Thursday, January 24, 2013

When the Day Starts Early...

Honestly, when the day starts so early it makes it the longest day ever. When that day happens to also be one of the busiest days of the month at work it makes it even longer. I have so much to talk about tonight. Ill try to get it all in order but I cannot promise anything.

First off the day started at 4:45a and I actually got up and got everything together and out the door on time. I was sure this morning would be tough to get up but it ended up being ok.

While I was driving to work I realized the Top 3 ways to know you are awake toooooooooo early...

1. When you pass 2 Starbucks on the way to the gym and neither of them are open yet.

2. When the morning radio talk show hasn't started yet. They get there sooo early but not before me.

3. The only place that there is no parking is the gym.

I had another good spin class this morning. This one was not as enjoyable as Tuesday but it was still good. I somehow managed to get the bike that the handle bars were broken. I didn't realize they were too low until about 10 minutes in, I got off and tried to adjust them and they were not moving. Then I realized that it was actually messed up but it was too late to change bikes so I thought I would just deal with it. I wish I had changed it! I still got a great workout but I think I could have done better if I had checked the bike out before class started. I learned and wont make that mistake again.

Then I moved on to a pretty serious ab workout. At the time I thought it was fine and now Im dying of soreness.

Speaking of soreness I am definitely sore from Pure Barre class. It has slowly gotten worse as the day goes on and all I can guess is that I must have been clinched throughout the entire class because its my butt and neck that are so sore, I must have clinched my teeth and my tush.

Sorry, back to the gym. After the ab work it was a little bit of weight work and then I finished up on the elliptical machine. I didn't stay as long as I did the last time because I had to get to work early since I left early the day before for the Barr class. I got ready at the gym and I realized I forgot to pack shoes. I couldnt believe it!!! All I had was tennis shoes and bright red shower shoes. Neither of which were appropriate for work! When I got to my car thankfully I found the shoes that I wore yesterday to work in the floor board.

Work was busy busy busy but a good day. Another down side to early wake up time...I was starving all day long. It seems like I need to get another meal in when I am awake this long. I had my oatmeal for breakfast (and a cup of coffee) then a peanut butter sandwich again for lunch (yes, I phoned it in again) and then I ate a baked potato later in the lunch time part of the day. Then there was some fruit cause I was starving, and well, some Skittles.

My processor brought them to me so it really would have been rude to not eat them right! If it is any consolation I ate them and then had a pretty upset stomach so Im pretty sure that is why. I enjoyed them while they lasted.

About mid-morning the Coke guy came to work. I don't know if y'all are keeping up with it but today makes 24 days since I had a Diet Coke of any kind at all! I thought y'all might be keeping up with it. It has been a little easier than I though because I haven't stopped and bought one and we were out of them at work so it was pretty simple to not give in...not so much anymore. Now there is 6 cases all stacked up nice and pretty right in the kitchen. My other processor told me I could just have a sip, thats like having just one Krispy Kreme just cant do it!

Now work is complete. It was a long day and busy which makes it go by pretty quick and I am finally home for a little "Tush Time." Thats right I decided tonight would be the night off. Rest time has been pretty enjoyable so far. I got the laundry started, dinner prepared and sat down to my DVR.

Dinner was spaghetti! I changed my mind over and over all day long about what I was going to eat for dinner, I decided on pasta and it was all I hoped for and more. I am finally satisfied!

Now I am finally wrapping up my day! Its been a long one but incredibly busy and successful so I cant complain. Now I just have to get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

BTW: I have had several ask how my weigh in went this week, well, I forgot to weigh on Wednesday morning so I will just catch it next week and it better be a freaking good weight loss. Last week was not very impressive and I have killed myself this week so I better see some good numbers! I still am not seeing the results I want to see but I did have to put my blue jeans in the dryer so they would shrink up a bit so that something right!?!?!?

Im off to finish up for the day and crawl into bed. Hope you all had a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I love your complimentary cereal bowl! I have the same one in green. :)

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