Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I’m not sure why in the world I thought this was a good idea. On one hand my body is feeling so clean, but everything else about this sucks. I’m not hungry which I really thought I would be but I do want something that taste good. These shakes are terrible. Ok, I’ll admit it, I am not drinking that lunch shake again, not even making it again. It was the worst thing that has ever crossed my lips. Cucumber, celery, oh and shit! It was awful. It took me about 4 hours of sipping at it and I finally gave up with about an ounce left to go.

I have to find the positive in this whole experience I can so I must do a little braggy braggy on myself. I was invited to a party to watch the National Championship game but I didn’t know that I was going when I started this cleanse. It really hurt my feelings that I couldn’t take part in the yummy hors d’oeuvre that just seemed to be crammed in every inch of the house, but instead I resisted the food and decided that I should just be the bartender. That way I got to be right in the center of the party but didn’t have to eat or drink anything.

I was late getting home, I knew I would be, so I had already decided that I was not going to the gym this morning. Instead I slept late (woo hoo) and ran an errand or two before work. I did however wake up with a raging headache. (no, I am not hung over, I was sober driver) I think my body really likes the toxins that have now been removed from my body! So now I am trying to fight off a headache as well as chock down these nasty shakes! It’s not working out well. I’m basically drinking the breakfast and dinner ones twice today so that I can get 4 in without drinking that terrible lunch shake! I’m sure that’s not Dr. Oz approved but I just will not put that green crap in my mouth again! You really should try it so you understand what I am talking about, and know that I am not exaggerating!

Tonight my workout is going to be a marathon cardio session on the spin bike. I have last night Biggest Loser to watch as well as the 2 hour show tonight!!!! I cannot wait, three hours on the bike will be a major calorie burn (I doubt I'll make it 3 hours) But then tomorrow it will be back to normal with my morning workouts. On Monday I got an awesome workout in. I set up my own little circuit right in the middle of the weight room and absolutely got my sweat on! And today I’m that good kind of sore, the kind that you can still function in your regular life but you know that whatever you did at the gym was worth it. The good sore!!! (You won’t hear those words together from me much.)

Unless I get a last minute invite to a party tonight I should be back to post for you and complain a little bit more about how gross the nasty shakes are and be elated that I only have one more day until I get to eat solid foods again!

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