Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Ok, I hope you don't find my attempt at Easter humor offensive, but I just loved this.

I hope you all had just a wonderful Easter. I know that mine was a little non-traditional but it was still a pretty amazing day. We started with church like usual but its Easter so that makes it special.

After our first service and before the second service I had a huge sandal blowout, which wouldn't be a big deal normally but we hadn't done music for the second service yet. So I trotted around the church with one shoe until we had to sing again and stood in it for 30 minutes and then lost the shoes all together.

Best Shoes Ever!!!!

I love these shoes they are perfect for everything and I have only had them for 12 years. The best part is that they are high hills that do not hurt my feet, thats unheard of!!!!

Ok so they are shot, going in the garbage can. I rocked out flip flops the rest of the day. Once home I took a huge nap in preparation for our egg hunt, but thanks to Mother Nature and lots of rain we cancelled the egg hunt and played Easter Trivia and BINGO to give out the Easter prizes. That wrapped up my Easter Sunday and I'm thinking we might have a new Easter tradition.

Now, after this weekend I think I might be ready for my weigh in tomorrow. I still don't know if I can hit my number but I know that I have done everything I could do to get there.

I have resisted holiday candy all weekend, yes I have jelly beans on my desk for after my weigh in tomorrow, and I have gotten in some pretty good workouts this weekend.

I went on a run on Saturday morning, way to early I might add, and then went to the gym for a swim. I was major fatigued on Saturday and ended up slowing down the other runners (which I hate) but I did get 5 miles done (which I love.) I went to the gym after my run to get in a swim but the pool was closed so I had to move on. I went home and took a nap, ate some lunch, packed my bags and clothes for the week and then went back to the gym for a swim.

The swim was nice but the 20 minute hot tub soak was even better. My body is so looking forward to a little less stress this week. I keep thinking Im going to get a little more rest this week but turns out thats not looking really good, I start boot camp this week!

Im ready to weigh in so I can get this over with, I get in one more workout tomorrow morning before I weigh, yes, I am working out one more time to sweat out any additional calorie I can. If Im gonna be at the gym I might as well get my burn on.

Ill let you guys know how it goes and Ill try to do it earlier rather than later. You know if I get my goal it will probably be on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Exhausting and Exciting

Good evening everyone!  I am excited to get to post tonight.  I was a bad little blogger last night but I had a long run, choir practice, and a stomach ache so I took the night off from my computer and choose sleep instead.

I had two pretty awesome workouts yesterday.  My day started with Pump and very heavy weights and then moved into cardio central.  My calf was feeling better but I didn't want to over do in in the morning cause I had a long run planned for the evening.

I had a huge burn before 9am.  I was off to work for another busy day, I have had a busy week which I love cause it makes the day scoot by and I feel productive.  I need something to keep me busy the last few days of this month cause I'm starting to get really hungry and I want some more quality food. 

I am feeling really motivated right now so I don't want to lose my MoJo but my body is also exhausted and ready for a little bit of rest, just maybe a day or an afternoon of rest would do!

 After work I ran home to get ready for my long run.  I got home at a pretty reasonable time but had to run by our other office and do a file drop.  I ended up talking to some of the workers there and lost some running time but it was only a few minutes.

I ended up meeting my cousin for a long run!  Ok it was a semi long run, 4 miles total, but with my extreme soreness and fatigued muscles that 4 felt like 400.  I was glad to run it with no calf pain and glad to get in 4 miles.  This will be my last run of any distance before my half next weekend, I will still get in a few runs just nothing long.  Its time to taper down a little bit.  And I don't want to be sore before my race starts!

I did choir right after the run and then home.  I was ready to get home because I had been away from the house for 15 hours at that point.  My stomach was starting to hurt again, I need more rest after my long runs (Ill get it worked out) so I went home and packed up quickly and got in bed.  It was a 15 minute pack job but I had to lay down. 

I went to bed with no supper!  That comes into play later on.

Friday morning:  It started off with a bang.  I got to the gym for spin class and there were 2 people there.  2!!!  This class is usually full and it was so empty.  After class I was off to the Stair Master and I quickly discovered why no one uses this machine in the mornings.  I like the recumbent Stair Master especially on days that my legs are sore! 

I knew this morning had to be a great workout because today I was only getting one workout.  Yes 1 workout!!!  I cant remember the last time that happened.

Blinded By the Light!

Once I got to the office I parked, grabbed all my crap and headed inside.  On my way in I heard this really loud hissing noise, and I realized what it was, my tire was going flat right before my eyes.  I threw my crap down and found a friend to help me out and took my car directly to the tire store.

Then the sadness happened...4 new tires.  They were worn out and couldn't be patched or plugged anymore.  I had to get new ones.  This has nothing to do with my day or workout or diet but it was a little tragic to my checkbook and a big part of my morning so I had to share.

And since work has been so busy lately our  BossMan got us a coffee machine and 5 hour energy.  That combined with the coffee maker on my desk prompted this email from a co-worker.

