Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who Knew Tuesday?

Who knew that I would get one of the best workouts in a while on a Tuesday morning? My goodness this morning was an amazing burn, amazing sweat, just a great workout all together.

I had my spin class this morning which was not easy. I somehow got the bike that had not been calibrated correctly so instead of one turn being a 10% increase in resistance one turn ended up being 100% and I could not get the pedals around. Instead of just sitting on the bike and dealing with it I actually said something and the instructor came over and helped me fix it. Whew! I’m glad I said something cause it would have been a terrible class otherwise.

Then it was off to the elliptical for some book time. That’s right two days of reading on the elliptical machine. I noticed today that if I have upbeat music on it really makes me move faster so I went ahead and created a new playlist on my iPhone. I have iPhone schizophrenia anyway, it goes from Adele to FallOut Boy to Handel and back to Dolly Parton. Who knew that the upbeat music really helped?

After the elliptical it was Tabata with a twist, instead of 2 rounds I did 3 rounds of work (20 seconds each or 4 exercises) with the 10 second rest. First up: Side lunges, step ups, wall ball with squats and suicides. And I was feeling so good when that round was over I did it again with 4 new exercises: Up/Downs, crunches, jump rope and wall sits.

Once I finished up the Tabata I was done. My body was crying and people were starting to come into the room for the next class and I could tell that all the little old men wanted me to move cause I was in their spot.

So I was off for a steam and then to work. When I got to work the phone system was on the fritz which made for a long day. I took my lunch break to the gym again for a lunch time swim and the gym pulled the lanes on me again. Really? This pool still had a lane to swim but the hateful old lady in it would not share. I gave up and went back to the office. It was a lot of work for half a mile, you know all the changing and showering. Good thing I have easy hair (or hair accessories!)

After the lunchtime workout fail I decided that I was going to have to do an evening workout again even though I didn't really want to go back. I was hoping my lunch workout would be great and I could get away without it but not so much.

I was kinda glad I went back because I made a new friend. We have spoken several times before but no more than a passing hello but I did my warm up on the StairMaster next to her so we got 10 minutes of time to talk to each other. Then 45 mins on the elliptical with my book and upbeat music! It was a good ride and Im almost done with my book! Thats killing 2 birds with one stone I tell ya.

Once I got home I starting packing up food again. I think I am going to have to find something to eat for breakfast before my first workout because I wake up so early and don't usually eat breakfast until I get to the office which leaves me waiting 4 hours before I get food. I thought about having a protein shake on the way but that and a cup of coffee just seems like too much liquid before my workout. Tomorrow Im just cutting my breakfast in half, banana and string cheese before workout and eggs after. I hope this works and I can be satisfied but not go over my calorie intake for the day.

Today I was hungry all day long. I waited forever to eat and when I finally got to breakfast I realized that I forgot to pack my oatmeal for breakfast but luckily I stopped on the way to work and bought a fruit cup so I had a fruity breakfast. Then lunch was a grilled chicken baked potato and dinner was whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce...and none of it felt like enough. Tomorrow Im going to work on the food and hopefully I can make some adjustments that will keep me satisfied longer.

Now that I have packed up for tomorrow and cleared up some space on my DVR and done that thing that I hate so much...RESTED, I get to sleep!!! Hope you all have a good night and a better tomorrow!

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