Thursday, February 28, 2013

Products I Love, and Some That I Dont

First off:  Disclaimer!  I am not paid for any of these product reviews, although if you want to pay me to do them that works for me!

Basically the only reason I do these is to let you know some tricks, products, and other handy little things that have worked for me or have been a complete failure.  I have tried several new things lately and just needed to share.


I have upped my swimming lately and I noticed my hair was turning yellow.  I have "Naturally" bleach blond hair and all the chlorine was just killing my color.  This was actually introduced to me several years ago to use once or twice a month to keep up my color, but I have been using it every single day and it is really keeping my hair looking bright and shiny!

This is the brand I use but there are several.  I get mine at Sally's Beauty and just love it....and it is such a pretty color!


Next up, multi-vitamin.  I have taken the same multivitamin for years and all of a sudden it was giving me a terrible  stomach ache.   It was so bad I thought I was going to vomit!  I talked to the people of GNC and they suggest this vita-pack.  It has all time release pills so they don't all dissolve at once in my stomach and give me the stomach pain.  I have been taking it for over a month now and the only down side I can find is that some of the pills are huge.  Otherwise, I am incredibly happy with this product.

This once was accidental.  I went to Sister 3's house the other day and she just had to show me this new thing...Windex that is a touch up cleaner.  Just push the top and it wets the paper towel and you can wipe up messes.  I went to the store and bought it right up.  With all the cooking Ive been doing lately I have greasy spots on my stove top and burn marks on my cabinets and this little guy is great.  I have it in both my kitchen and bathroom and cant get enough.  Oh, and it smells amazing.


The VOSS water is not new but the bottle is amazing.  I think everyone needs to have one of the VOSS bottles in glass.  The glass is the important part because it can be used forever, day after day, and then when it gets dirty you can put it in the dish washer or use boiling water to sanitize it and start using it all over again.  I keep one on my desk at work all day everyday and just swap them out when its time to wash one. 


Who knew such a product existed.  I have to get ready at the gym every morning and I also like to put lotion on every day.  It got pretty time consuming putting the lotion on at the gym.  There is no where to sit down and you don't want to put your clothes on too soon afterward but you cant just stand around naked either, enter....spray lotion!  This stuff goes on it seconds and drys really quickly and you don't have to get your hands all nasty while putting on lotion.  I don't know how I have been such a good moisturizer all these years and have not had this stuff. 

The bottle says to rub it in but you don't even have to do that....just spray and go...LOVE THIS ONE!


I thought these little things were so cute, and i still think they are cute, but not the best for me.  I have waited forever for these bananas to get ripe so I could try one and lets just say I was disappointed when I took a bite into it.  It was hard to open, each side had about an inch of mushy banana that you cant eat so really its only about 2 bites and those two bites don't have good flavor. 
Ill just stick to my regular size banana that is full of flavor and actually helps me get full and stay full and cost about half the price for 2x the products.
So there you have it, I hope these help you out if you are looking for something in particular otherwise you just basically got to listen to me type a commercial for my favorite new products!
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Friday! You are so Close!!!! I Can't Wait to See You!!!!!

Hello all!!

Today was rest day which means I come to you with lots and lots on energy because I have not done enough today.  That's not true, I needed this afternoon of rest more than even I knew. 

Today started with spin class and about 10 minutes in my legs were dying.  Really, I had 50 minutes left to go and I could hardly push and pull my legs any longer.  At about 40 minutes in I was a hot mess!  I had sweat dripping from every inch of my face, that gross kind of sweat, no glowing here.  I was so happy when the class was over, my poor thighs were killing.

I went on to ride the elliptical machine.  It was slower than normal but with more resistance.  Then I went into the aerobics room for some serious ab work.  Ok, I found this picture of Pink and I have already copied the hair, might as well copy the body.  Anyway, I think I need these abs so I am newly motivated to get these abs.  I would probably have to have surgery and a travel photo shop tool but I can at least strive for these abs!!!

My gosh!

