Friday, February 1, 2013

I Knew It Was Coming

I cant move! All the muscles in my body are officially on revolt! But, I have had an amazing workout week.

Yesterday was spin class, on time again! I’m getting used to this pre 5am wake up call. It still sucks but I’m not fighting it as much as before. Yesterday was just the beginning of the soreness. When I woke up I couldn’t believe how “not” sore I was. That quickly changed as soon as I sat on that spin bike and started peddling. It was like my legs weighed 500lbs. And for some reason this instructor was like, “Let’s get to 80% resistance and stay seated!” In case you are wondering that is almost impossible and painful as hell, especially when your legs have already been wrecked from Body Pump.

As the day went on yesterday is was painful all day long. I could hardly get up and down from my desk. Once I got home last night I was so grateful to get to lay down I couldn’t stand it. I knew my legs were going to be sore from 5000+ squats and spin class but I was not quite prepared for the arm pain. From neck to mid-back is just pain!

Today was Body Pump again! You can imagine how excited I was to go through that pain again. Actually I was pretty happy to do the class again but I got fatigued a lot quicker this time. I really pushed myself this morning during class (even though my arms were screaming) and on the rowing machine and elliptical. Friday is the last quality workout I will get until Monday so I really needed to make it count. I think I accomplished my goal. When I finished I thought maybe I went too hard and then I realized there is no such thing as going too hard!!!

I know that this will not be my only workout today. I have two coworkers that have signed up for a Polar Bear challenge to swim 30 miles by May something and I am going to do it with them. So 3 days a week at lunch I will be going to swim laps. I’m super excited to get to swim 3 days a week. I love the pool and if I want to be ready for an Olympic length triathlon I gotta get more time in the pool. And anytime you get to go with friends the better!! Update: The lunch time swim was pretty amazing. It was over half a mile and 3 mintues in a hot tub. Thats a great lunch. By the time I got back to the office I was starving!!!

My food has also been on track this week. Monday was a slip up day but since then I have been super on it with the food prep and calorie count. I have had two nights in a row where I really didn’t eat dinner so my calorie intake has been a little bit low.

I have found the best new way to cook my chicken. I have had it several days in a row but it is good.

I finished my night off tonight with a veggie plate and an early bed time. I was hoping to get in bed about 8pm but my sister decided that she was going to find me a husband tonight from Kelly's Korner website. They are doing the (Show Us Your Life) People Hook-Up day! They do it a few times a year and I actually let my sisters put me on it last time to be completely rejected so this time they didn't put me on it but sent out emails to the ones that they thought would be a great pair.

I AM FINALLY HOME AND IN THE BED!!!!! Blogging, watching Pitch Perfect and trying like hell to keep my youth by not going to bed early since I already wake up at 4am.

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