Monday, February 4, 2013

A Crazy Burn, Why Yes Please!!!!

I could say I got a good burn today and that would be a big fat lie! I got a huge MASSIVE burn today. This morning started early (please note: no complaint about that today) and was Body Pump at 5:30. Before 6am I was already burning crazy calories and unable to lift my arms. Class was fun and it has become overwhelmingly obvious that I need to be doing more arms, which is what Im doing with Pump but it hurts so bad every time. I NEED MORE TRICEP WORK!!!

After Pump it was the hill climb on the elliptical. Ive been kinda pissed that I was not hitting my "Vigorous Activity" on my BodyBugg so I really wanted to push it on the elliptical. I got a crazy good burn for 45 minutes. And the guy that looks just like my preacher was at the gym again this morning....I think he is starting to get suspicious of me since I cant stop staring at him!

I would have been totally pleased with the burn from this morning but it didnt stop there. At lunch we went to the pool again and did a lunch time swim. It was 32 laps, just shy of a mile with 11 sprints thrown in there! And I got to swim with a friend made it even better!!!! My arms were very tired when I was done but I know I got a full body workout with all those sprints. My abs are burning, arms and legs.

Once we got back to work I was so happy to see my lunch. I was starving because I waited to long to eat. I smashed some chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes. Because I ate so late I never ate my snack so when it was time to leave for home I was starting to get a little hungry again!

I went on a trial visit to Costco to see if it was right for me to join. I walked around for an hour and just scoped out the store...I still cant decide if this is the right place for me to shop. I don't need $17 worth of chicken but they had some great organic options as well. Anyway, I couldn't make up my mind so I just went to Publix to get todays groceries until I can decide on Costco.

By the time I got to Publix I was starving! I was just trying to figure out what I was going to eat for dinner and everything I passed looked great. I tried really hard to stick to the outside of the store so I wasn't tempted by the processed foods but I did need some pastas and some tortilla chips. All in all I made good decisions about my groceries, but never was able to decide what I wanted for dinner.

Once I got home I started my prep for tomorrow, laundry going, food defrosting, and bags being packed up. Again my stomach was rumbling so I started getting some things prepared. I fixed some spaghetti sauce but didn't want to eat pasta so late, I grilled some chicken but that was for lunch tomorrow, I caught a pan on fire, and then decided on a cheese quesadilla with fresh salsa for supper, and it was DELISH!!!

Im also trying out something new on the food front. Im getting tired of oatmeal every morning but its really hard to have something that I can prepare after my workout other than oatmeal or a protein shake. So, I have cooked up some scrambled eggs and a patty of turkey sausage. I just hope it taste good reheated tomorrow. Im surely not waking up any earlier to eat breakfast and I need food for after the workout. Oh I hope this works!

Now Biggest Loser. Tonights episode is still playing (at my house at least) so you don't have to worry about me ruining it for you, but I think I have decided on my favorites. Im still loving Danni, keep going girl, and Jackson! I love this kid! I want him to do well because I love his attitude. I was a fan of the blond blue team girl but over the last two weeks her attitude has sucked so shes out! Done with her!

Im finally done with my chores for tomorrow, I have one more meal to cook for the week prep, and the last 10 minutes of Biggest Loser to watch. Ill let you all get back to the show cause I know you are all on the edge of your seats watching it as well!!!

Tomorrows goal: Beat todays burn!

Have a good night guys!

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Elizabeth said...

seriously wish i could be doing all these crazy workouts with you! you are so motivational!-beth

Spoonful of Me said...

Danni is my favorite. I love Jackson and Jeff (blue eyes) as well. I don't like the blonde girl from the blue team, mostly because she is always whining.

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