The rest of my day has been pretty ho-hum.  I was off to work earlier than normal ( I was excited to get that rest part of my day started) and actually leaving my desk for an hour to go to lunch. 

Tonight I had to run some errands and get things ready for tomorrow!  I had to go to the grocery if I wanted to eat, I didn't get my nails done, I did some laundry, packed some bags, and got food ready for tomorrow.  

I have decided that I am going to weigh in tomorrow.  I know I made this pact to not to weigh until the end of Phase 1 but I need to know that I am on track.  If this weigh in tomorrow does not go well I'm liable to lose it!  It has to be good!

Also, after my day of rest I am ready to kick it at the gym tomorrow.  I feel totally rejuvenated and ready for more. I have my morning and evening bag packed and if I can find a way to swim at lunch I might just get in 3 workouts tomorrow.  I'm not afraid of 3-a-day.  I'm going for a burn of 5000 again tomorrow, and tomorrow I will make it!  I need to be burning 5000 or better everyday to get those abs (see above!)

Have a good night guys...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So Ready for Friday

You would think I wanted Friday for the end of the work week but its nothing like that, I am ready to sleep. I have gone extremely hard this week and my body is ready for some rest. I have decided that tomorrow I'm going to give it what it wants! That's right, just one workout tomorrow, an early morning spin and then my 90 minutes of whatever else I need to do to get in a good burn. I don't have a goal of 5000 tomorrow but I still want to get in a good burn.
I'm taking the night off tomorrow night. I get to go watch a volleyball game, grocery shop, wax my eyebrows and paint my fingernails. Cook some chicken and take a bath, and do all that before 9pm so I can go to bed early. That's the goal but things are likely to change at any given moment but I like the way that sounds.

That's 2 miles in meters!

Today I had a goal, I wanted to burn 5000 calories. I went full force today from the time I woke up until right now. I had Pump this morning and I put more weight on today that I have ever done. Then I did 2 miles on the rowing machine followed by a small full body circuit (5x10 workout: 10 ball crunches, 10 reverse crunches, 10 ball slams, 10 mountain climbers on gliders, and 10 kettle bell swings) and once that was over it was 30 minutes on the elliptical.

These are sliders, they work on carpet and let your feet slide freely, making you have to control the movement the entire time. It can really really make the workout more difficult.

The new water bottle made its first appearance at the gym today and I have decided that everyone in the entire world needs this bottle, perfect size for the gym with a nifty little handle!
I even tried to be a little more active at work since I knew I was reaching for a higher goal. I tried to send faxes one at a time instead of doing it all at once, that way I had to stand up over and over again instead of just once.

Then tonight I was off for my long run. Ok so the distance really wasn't that long but the run was amazing! I cant believe how great it went. I had 40 minutes to get my run in before choir practice and lots of hills to climb. I started on a huge hill and then got to come down for a while. Once I hit the flat ground I really pushed it as hard as I could. I was moving pretty fast, especially for me, and covering some ground. I did a loop around the square and did the whole trip again. Up the same big hill and then fast running for the remainder of the run. I did just over 2 miles, ran the majority of it at a fast pace. I couldn't have been more pleased. Most of all I am excited that tomorrow I don't have to run!
Once the run was over I packed the ice on my hip and ran up to choir practice. I'm sure they love that I come in directly from a workout! I put the ice down my pants and went on with practice.

So cold when it is directly on your skin!
I finally made it home, I never thought I would get here, and got my bags packed up for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the grocery store tomorrow because I am out of food. All I have is chicken!
After all my packing and running around the house I finally did a final tally of the calorie burn today and the grand total is.....

I know it is a good burn but I really thought I would get 5000,  Before the day is officially over (12pm) I will probably get there cause this thing counts as I sleep but I cant believe I got that close and then didn't get there. 

Tomorrows goal is 3500 since I'm only getting one workout, but Ill just have to make that one workout a good one cause that is a high goal for the day!

Hopefully tomorrow Ill be able to post a little earlier and I still want to tell you guys about some new fun things to try out! 

