Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 Amazing Workouts Today

My morning started out early again! I should stop saying that but I feel that talking about how early it is somehow makes me feel better about having to get out of bed before 5am. So, I woke up early again and ran off to Spin class. Today was the instructor I don't love, but when I got there it was the guy that I do like...he was filling in. That just made it better! So I rocked out 60 minutes on the teeny tiny bike seat.

Then it was off to the elliptical and only the elliptical today. Another hour on the hill climb setting and boy they are not kidding when they say hill climb. It was 60 minutes of pure evil. It was worth it though, I got a great burn and a great distance.

Once I was done with the elliptical the cardio for the morning was done and it was off to the steam room. I had to cut short yesterday so I took the entire 15 minutes in the steam this morning doing my stretches and just chillaxing.

Then it was off to the office. I had a pretty good day at work, got all my stuff done and had a good time with my boss ladies. I thought I was going to have to kick Bosslady Jen for drinking 10,000 diet cokes today. She is normally so good to drink her water with me but today she kept getting diet drinks and I was struggling. I threatened to go get a box of Oreos (she was craving those) but I didn't have to because she stopped flaunting the drinks in front of me!

After work I had plans to go back to the gym. I wanted an interval workout this afternoon, short workout but directly to the point. I like that kind! 22 minutes of sprints and I was feeling great. I started doing 7.0mph and I could see instantly all my training was paying off because the 7mph was not enough and I was able to push it up to 8.0. Woo hoo!!!

I was happy to see results on the treadmill. Everyday I notice I can lift a little more but the speed pickup on my run is really hopeful because I am trying to better my half marathon time and I can see that time getting better every day.

Once done with the gym this afternoon I was done with the workouts for the day. I had a huge burn today and stayed on track with my food. I didnt get any dinner tonight and its too late to eat now so I have snacked a bit tonight but it was just too late to eat a full meal. Luckily I had a big lunch so I wasnt feeling too hungry.

Now for the "Let's make fun" moment of the day. On my lunch break I finally went to the store and got a new fire extinguisher.

If Im going to keep catching things on fire then I think its only safe to have a extinguisher on hand....

We are just going to keep it on hand for a little while until I can make sure that Im not going to start any fires again...please note, I did clean off the stove but I left the ash on the hood as a little reminder to not catch my kitchen on fire again!

I also got a few happys tonight. My sister, Sister 2, is so good to me. She found a sideways cross bracelet and knew I wanted one so bad so she got me a little treat...

And to let you know she knows me too well she also got me a new bottle of water, I know it sounds funny but I love it.

HOW COOL IS THAT BOTTLE!?!?! Thanks Sister 2!!!! I love them both.

Now after planning my whole outfit tomorrow around my new bracelet and doing a little beautification tonight (I painted my toes and clipped my fingernails) I'm finally ready for bed.

Tomorrow I have some new products to tell you guys about, maybe some new things to try, so be sure and come back tomorrow. I have also set a few goals for tomorrow and the biggest one is I want to have a total burn tomorrow of over 5000 calories so I will have to start early and hit the intensity hard. I don't know if this goal is too big but I bet I can get there, or get close at least. I have my morning workout and then a long run tomorrow afternoon, surely with those two I can hit my goal. 5000 calories!

Hope you all have a good night and great tomorrow!

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