Monday, February 18, 2013

Lots of Low Impact

Ok, I took the weekend off, thats enough of that!!!! Im back to the gym but I am really trying to do the same volume of exercise just lots more low impact exercises. No running sprints, no deep squats, more elliptical and more swimming. Today it felt great to get in 3 workouts, well 2.5 really.

I did my morning workout like normal. This morning was Body Pump, I skipped the lunge jumps (haha love that I missed those) and still got an incredible burn. Then it was off to some cardio. I did a short circuit of upper body weights and cardio.

Then today I made another decision. I have decided that instead of weighing every week I am going to get to have the surprise at the end of March just like the rest of you. I want that surprise and that big reveal at the end of "Phase One" just like everyone else. This is going to be particularly hard for me....I like to know my progress all the time.

You know what else is going to be hard. The dang Easter Candy. Why in the world is Easter candy already on the shelves. For some reason Easter candy is the greatest and most tempting holiday candy in the world. Im not tempted by all Easter candy just one thing...

These things are the greatest candy that has ever been created. They are by far the best jelly beans ever created, Jelly Belly is good but I can get Jelly Belly any day any time but I can only get these 2 months of the year. But the problem is I cant stop once I have them. Seriously, the drops of delicious nectar that are SweetTart jelly beans cross my lips and before I know it my fingers are slamming agains the bottomw of the bag. And I could eat a whole bag every day.

This Easter season I will not be eating SweetTart Jelly Beans, Im not all that happy about that, but I know that I just have to go ahead and decide that I do not get to have Jelly Beans, even if they are the greatest ones in the whole world. (I did try to convince myself that they were fruit and veg but somehow I could not convince myself of that)

Ok, sorry I got all carried away in my Jelly Bean rant. Today at lunch I did a mid-day lunch swim. The goal was a mile in the pool, another low impact workout. This is where the .5 of a workout came in because halfway through my swim I noticed the lane divider was moving past. Yes, someone had unhooked the lane separator and took it out of the pool for individual workout time. I missed that memo. Tomorrow I will go back to the pool to my original location and get my lunch swim in, they don't have an "individual workout" time.

Then tonight it was back to the gym for a short elliptical session and some quality time with my new book...

So far it is really good, Im only like 20 pages in but I like it already. It talks a lot about things that I am already doing but I am learning new things too.

I had a great day with my food today. I was right on my calorie intake and I definitely made my burn and I was completely satisfied and nothing is hurting too bad. Things are sore but nothing I cant handle. Well me and my pain medication! haha. I am also pretty happy that I am home, bags and lunch packed, sitting on the couch icing all my joints watching my Biggest Loser, and its only 9pm!!!!!

I have lots of opinions about tonights episode but I am going to keep them to myself until tomorrow because I know not everyone watches it when its live. But tomorrow it will be a spoiler if you don't watch it! Mini Spoiler: I DO NOT LIKE GINA ANYMORE!!!!!

Nighty night, I shall dream of this tonight....

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