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 Amazing Workouts Today

My morning started out early again! I should stop saying that but I feel that talking about how early it is somehow makes me feel better about having to get out of bed before 5am. So, I woke up early again and ran off to Spin class. Today was the instructor I don't love, but when I got there it was the guy that I do like...he was filling in. That just made it better! So I rocked out 60 minutes on the teeny tiny bike seat.

Then it was off to the elliptical and only the elliptical today. Another hour on the hill climb setting and boy they are not kidding when they say hill climb. It was 60 minutes of pure evil. It was worth it though, I got a great burn and a great distance.

Once I was done with the elliptical the cardio for the morning was done and it was off to the steam room. I had to cut short yesterday so I took the entire 15 minutes in the steam this morning doing my stretches and just chillaxing.

Then it was off to the office. I had a pretty good day at work, got all my stuff done and had a good time with my boss ladies. I thought I was going to have to kick Bosslady Jen for drinking 10,000 diet cokes today. She is normally so good to drink her water with me but today she kept getting diet drinks and I was struggling. I threatened to go get a box of Oreos (she was craving those) but I didn't have to because she stopped flaunting the drinks in front of me!

After work I had plans to go back to the gym. I wanted an interval workout this afternoon, short workout but directly to the point. I like that kind! 22 minutes of sprints and I was feeling great. I started doing 7.0mph and I could see instantly all my training was paying off because the 7mph was not enough and I was able to push it up to 8.0. Woo hoo!!!

I was happy to see results on the treadmill. Everyday I notice I can lift a little more but the speed pickup on my run is really hopeful because I am trying to better my half marathon time and I can see that time getting better every day.

Once done with the gym this afternoon I was done with the workouts for the day. I had a huge burn today and stayed on track with my food. I didnt get any dinner tonight and its too late to eat now so I have snacked a bit tonight but it was just too late to eat a full meal. Luckily I had a big lunch so I wasnt feeling too hungry.

Now for the "Let's make fun" moment of the day. On my lunch break I finally went to the store and got a new fire extinguisher.

If Im going to keep catching things on fire then I think its only safe to have a extinguisher on hand....

We are just going to keep it on hand for a little while until I can make sure that Im not going to start any fires again...please note, I did clean off the stove but I left the ash on the hood as a little reminder to not catch my kitchen on fire again!

I also got a few happys tonight. My sister, Sister 2, is so good to me. She found a sideways cross bracelet and knew I wanted one so bad so she got me a little treat...

And to let you know she knows me too well she also got me a new bottle of water, I know it sounds funny but I love it.

HOW COOL IS THAT BOTTLE!?!?! Thanks Sister 2!!!! I love them both.

Now after planning my whole outfit tomorrow around my new bracelet and doing a little beautification tonight (I painted my toes and clipped my fingernails) I'm finally ready for bed.

Tomorrow I have some new products to tell you guys about, maybe some new things to try, so be sure and come back tomorrow. I have also set a few goals for tomorrow and the biggest one is I want to have a total burn tomorrow of over 5000 calories so I will have to start early and hit the intensity hard. I don't know if this goal is too big but I bet I can get there, or get close at least. I have my morning workout and then a long run tomorrow afternoon, surely with those two I can hit my goal. 5000 calories!

Hope you all have a good night and great tomorrow!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ready, Set, Go

1500 calories, 2 workouts, 8 chicken breast cooked, Biggest Loser on the TV, 2 ice packs, and a partridge in a pear tree. I have finally found a seated position to get a bit of rest this evening.

I started my week off right, early morning Body Pump that was all new today. No repeat songs and totally new routines, and each one just a little bit harder than the one before. And each song she would say "This one is pretty easy, add a little more weight!" LIAR!!!! All in all it was an amazing workout, heavy in upper body which is not normal for this class. My shoulder have been weak all day long. After Pump it was a little cardio and off to work.

I had to get dressed a little earlier than normal because I had to get a little more dressed up than normal. I only lost a few minutes of my workout and I knew I would get another one in today so no stress.

