Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Weekend Update (I don't do that!)

A Sunday night post! I hardly ever post on the weekend, much less a Sunday night but I am awake watching the Oscars and I took a 4 hour nap today so I might be up for a minute!

I must say Im pretty excited about how m weekend went. Let me start with this, I was openly a little blue last week, just wanting things I chose to give up and sore (in excruciating pain!!!!) but things really work out (no pun intended) like they are supposed too. This weekend I have seen lots of results and changes in my body and also gotten lots of complements on my loss so far. As much as I want to say just losing weight and being healthy is reward enough, which it is, its still nice to receive complements. So thanks for the kind words, they have really boosted my spirit.

This weekend I actually did get a great workout on Saturday, just shy of a mile swim at an amazing pace and with very little stops. It just worked out that I had the time before meeting up with my swim buddy for a little practice. I did get into a little drama in the pool, come on people the gym is my therapy, don't bring the drama there!!!!

Today I took a total day of rest, literally. I went to church early, had a lunch time birthday party, took a 4 hour nap, and then watched TV at my dad's house. It was so nice and restful and exactly what my muscles and my brain needed.

Now that the Oscars are almost over and I think I might be able to sleep now so Im going to bed, maybe!?!? This is just one of the many things I find each day when I go to bed...

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