Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SSDD "Same S#!@ Different Day"

Today was Weigh In day for me and after several attempts at this I was kinda dreading it, but today things starting looking up.  I had a great loss this week, hell I was due for a good weight this week.  I think my brain is finally starting to understand if I want to reach this goal, if I really want to see 65 pounds gone in the next 50+ days then I am going to have to crank things up, harder faster stronger workouts and more control with the food!

The more days in a row I do it the more comfortable it feels.  For example today I woke up before the 4:45 alarm!  Who knew that would happen, but I know that if I want to reach this huge goal then I have to do more and cant miss the workouts. 

Today was Body Pump for the early class, and it was brutal today!  All my muscles are already on revolt and the little demon teacher today took her evil pill early apparently.  Who ever came up with some of these workouts was nut bags!

After class it was time to get in some elliptical time.  That was nice!  It was hard and I worked up a good sweat, new PR of 59 minutes, and burned some serious calories.  By the time I was finished this morning every inch of my body hurt...that's not true, do something for me, take your left hand and place it 4 inches above your knee, that spot, that one spot, it does not hurt!

I didn't get in a lunch time workout today so I made it back to the gym after work.  It wasn't a long one but a big burner, treadmill sprints, oh!  I was fast and slow and up and down and 30 minutes later I was done, for the day.  No more working out, just time for home.

It was already late when I got home so I was quick to eat and get ready for the next day.  I didn't hit all my targets for the day, I got my burn goal, moderate activity goal and steps goal (18564! yeah!!!) but I was 10 minutes shy of my vigorous activity goal, 10 minutes really?  Tomorrow I will go again and I will get all little check marks one of these days!

I still haven't put in my dinner yet, that one is a check mark too!

And finally since I was a terrible blogger today and took no pictures I will share a tweet I received tonight from my darling niece....

I'm gonna get that girl!!!!!  Love you!

Just so you know none of the guys from the Blogger match maker that Sister 2 tried to set up ever emailed!  Rejected again!!!!  Ill take the cats.

Here's to another day tomorrow!

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