Now my lunch was not my best but not too bad. I had chips and salsa and a turkey sammy, well half a sandwich cause I ate a few too many chips.

Once work was done I headed off to workout number 2. I brought one out of the vault and went to the football stadium...

I figured since this morning was heavy in the arms then I could work the legs heavy tonight. I made 7 rounds on the steps before calling it a night. I got dark on me so after about 4 trips I had to go slower on the way down and really push it on the way up. If I fall going down I might die cause I cant stop, but if I fall going up I might just scratch up my knees or hands but probably wont plummet to my death. Safety first. I was pleased with the sweat, burn, and performance on the steps.

After the steps it was off to clean the office and then home for a cooking session and laundry time. I cooked up 8 chicken breast tonight and only set one fire in my house. Yes, that is very true, fire in my house. This is why I shouldn't cook! For Pete's sake, who really catches chicken on fire!!!!!

When chefs do it it looks so cool...

When I do it it leaves burn marks on my kitchen cabinets.

This is why I need a personal chef!

The fire went out pretty easily, I just removed it from the burner and let it burn out. Ok, I typed that so calmly but when the flame was 3 feet tall and I was dancing around it was not so calm!

Who knew I would get another rise in the heart rate just before bed time?

Tomorrow is a pure cardio day. A day to let these muscles repair and burn some fat. Oh and I'm going to buy a fire extinguisher.

Now my ice is melted, Biggest Loser is almost over, and I have to load up the car for tomorrow so time is up for me and my online fun.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Weekend Update (I don't do that!)

A Sunday night post! I hardly ever post on the weekend, much less a Sunday night but I am awake watching the Oscars and I took a 4 hour nap today so I might be up for a minute!

I must say Im pretty excited about how m weekend went. Let me start with this, I was openly a little blue last week, just wanting things I chose to give up and sore (in excruciating pain!!!!) but things really work out (no pun intended) like they are supposed too. This weekend I have seen lots of results and changes in my body and also gotten lots of complements on my loss so far. As much as I want to say just losing weight and being healthy is reward enough, which it is, its still nice to receive complements. So thanks for the kind words, they have really boosted my spirit.

This weekend I actually did get a great workout on Saturday, just shy of a mile swim at an amazing pace and with very little stops. It just worked out that I had the time before meeting up with my swim buddy for a little practice. I did get into a little drama in the pool, come on people the gym is my therapy, don't bring the drama there!!!!

Today I took a total day of rest, literally. I went to church early, had a lunch time birthday party, took a 4 hour nap, and then watched TV at my dad's house. It was so nice and restful and exactly what my muscles and my brain needed.

Now that the Oscars are almost over and I think I might be able to sleep now so Im going to bed, maybe!?!? This is just one of the many things I find each day when I go to bed...

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday and End of Week 8ish

First off let me start with this...I apparently forgot that I was a blogger today and I didn't take hardly any pictures until really late in the day...that's my fault!

Today was the push it push it workout day and I kept to that strategy. I had Pump bright and early. Amazingly enough that 4 o'clock wake up call gets easier each day. This week was a little tougher cause I really wasn't getting the sleep I needed but I managed to make it 5 for 5 again! After Pump it was elliptical with arms and then the StairMaster! The StairMaster that is like the escalator, that causes me to say swear words and sweat like a monkey!

It was a great burn this morning! I accomplished everything I wanted to do at the gym. And as you know yesterday I was a little blue about just this whole diet thing but today was much better. For starters I got a call from my sister about having dinner at one of my favorite places to eat. So I got to look forward to that all day long. And just getting to see my family was nice. I have just been really cooped up in my own little world for a few weeks so it was nice to get to actually talk to the ones I love!

I act like I haven't seen them at all, Ive seen most of them and some of them more than once, but I needed quality time. And luckily Nothing But Noodles allows adults to eat of the kids menu so I was able to eat and not ruin my day and my diet!

