so to change and not have all my peeps there has been weird. But I have officially made a friend. We really don't workout together but its nice to have someone to talk to when I get there.

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh day! Im not nervous about it because the number better be down. Im not telling my loss until the end of the Phase One. haha! I just hope I make my Phase 1 Goal!

Tomorrow its a morning workout with an Arms Circuit and the an evening of REST!!!!! Much needed rest after the 3 a day today!

Now I just have to finish up my nightly packing and get in the warm bed, Im cold to the CORE after that run and its not helping anything that I'm sitting with ice on my legs. For sure an early bedtime tonight!

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Elizabeth said...

boy, you're tough to get out in that weather! i've given up on getting in a run until friday. maybe you need to be my trainer! :) -beth

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