Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Quality Day

I had another huge burn and great food day today. I had to use all my willpower to keep from raiding the candy drawer cause I really needed some sweets!

I started my day with a spin class and a hardcore elliptical session. I really want to hit my "vigorous activity" level goal of 60 minutes and I got much closer today with 46 minutes. So close! Im not disappointed with my burn because I was just under 5000 calories burned.

I realized that if I was actually going to make my weight loss goal by the end of March I am really going to have to up my game and up my workouts. I don't need 2 hour in front of the TV when I could get in another workout. I get the weekend to rest so Im just going to have to push it even more during the week!

I was eagerly awaiting my breakfast this morning. I wasnt sure how the eggs were going to taste but I did have some people tell me that they cook eggs in the microwave or freeze them and that they would taste fine.

They were right, the breakfast was yummy and I was totally happy to have a hot breakfast that was not oatmeal. It was lots of food for very few calories, and so good that Im having it again tomorrow.

I ate my lunch at my desk and spent my lunch hour at the gym swimming laps in the pool for the second day in a row. It was another good swim with my Boss Lady! Im going to have to give her a name since she has become a fixture on my blog and a normal workout buddy!!! Ill think of something soon, and once I get her to join my gym we will be more regular workout buddies! Im trying.

Once the swim was done it was back to work. This is when the sweet tooth kicked in bad but "thank you, willpower" but I didn't eat out of the candy drawer.

Tonight it was Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (made with turkey) and prep to go again tomorrow. No lunch time workout tomorrow but the plan is before and after. The goal tomorrow is to reach all the Personal goals set for me on my Body Bugg. I know you cant tell but I love this new Bugg. I like that I know in real time what my burn is and when I need to up my workout and which workouts are burning and the ones that aren't. I was having a few issues with the bluetooth connection but after 20 minutes in front of the computer I think I have it fixed!

I was close to them all today, maybe tomorrow!

Now if I'm going to hit my sleep goal I must go to bed now, have no fear I don't have far to go being that Ive done the whole post in the comfort of my PJs and tucked under the covers. Oh yeah!

Ill see y'all tomorrow!

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