After dinner I was off to do a little shopping. I wasn't planning on this tonight but I had to run an errand on lunch and saw all kinds of cute stuff in the store and I had 50% off coupons that were just burning a whole in my pocket. And best of all some of my clothes are getting a little baggy (WOO FREAKIN' HOO) so a few new basics will go a long way. I try to not let new clothes be a "reward" for losing weight. Clothes are a necessity and I'm trying to rebuild my wardrobe so this was a win win.

I did pretty good, I got a few new tops, a pair of pants since most of my co-workers think my jeans are too big. Ok they are but they are not as bad as some. Oh and I got 2 pairs of shoes. No I didn't need shoes but they were practically giving them away! Whats a girl to do.

Shopping makes me a happy little FatGirl!

After the shopping trip I had to get home and get to my baking. I have been trying to bake these cakes for a few days but just couldn't figure out when to fit it in. So tonight I hunkered down and started to bake.

I have two cakes to make, each of which is made up of 2 different cakes. I love to bake and the fact that I got to use my KitchenAid made it even better. I got to use so many of my Christmas presents at the same time...

Presents from Daddy-o (my sisters!!), Cousin Clair, and me! That coffee pot has been a lifesaver.

The baking was going good until I realized that half the eggs in my dozen that I purchased just for my baking had busted. Luckily I made all the cakes for the first cake so I was able to put that one together until I could get some new eggs.

I just have to share this because it is too funny not order to make a ball cake you have to bake the ball in two halves and they look like boobs!

One cake is put together and only lacks some embellishments, the other is baked (my sisters stopped and got me eggs) but not decorated yet. I stood in the kitchen for 5 hours baking and decorating and just had to give up and get in the bed. Its been a really long time since I was up til 1 and I remember why I don't do that anymore, it makes me tired!

Here's a sneak peak of cake 1...

I'm finally in bed and I am incredibly happy about that...and after getting to hang with my crew, get in some retail therapy and bake I am feeling much better than yesterday. Thanks for letting me do my venting earlier this week, maybe next week I can make it without all the complaining!

Night world.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Mind is All Over the Place Tonight

Let me just start with this, I think I might be in the 8 week slump or something. My brain and body are kinda working in different directions, not in a bad way just weird. So when I ramble tonight just stick with me.

This morning I was really not feeling my workout. I wanted to stay in bed forever. Bed wasnt an option this morning because I had to get in two today and I knew I was never going to get to swim at lunch cause this is our busiest time of the month so I just had to deal with it.

I got up and got on my most motivating know I would have one of these for every single day if they werent $30 a piece!!!

Once the coffee started brewing I kinda woke up and the shirt just put me over the top! I was ready. I got to the gym for spin class and the guy this morning thought it would be a great idea to climb for the entire hour. I never say this but I was really hoping for a sprint or two.

Once I finished my spin class I needed an elliptical break. I got 30 minutes in and then off to the aerobics room. It was time for 52 card pickup again. This week I really focused on cardio and less strength. I did box jumps, burpees, sprints, and pushups...and it was brutal. The sprint was the hardest part of the whole thing. It wasn't far or fast but they were just killer. It took a 25 minute to a 45 minute workout. AND IT WAS AMAZING! This week I have had some killer workouts.

Heres the mind dilemma! I have had a great workout week but every second I am tempted by food. Im just in a bit of a diet slump but on a workout high.

My workout went a little long since I added those sprints. I just knew I was going to be late to work but I actually got there earlier than normal. And wouldn't you know it but the phone system was still down. This was the third day in a row and I wanted my phone back. I was using my cell again to get the essentials done and then right around lunch time we got phones back and I got really productive!

You have to check out my collage of FatGirl was a strange day.

Huge scarf, obscene T-shirt, and upside down watch! Haaa

I was a little late leaving the office tonight but I cant complain cause it could be so much worse. I had a huge to do list tonight. I had to go to the grocery or not eat tomorrow, I had to take the garbage out at the office building that I clean, I had to bake a cake, and eat, and get in a second workout, and get all those things done before 9:30pm.

