Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So Ready for Friday

You would think I wanted Friday for the end of the work week but its nothing like that, I am ready to sleep. I have gone extremely hard this week and my body is ready for some rest. I have decided that tomorrow I'm going to give it what it wants! That's right, just one workout tomorrow, an early morning spin and then my 90 minutes of whatever else I need to do to get in a good burn. I don't have a goal of 5000 tomorrow but I still want to get in a good burn.
I'm taking the night off tomorrow night. I get to go watch a volleyball game, grocery shop, wax my eyebrows and paint my fingernails. Cook some chicken and take a bath, and do all that before 9pm so I can go to bed early. That's the goal but things are likely to change at any given moment but I like the way that sounds.

That's 2 miles in meters!

Today I had a goal, I wanted to burn 5000 calories. I went full force today from the time I woke up until right now. I had Pump this morning and I put more weight on today that I have ever done. Then I did 2 miles on the rowing machine followed by a small full body circuit (5x10 workout: 10 ball crunches, 10 reverse crunches, 10 ball slams, 10 mountain climbers on gliders, and 10 kettle bell swings) and once that was over it was 30 minutes on the elliptical.

These are sliders, they work on carpet and let your feet slide freely, making you have to control the movement the entire time. It can really really make the workout more difficult.

The new water bottle made its first appearance at the gym today and I have decided that everyone in the entire world needs this bottle, perfect size for the gym with a nifty little handle!
I even tried to be a little more active at work since I knew I was reaching for a higher goal. I tried to send faxes one at a time instead of doing it all at once, that way I had to stand up over and over again instead of just once.

Then tonight I was off for my long run. Ok so the distance really wasn't that long but the run was amazing! I cant believe how great it went. I had 40 minutes to get my run in before choir practice and lots of hills to climb. I started on a huge hill and then got to come down for a while. Once I hit the flat ground I really pushed it as hard as I could. I was moving pretty fast, especially for me, and covering some ground. I did a loop around the square and did the whole trip again. Up the same big hill and then fast running for the remainder of the run. I did just over 2 miles, ran the majority of it at a fast pace. I couldn't have been more pleased. Most of all I am excited that tomorrow I don't have to run!
Once the run was over I packed the ice on my hip and ran up to choir practice. I'm sure they love that I come in directly from a workout! I put the ice down my pants and went on with practice.

So cold when it is directly on your skin!
I finally made it home, I never thought I would get here, and got my bags packed up for tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the grocery store tomorrow because I am out of food. All I have is chicken!
After all my packing and running around the house I finally did a final tally of the calorie burn today and the grand total is.....

I know it is a good burn but I really thought I would get 5000,  Before the day is officially over (12pm) I will probably get there cause this thing counts as I sleep but I cant believe I got that close and then didn't get there. 

Tomorrows goal is 3500 since I'm only getting one workout, but Ill just have to make that one workout a good one cause that is a high goal for the day!

Hopefully tomorrow Ill be able to post a little earlier and I still want to tell you guys about some new fun things to try out! 

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