Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Temptation Everywhere (I FOUND MY POST...I love auto save)

Today was a new kind of challenge all over the place. For starters I was trying out the whole new two breakfast thing. It seemed to workout pretty good. Well, it did til noonish!

I had body pump first thing this morning and it was a doozie today. I wore my "it's supposed to hurt" shirt and it was not taken all that well in group fitness.

When I wear this shirt on my independent workout days people look at me like I'm a badass but when they realize its going to hurt them too its not near as funny!

After pump I did the elliptical again (trying to stay lower impact) for 45 mins and a few abs and called it a morning. I was earlier than normal and finally made it to work early. Woo hoo for me! But when I got there the phone system was still on the fritz. Grrr!

This is where the temptation started full force. To be honest I'm mot sure how much longer I can hold out. Don't get me wrong, my lunch today was delicious, filling, and all things yummy but then my office decided to order in pizza! Only one of my favorite foods.

Not just pizza but Jets pizza! Oh it's so good. Luckily I had my lunch before it came so it was a little easier to resist. Easier, not easy!!!

After work it was no workout it was baby sitting time. I got to hang out my babies. Ok, they are so cute and we had a little wii madness but the yummy let over valentine candy and m&m dispenser is just calling my name! And she has Fruit Loops! My willpower can't take much more.

After the baby sitting, or as I like to call it crouching in front if the fire to get warm, it was off to choir practice and home. Yes, you read that right...only one workout today!

I am trying to get past this hip pain, it's feeling much better; the soreness from body pump from this morning, I really worked on form and I can tell it and I upped my weights cause I was channelling Popeye; and just getting some good ol' fashion rest since I'm pushing my body hard.

And today was the first day that I really think I can see some changes in my body. I felt slimmer this morning (it killed me to not weigh cause I knew it would be good) and my clothes were a little lose. It made me feel good to see and feel results!

Now I'm gonna wait one more night to talk about Biggest Loser cause BossLady Jen still hasn't watched and I don't want to be a spoiler cause it would make me so mad if someone did that to me so instead I'm going to stop now and sleep.

Just FYI I never gave in to the temptation and only had a half an egg sammy for supper since it was so late. Maybe I can dream about pizza and sweet tart jellybeans and fruit loops. If you dream it its calorie free!!!!

"Sweet" Dreams!

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