As you can imagine that did not happen. I had to prioritize a little bit but I got my entire list done except the cake, looks like Ill just stay up a little later tomorrow night and do some baking. The positive side to that is I can eat a little bit of the batter and maybe get out of the food slump.

I got the groceries...Can you have too many bananas?!?!?

It started raining this afternoon so my afternoon workout was messed up. I raelly wanted to run outside. I need to be doing some more long runs because I have a half coming up in April (that Im not quite ready for) and I want a good time this year! But the rain put a damper on my plan...

Looks like it will stop raining just in time to get to the gym in the morning. Since the rain messed me up I had to do a garage workout tonight. It was a 20 minute run on the treadmill at my eventual race pace, 6.0 mph. I definately got my sweat on and even thought it was short it was pretty nice. I had to take some braeks to get my breath but was happy that I could keep that pace as long as I could.

Now that the 2nd workout is in the books its time to start winding down. This is the slight down side to such a late workout, its kinda hard to go to bed cause Im kinda geared up. But Im glad I got my run in.

To be honest Im glad that I am pushing myself this hard, Im glad that I chose to be totally committed to this diet plan and this huge goal of 65 pounds. Even on days (or weeks) like today when things get a little tough I just have to keep reminding myself that "I CHOSE THIS! I WANTED TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT! I WANTED TO GET 2-3 WORKOUTS A DAY! I CHOSE THIS!!!!!"

Thanks for listening to my rambling tonight...sometimes I just need to complain a bit, brag a bit, and just try to get my thoughts together.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Temptation Everywhere (I FOUND MY POST...I love auto save)

Today was a new kind of challenge all over the place. For starters I was trying out the whole new two breakfast thing. It seemed to workout pretty good. Well, it did til noonish!

I had body pump first thing this morning and it was a doozie today. I wore my "it's supposed to hurt" shirt and it was not taken all that well in group fitness.

When I wear this shirt on my independent workout days people look at me like I'm a badass but when they realize its going to hurt them too its not near as funny!

After pump I did the elliptical again (trying to stay lower impact) for 45 mins and a few abs and called it a morning. I was earlier than normal and finally made it to work early. Woo hoo for me! But when I got there the phone system was still on the fritz. Grrr!

This is where the temptation started full force. To be honest I'm mot sure how much longer I can hold out. Don't get me wrong, my lunch today was delicious, filling, and all things yummy but then my office decided to order in pizza! Only one of my favorite foods.

Not just pizza but Jets pizza! Oh it's so good. Luckily I had my lunch before it came so it was a little easier to resist. Easier, not easy!!!

After work it was no workout it was baby sitting time. I got to hang out my babies. Ok, they are so cute and we had a little wii madness but the yummy let over valentine candy and m&m dispenser is just calling my name! And she has Fruit Loops! My willpower can't take much more.

After the baby sitting, or as I like to call it crouching in front if the fire to get warm, it was off to choir practice and home. Yes, you read that right...only one workout today!

I am trying to get past this hip pain, it's feeling much better; the soreness from body pump from this morning, I really worked on form and I can tell it and I upped my weights cause I was channelling Popeye; and just getting some good ol' fashion rest since I'm pushing my body hard.

And today was the first day that I really think I can see some changes in my body. I felt slimmer this morning (it killed me to not weigh cause I knew it would be good) and my clothes were a little lose. It made me feel good to see and feel results!

Now I'm gonna wait one more night to talk about Biggest Loser cause BossLady Jen still hasn't watched and I don't want to be a spoiler cause it would make me so mad if someone did that to me so instead I'm going to stop now and sleep.

Just FYI I never gave in to the temptation and only had a half an egg sammy for supper since it was so late. Maybe I can dream about pizza and sweet tart jellybeans and fruit loops. If you dream it its calorie free!!!!

"Sweet" Dreams!

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My apologies but I did my entire post from my phone and it some how got lost in cyber land but I will retype and post tomorrow. Sorry but its too late now!

Check Back in the morning please!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who Knew Tuesday?

