Monday, February 11, 2013

This Is How to Do Monday

Apparently today I thought I was not just FatGirl strong, like Mr. Universe strong. I got to Body Pump at 5:30 (on time I might add) and I put extra weight on the bar. Extra weight, my gosh this class is killing me already and I decided to add to it.

As if the crazy heavy weights wasnt enough I left Body Pump and went straight to the Stair Climber. You want to talk about a sweat producer, the StairMaster will make you sweat and kick your butt all at the same time. I made it about 8 minutes, yes 8, and had to break. After I took my mini break I went about 1:30 more and had to break, and the work times got shorter and shorter every time and the rests got longer and longer. I made it the 15 minute goal and it felt like 500 hours. I finished up my workout with the elliptical machine. I like the elliptical for a cool down and a workout. Its such a versatile machine!

By the time I finished this morning I was really hurting. I think I might have pulled a muscle. As you all know I have talked about the soreness in my hip and its still pretty sore. I'm thinking Im just being a Big Ol' Baby, but I'll have to keep an eye on it but I've complained about it hurting all day long so I thought I would share with y'all too.

Then tonight it was something new for me. Ok, running a 5k is nothing new (3.1 miles) but running a race at 5:30 pm is new. I was a little bit apprehensive about this. I haven't run a race in a really long time and I haven't been training for a run run. Ive been doing sprints and going out late and running around the neighbor but not really long runs like I need to be, especially since I have a half in April! But I got started tonight and things were going ok.

As the race continued I felt like I was kinda running at a stand still. I think it was too many runs on the treadmill. I got a slight downhill about mile 2 and I really picked up my pace. Then the running bug hit me and I really started pushing myself forward instead of running in place. Once I got my groove it was on. I was actually making some really good time.

It was not a great time, 45 minutes, but it got me all fired up and ready to race again. And to make it even better my cousin (who told me about the race) came and set a PR. It was an amazing evening workout!

Now Im finally home and I am so happy about that. I had errands to run and hair to color, food to cook and clothes to pack. Now that all that is done my tired aching body is so ready to go to bed!

Side note: This chlorine has been doing a number on my hair so I had to get the brassy yellow gone and the "natural" platinum blond back on this head!

Extra Side Note: Ill have a Biggest Loser update for y'all tomorrow. Yeah, thats at least 2 y'all's in one post! Welcome to the south, y'all!

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