Monday, February 25, 2013

Ready, Set, Go

1500 calories, 2 workouts, 8 chicken breast cooked, Biggest Loser on the TV, 2 ice packs, and a partridge in a pear tree. I have finally found a seated position to get a bit of rest this evening.

I started my week off right, early morning Body Pump that was all new today. No repeat songs and totally new routines, and each one just a little bit harder than the one before. And each song she would say "This one is pretty easy, add a little more weight!" LIAR!!!! All in all it was an amazing workout, heavy in upper body which is not normal for this class. My shoulder have been weak all day long. After Pump it was a little cardio and off to work.

I had to get dressed a little earlier than normal because I had to get a little more dressed up than normal. I only lost a few minutes of my workout and I knew I would get another one in today so no stress.

Now my lunch was not my best but not too bad. I had chips and salsa and a turkey sammy, well half a sandwich cause I ate a few too many chips.

Once work was done I headed off to workout number 2. I brought one out of the vault and went to the football stadium...

I figured since this morning was heavy in the arms then I could work the legs heavy tonight. I made 7 rounds on the steps before calling it a night. I got dark on me so after about 4 trips I had to go slower on the way down and really push it on the way up. If I fall going down I might die cause I cant stop, but if I fall going up I might just scratch up my knees or hands but probably wont plummet to my death. Safety first. I was pleased with the sweat, burn, and performance on the steps.

After the steps it was off to clean the office and then home for a cooking session and laundry time. I cooked up 8 chicken breast tonight and only set one fire in my house. Yes, that is very true, fire in my house. This is why I shouldn't cook! For Pete's sake, who really catches chicken on fire!!!!!

When chefs do it it looks so cool...

When I do it it leaves burn marks on my kitchen cabinets.

This is why I need a personal chef!

The fire went out pretty easily, I just removed it from the burner and let it burn out. Ok, I typed that so calmly but when the flame was 3 feet tall and I was dancing around it was not so calm!

Who knew I would get another rise in the heart rate just before bed time?

Tomorrow is a pure cardio day. A day to let these muscles repair and burn some fat. Oh and I'm going to buy a fire extinguisher.

Now my ice is melted, Biggest Loser is almost over, and I have to load up the car for tomorrow so time is up for me and my online fun.

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