Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday and End of Week 8ish

First off let me start with this...I apparently forgot that I was a blogger today and I didn't take hardly any pictures until really late in the day...that's my fault!

Today was the push it push it workout day and I kept to that strategy. I had Pump bright and early. Amazingly enough that 4 o'clock wake up call gets easier each day. This week was a little tougher cause I really wasn't getting the sleep I needed but I managed to make it 5 for 5 again! After Pump it was elliptical with arms and then the StairMaster! The StairMaster that is like the escalator, that causes me to say swear words and sweat like a monkey!

It was a great burn this morning! I accomplished everything I wanted to do at the gym. And as you know yesterday I was a little blue about just this whole diet thing but today was much better. For starters I got a call from my sister about having dinner at one of my favorite places to eat. So I got to look forward to that all day long. And just getting to see my family was nice. I have just been really cooped up in my own little world for a few weeks so it was nice to get to actually talk to the ones I love!

I act like I haven't seen them at all, Ive seen most of them and some of them more than once, but I needed quality time. And luckily Nothing But Noodles allows adults to eat of the kids menu so I was able to eat and not ruin my day and my diet!

After dinner I was off to do a little shopping. I wasn't planning on this tonight but I had to run an errand on lunch and saw all kinds of cute stuff in the store and I had 50% off coupons that were just burning a whole in my pocket. And best of all some of my clothes are getting a little baggy (WOO FREAKIN' HOO) so a few new basics will go a long way. I try to not let new clothes be a "reward" for losing weight. Clothes are a necessity and I'm trying to rebuild my wardrobe so this was a win win.

I did pretty good, I got a few new tops, a pair of pants since most of my co-workers think my jeans are too big. Ok they are but they are not as bad as some. Oh and I got 2 pairs of shoes. No I didn't need shoes but they were practically giving them away! Whats a girl to do.

Shopping makes me a happy little FatGirl!

After the shopping trip I had to get home and get to my baking. I have been trying to bake these cakes for a few days but just couldn't figure out when to fit it in. So tonight I hunkered down and started to bake.

I have two cakes to make, each of which is made up of 2 different cakes. I love to bake and the fact that I got to use my KitchenAid made it even better. I got to use so many of my Christmas presents at the same time...

Presents from Daddy-o (my sisters!!), Cousin Clair, and me! That coffee pot has been a lifesaver.

The baking was going good until I realized that half the eggs in my dozen that I purchased just for my baking had busted. Luckily I made all the cakes for the first cake so I was able to put that one together until I could get some new eggs.

I just have to share this because it is too funny not order to make a ball cake you have to bake the ball in two halves and they look like boobs!

One cake is put together and only lacks some embellishments, the other is baked (my sisters stopped and got me eggs) but not decorated yet. I stood in the kitchen for 5 hours baking and decorating and just had to give up and get in the bed. Its been a really long time since I was up til 1 and I remember why I don't do that anymore, it makes me tired!

Here's a sneak peak of cake 1...

I'm finally in bed and I am incredibly happy about that...and after getting to hang with my crew, get in some retail therapy and bake I am feeling much better than yesterday. Thanks for letting me do my venting earlier this week, maybe next week I can make it without all the complaining!

Night world.

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