Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Must Recover

I must say today has been a strange day for me. My morning workout SUCKED! I got through the spin class but my legs were killing me the whole time. That 5k is really biting back today. After class I went out to the main workout room for the rest of my workout but I just couldn't seem to get my crap together. I couldn't find a machine or workout that didn't hurt something on my body. I just wanted to sit down and take a break.

Once at work things were pretty normal, I was earlier than I normally am because I finally just gave up on the workout and went home. I only cut out about 15 minutes of my workout so I didn't feel to bad about stopping early. It was nice to sit at my desk chair for a while.

My breakfast and lunch were both really low carb meals. Thats not like me but apparently I was living the low carb lifestyle today. I didn't do it intentionally but I am just hoping that all the protein will help with all these sore muscles cause I don't have the time or all the rest my body might need.

I decided that since my workout sucked and it wouldn't hurt to burn a few more calories that I was going to make another trip to the gym. Just cardio to make up for what I whimped out of this morning.

The afternoon gym was just a little elliptical and rowing machine and then it was off to the grocery store. I had to either shop or starve, another reason I was a little Atkins girl today.

I had to run over to my sisters house this afternoon and she gave me what could possibly be the meanest presesnt anyone has ever ever EVER given me in my entire life.

Im not sure if you can tell what that is Ill let you know, its a bag full of Girl Scout Cookies! FULL!!!!!! Thin Mints are my favorite and one box has already gone missing.....I have no idea where it went.


After the cookie fiasco it was home to bake 2 dozen cupcakes for Sister3. What in the world?!?!? This was temptation island all over my life. Im just playing with them because they are the most supportive people a FatGirl could as for. They dont judge my choices and this diet and they listen to me complain all the time so I can deal with a bag of cookies and not eat some cupcake batter a few times a year. I love you girls!!!

in addition to the cupcakes I got all my food cooked up and ready for tomorrow, carbs included this time! And because I was later getting home and getting everything done I just didn't have much of an appetite for food this late so Im munching on yet another low carb snack before bed. BTW: the cookies are in the car and never coming out until I get to the office tomorrow, sorry guys but they cant stay at my house. Ive already had to hide the candy bowl, Ill just put the cookies with it.

Now Im finally home, curled up on the couch trying to speed up the healing process so I can be ready for 2 more workouts tomorrow. Wish me luck at the weigh in tomorrow, Im hoping for some big numbers! I cant wait to tell you guys how it goes.


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