Who knew that I would get one of the best workouts in a while on a Tuesday morning? My goodness this morning was an amazing burn, amazing sweat, just a great workout all together.

I had my spin class this morning which was not easy. I somehow got the bike that had not been calibrated correctly so instead of one turn being a 10% increase in resistance one turn ended up being 100% and I could not get the pedals around. Instead of just sitting on the bike and dealing with it I actually said something and the instructor came over and helped me fix it. Whew! I’m glad I said something cause it would have been a terrible class otherwise.

Then it was off to the elliptical for some book time. That’s right two days of reading on the elliptical machine. I noticed today that if I have upbeat music on it really makes me move faster so I went ahead and created a new playlist on my iPhone. I have iPhone schizophrenia anyway, it goes from Adele to FallOut Boy to Handel and back to Dolly Parton. Who knew that the upbeat music really helped?

After the elliptical it was Tabata with a twist, instead of 2 rounds I did 3 rounds of work (20 seconds each or 4 exercises) with the 10 second rest. First up: Side lunges, step ups, wall ball with squats and suicides. And I was feeling so good when that round was over I did it again with 4 new exercises: Up/Downs, crunches, jump rope and wall sits.

Once I finished up the Tabata I was done. My body was crying and people were starting to come into the room for the next class and I could tell that all the little old men wanted me to move cause I was in their spot.

So I was off for a steam and then to work. When I got to work the phone system was on the fritz which made for a long day. I took my lunch break to the gym again for a lunch time swim and the gym pulled the lanes on me again. Really? This pool still had a lane to swim but the hateful old lady in it would not share. I gave up and went back to the office. It was a lot of work for half a mile, you know all the changing and showering. Good thing I have easy hair (or hair accessories!)

After the lunchtime workout fail I decided that I was going to have to do an evening workout again even though I didn't really want to go back. I was hoping my lunch workout would be great and I could get away without it but not so much.

I was kinda glad I went back because I made a new friend. We have spoken several times before but no more than a passing hello but I did my warm up on the StairMaster next to her so we got 10 minutes of time to talk to each other. Then 45 mins on the elliptical with my book and upbeat music! It was a good ride and Im almost done with my book! Thats killing 2 birds with one stone I tell ya.

Once I got home I starting packing up food again. I think I am going to have to find something to eat for breakfast before my first workout because I wake up so early and don't usually eat breakfast until I get to the office which leaves me waiting 4 hours before I get food. I thought about having a protein shake on the way but that and a cup of coffee just seems like too much liquid before my workout. Tomorrow Im just cutting my breakfast in half, banana and string cheese before workout and eggs after. I hope this works and I can be satisfied but not go over my calorie intake for the day.

Today I was hungry all day long. I waited forever to eat and when I finally got to breakfast I realized that I forgot to pack my oatmeal for breakfast but luckily I stopped on the way to work and bought a fruit cup so I had a fruity breakfast. Then lunch was a grilled chicken baked potato and dinner was whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce...and none of it felt like enough. Tomorrow Im going to work on the food and hopefully I can make some adjustments that will keep me satisfied longer.

Now that I have packed up for tomorrow and cleared up some space on my DVR and done that thing that I hate so much...RESTED, I get to sleep!!! Hope you all have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lots of Low Impact

Ok, I took the weekend off, thats enough of that!!!! Im back to the gym but I am really trying to do the same volume of exercise just lots more low impact exercises. No running sprints, no deep squats, more elliptical and more swimming. Today it felt great to get in 3 workouts, well 2.5 really.

I did my morning workout like normal. This morning was Body Pump, I skipped the lunge jumps (haha love that I missed those) and still got an incredible burn. Then it was off to some cardio. I did a short circuit of upper body weights and cardio.

Then today I made another decision. I have decided that instead of weighing every week I am going to get to have the surprise at the end of March just like the rest of you. I want that surprise and that big reveal at the end of "Phase One" just like everyone else. This is going to be particularly hard for me....I like to know my progress all the time.

