Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Im a few days late but I figure better late than never right. I have had to look at all the flower and candy photos so now you get to see mine.

St. Valentine and my checkbook were so good to me! I got a new purse and the new Jillian book for me and a Dammit Doll and a cat card from my sisters!

Now that's some good Valentines loot!!!

You would think the "Cat Lady" things would get old but they will never get old. Until I get a man the cats are my companions! Now I just have to get a cat!

Other than a little retail therapy I didn't have any Valentines plans, just some quality time at the gym and dinner with my family.

On Friday I didn't quite get in a Balls to the Walls workout like I needed. I was really struggling with pain in my hip. Yes I know it has been hurting for weeks but it was starting to get kinda bad and my sister told me that she thought I had a hernia. So Friday I did my workout as best as I could and then made a doctors appointment. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to kill my intestines or have my appendix rupture (other possible cause of pain.) The doc thinks it is my hip and not my appendix or hernia and that I needed to take it easy for a few days and take some anti-inflammitories and a pain pill.

So I took the weekend off, only did one workout which was a swim with my swimming buddy so I really didn't do all that much. It just goes to show you that I have to be completely committed to something because taking the weekend off of exercise made me completely forget my diet. I didn't eat so bad that I would ruin my waistline but I made a few poor decisions.

Tomorrow its back to the gym at 5am and back on track with the food. I have noticed that I am a restrictor and not a moderator. I read an article one time that was a comparison of the two and I am definitely a restrictor. I need to tell myself that I just cannot have something instead of having it in moderation because my brain just does not understand moderation. I took diet coke off the table, 100% off limits and I haven't cheated on that, but candy and french fries have been moderated things and I constantly find myself picking off the kids plates cause I just want to eat one. So I have made a new list of completely off limit things cause that is how I work!

Its now off to bed for me so I can get back to the gym! That's two things I have really missed this weekend!

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