Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday! You are so Close!!!! I Can't Wait to See You!!!!!

Hello all!!

Today was rest day which means I come to you with lots and lots on energy because I have not done enough today.  That's not true, I needed this afternoon of rest more than even I knew. 

Today started with spin class and about 10 minutes in my legs were dying.  Really, I had 50 minutes left to go and I could hardly push and pull my legs any longer.  At about 40 minutes in I was a hot mess!  I had sweat dripping from every inch of my face, that gross kind of sweat, no glowing here.  I was so happy when the class was over, my poor thighs were killing.

I went on to ride the elliptical machine.  It was slower than normal but with more resistance.  Then I went into the aerobics room for some serious ab work.  Ok, I found this picture of Pink and I have already copied the hair, might as well copy the body.  Anyway, I think I need these abs so I am newly motivated to get these abs.  I would probably have to have surgery and a travel photo shop tool but I can at least strive for these abs!!!

My gosh!

The rest of my day has been pretty ho-hum.  I was off to work earlier than normal ( I was excited to get that rest part of my day started) and actually leaving my desk for an hour to go to lunch. 

Tonight I had to run some errands and get things ready for tomorrow!  I had to go to the grocery if I wanted to eat, I didn't get my nails done, I did some laundry, packed some bags, and got food ready for tomorrow.  

I have decided that I am going to weigh in tomorrow.  I know I made this pact to not to weigh until the end of Phase 1 but I need to know that I am on track.  If this weigh in tomorrow does not go well I'm liable to lose it!  It has to be good!

Also, after my day of rest I am ready to kick it at the gym tomorrow.  I feel totally rejuvenated and ready for more. I have my morning and evening bag packed and if I can find a way to swim at lunch I might just get in 3 workouts tomorrow.  I'm not afraid of 3-a-day.  I'm going for a burn of 5000 again tomorrow, and tomorrow I will make it!  I need to be burning 5000 or better everyday to get those abs (see above!)

Have a good night guys...

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