You know what else is going to be hard. The dang Easter Candy. Why in the world is Easter candy already on the shelves. For some reason Easter candy is the greatest and most tempting holiday candy in the world. Im not tempted by all Easter candy just one thing...

These things are the greatest candy that has ever been created. They are by far the best jelly beans ever created, Jelly Belly is good but I can get Jelly Belly any day any time but I can only get these 2 months of the year. But the problem is I cant stop once I have them. Seriously, the drops of delicious nectar that are SweetTart jelly beans cross my lips and before I know it my fingers are slamming agains the bottomw of the bag. And I could eat a whole bag every day.

This Easter season I will not be eating SweetTart Jelly Beans, Im not all that happy about that, but I know that I just have to go ahead and decide that I do not get to have Jelly Beans, even if they are the greatest ones in the whole world. (I did try to convince myself that they were fruit and veg but somehow I could not convince myself of that)

Ok, sorry I got all carried away in my Jelly Bean rant. Today at lunch I did a mid-day lunch swim. The goal was a mile in the pool, another low impact workout. This is where the .5 of a workout came in because halfway through my swim I noticed the lane divider was moving past. Yes, someone had unhooked the lane separator and took it out of the pool for individual workout time. I missed that memo. Tomorrow I will go back to the pool to my original location and get my lunch swim in, they don't have an "individual workout" time.

Then tonight it was back to the gym for a short elliptical session and some quality time with my new book...

So far it is really good, Im only like 20 pages in but I like it already. It talks a lot about things that I am already doing but I am learning new things too.

I had a great day with my food today. I was right on my calorie intake and I definitely made my burn and I was completely satisfied and nothing is hurting too bad. Things are sore but nothing I cant handle. Well me and my pain medication! haha. I am also pretty happy that I am home, bags and lunch packed, sitting on the couch icing all my joints watching my Biggest Loser, and its only 9pm!!!!!

I have lots of opinions about tonights episode but I am going to keep them to myself until tomorrow because I know not everyone watches it when its live. But tomorrow it will be a spoiler if you don't watch it! Mini Spoiler: I DO NOT LIKE GINA ANYMORE!!!!!

Nighty night, I shall dream of this tonight....

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Im a few days late but I figure better late than never right. I have had to look at all the flower and candy photos so now you get to see mine.

St. Valentine and my checkbook were so good to me! I got a new purse and the new Jillian book for me and a Dammit Doll and a cat card from my sisters!

Now that's some good Valentines loot!!!

You would think the "Cat Lady" things would get old but they will never get old. Until I get a man the cats are my companions! Now I just have to get a cat!

Other than a little retail therapy I didn't have any Valentines plans, just some quality time at the gym and dinner with my family.

On Friday I didn't quite get in a Balls to the Walls workout like I needed. I was really struggling with pain in my hip. Yes I know it has been hurting for weeks but it was starting to get kinda bad and my sister told me that she thought I had a hernia. So Friday I did my workout as best as I could and then made a doctors appointment. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to kill my intestines or have my appendix rupture (other possible cause of pain.) The doc thinks it is my hip and not my appendix or hernia and that I needed to take it easy for a few days and take some anti-inflammitories and a pain pill.

So I took the weekend off, only did one workout which was a swim with my swimming buddy so I really didn't do all that much. It just goes to show you that I have to be completely committed to something because taking the weekend off of exercise made me completely forget my diet. I didn't eat so bad that I would ruin my waistline but I made a few poor decisions.

Tomorrow its back to the gym at 5am and back on track with the food. I have noticed that I am a restrictor and not a moderator. I read an article one time that was a comparison of the two and I am definitely a restrictor. I need to tell myself that I just cannot have something instead of having it in moderation because my brain just does not understand moderation. I took diet coke off the table, 100% off limits and I haven't cheated on that, but candy and french fries have been moderated things and I constantly find myself picking off the kids plates cause I just want to eat one. So I have made a new list of completely off limit things cause that is how I work!

Its now off to bed for me so I can get back to the gym! That's two things I have really missed this weekend!

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