Sunday, February 10, 2013

Balls to the Wall Fridays and a Wild Weekend

I never got on her to tell you about my Friday workouts but it was for sure a "push my body to the limits" kind of day. I was sure I havent worked that hard in a long time, and maybe not ever. I was an early start with Body Pump and the 20, 7.0 mph sprints and a finish of 2 miles on the elliptical machine.

My shirt tells the story: I wear a shirt, a tank and a bra and I managed to sweat through all of them in 2 hours. It was a great workout. It was a great workout for the day and I still had two more workouts to go.

I wish I had remembered my water for this workout cause it was a doozie! I molested the water fountain twice trying to quench my thirst and finally when the workout was done I got my coffee and the biggest cup of water that Starbucks could give me! Anytime the water is bigger than the coffee you know something ain't right!

I took my lunch break to go for a swim with my Boss-lady Jen. We swam a mile again (twice this week) and I was really pooped once this workout was done. I just know I have to give it all I got on Friday because there is not a lot of time over the weekends for workouts.

Once I got home I didn't really have much of a final workout planned. I really just did some work around the house and rode the bike for a few and called it a day. My body was really ready for some rest.

The weekend started early Saturday morning, you know 9am: For me that was like sleeping til noon! I didn't quite know what to do with all that sleep. I went and watched the babies play basketball for a few hours and then it was off to the house to work in my yard a little bit. I worked like a dog getting up leaves and fixing my gutter. I also worked a little while in my garage that I am trying to make my own home gym. All in all I will have to say it ended up being a pretty good workout for just yard work!

Today there was no workout at all. My body is still pretty sore from all the working out on Friday but thats the point, I get the whole weekend to recover from the "Balls to the Wall" workout that I do on Friday.

Now this afternoon I have enjoyed my free food. I don't take a whole day to eat what I want, I am only getting one meal Sunday night, that I get to cheat and have a little bit more than I normally would. It was enjoyable to have a few slices of cheese pizza and a mini milkshake.

Tomorrow it starts back again to some serious calorie counting and intense workouts. Im ready to get it going again.

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Jen Greer said...

Went and swam again today - another mile down and did my 5k Saturday morning. My body HATES me right now :) but I'm ok with that! Thanks for the motivation and support! See you tomorrow!

Boss Lady Jen :)

Emily said...

Look at you! And tomorrow we get to swim again!!!!! Your doing so good. You wanna do that 5k tomorrow night?

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