Friday, January 4, 2013

Week One is in the Books

The first week of "FatGirls Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Extravaganza" is so much easier when its only four days long! It does make the week way easier when you cut out 3 whole days. But I am still doing pretty well. I have a motto, "I can have it, but I DONT want it!" Amazingly enough it really helps me, and hopefully it can work for the next 361 days. Since no food is "off limits" I am not as tempted. I have also realized that some of the things I eat and drink are just out of habit. I have wanted a Diet Sundrop every night just cause I was passing the store that I always stop at to get my drink. Its kinda like the whole quitting smoking, once the urge to smoke was gone there were still times that I wanted the smoke just cause that was what I was supposed to do at that time.

Yesterday and today both I was a good little girl and I got up on time and made it to the gym. Although I do think if I was meant to wake up at 5:45am and go to the gym then my bed would be colder and my house would be warmer...its so hard to get out of bed that early.

Today was a pretty long day, it started really early with a body is sore already and Im having to push hard to meet my goals so Im just hoping my body can adapt to this new schedule. The one thing that hurts more than anything is my hips...its kinda strange that my hips hurt because I cant think of what exercise would have hurt my hips but they are sore!!!

But now I am finally home, I have my feet up and Im resting all my sore muscles before we go again tomorrow. I have curled up tonight with some of my favorite things...

Thats right, thats dinner, blogging, a movie, and the greatest issue of People Magazine in the whole wide world!!! The Half Their Size Issue came out today and my sister picked it up for me just to make sure I would have my copy...

This is one hour of uninterrupted quality time. It made the cupcake baking much easier since I had my magazine, otherwise I would have been tempted to eat a cupcake (or eat the batter) but I was good!!!


Now that my cupcakes are done and the remaining batter is thrown in the garbage can its getting right on up there and way past my bedtime, hell, I was eating dinner after my bedtime tonight!

Oh, and I have decided that Im going to give this whole 3 day Dr. Oz Detox a try. I figure this first 4 days have been about losing water weight, now lets detox some of those harmful toxins out of my body and get my body working right. Im afraid this 3 day detox is really just going to make me poop! :)

I thought I had convinced my co-workers to do this with me but today they backed out. So if any of you out there want to do this with me just let me know, I could use come comfort in this.

The Breakfast Drink!

I don't really know when to start this, so Monday is looking good. Haha, everyone starts everything on Monday! Im a fan of starting things on a Tuesday and Wednesday just to be different but this might actually be a start on Monday thing.

Ill let you know how this goes, I already made and drank the breakfast one and it was pretty good but the lunch one is going to be hard to get down.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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