This is what my work day feels like after about the 9th cup of coffee.  This week especially, with very little sleep, lots of work, and coffee I am overly stimulated!

Then tonight I skipped out of workout 2 and 3 so I could go see my babies take part in the grand march at their prom and celebrate my Bro--in-Laws birthday. 
They are not babies anymore!  Handsome boys!

This was a test of my willpower and I can gladly say that I was able to sit at Red Lobster and eat a very enjoyable meal without eating Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Fried Fish.  Don't get me wrong, I smelled every single thing at the table and tried to remove the food from my area but I didn't eat it.  Instead I had Blackened Tilapia and Green Beans.

It was delicious and satisfying.  The biggest challenge of the meal was the cake.  Nothing Bunt Cakes makes a delicious cake and it was fresh and all moist!  I wanted to eat it cause its cake but I don't want it cause I want to meet my goal.  My brain was in a conundrum! 

I was happy that I made it through the night without ruining my diet but I am ready for the stress of this first phase to be done so I can share in the celebration a little bit more and not have to be obsessive about my food choices.

Thankfully I have quite possibly the most supportive family who let me complain when its hard, help me out by moving the temping food away from me and understand when I just need to put my face in the cake and sniff!

I love these guys!!!!

Just a few more days until the first official weigh in to complete Phase 1.  Then it will be off to Phase 2, a new goal and a new set of challenges.   And now that I am kinda in a groove and realize what a challenge this year is going to be I can get a jump on Phase 2 and not be stressed out at the end.  (I really didn't realize the commitment it was going to take to lose 65 lbs in 3 months and now that I do I wish I had started a month earlier cause I feel like I missed all the work I should have been doing in January)

I'm so late to bed tonight so I must go.  I need to start this all again in just a few hours. 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Still Going Strong

I am happy to report that things are still going strong on my front. I just completed the second day of 3 a days and along with my compression sleeves, bio freeze, ice packs and a foam roller I am still upright and going strong!

Today I started off with Spin Class and I was a little bit late but only missed the first few minutes of warm up. It was not too intense today but still a great workout. After class it was off to the rowing machine and the stair stepper and then off to work. The morning workout was all cardio and abs and nothing spectacular.

I got a huge surprise at work today! My processor got me a Kurig for my office. I was too excited for words, I had it set up on my desk with no K-cups in site. I had to go to Target at lunch to get some coffee to use in my new toy. I didn't get in a lunch time workout, no at lunch I ate another salad and drank lots and lots of coffee!!!

The over abundance of coffee drinking continued for the rest of the afternoon. I was really busy, really really fast! And then it was off to the gym yet again. I did a short workout of intervals. I haven't really been able to run well since Saturday because I have been having some crazy calf cramps! I don't know why but I am trying to beat it. I did 10 sprints from 7.0-8.0mph and then jogged to finish out my 20 minutes and I was out the door again. I was so hot when I left that I couldn't even steam...I just stretched out my legs and headed home. I did however manage to match at the gym tonight....that never happens to me, EVER!

Once I got home I cooked up some dinner and packed up for tomorrow and once everything was settled down a little bit I went to the garage for a throw back workout...

I loved Taebo when it first came out when I was in high school and took it by live instructor but now that no one teaches kickboxing anymore I have to do the DVD. I forgot how hard it was and I remembered instantly why my arms looked good in high school. I can guarantee that I will be sore from that tomorrow.

Three quality workouts today followed by a good 30 minutes on the foam roller and some BioFreeze and I am just about ready to do this all again tomorrow. ALMOST! I only have 2 workouts planned tomorrow, Pump and cardio in the morning, long run in the evening and then hopefully an early bedtime. I plan that every night and it rarely happens, so tonight I will leave you and go to bed!

Night all!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Final Week: Salad Should Tell You How Much I Want This

Today I have taken the intensity up! I upped the weight in Pump this morning, even though I almost overslept, I ran and rowed and then Steamed all before 8am. It was a highly productive morning. I really want to hit this goal and I have just decided to leave it all out there.

I was off to the office after my workout and was hoping to get a lunch time workout. That didn't workout so well for me because I went to Wal-Mart to get a DVD player since mine is busted and I need to do some of my workout DVDs in the evening to burn some extra calories.

I purchased a very cheap DVD player to live in my garage/gym workout area. I have set this up so I don't have to move all the furniture out of my living room.

Its everything I need for a quality home workout to burn that last few calories before bed.

I got sidetracked...I took a trip to Wal-Mart for lunch and then ate what I packed....a salad! I hate all things lettuce but I need the veggies and and protein so I put together a grilled chicken salad with a Italian dressing dipper.

This was not what I wanted for lunch but it was packed full of protein and fiber and turns out I like Italian dressing (not much but it makes the lettuce a little better.)

After the 4 hour lunch, it took me a while to get it all down, it was time to head home. I hit the gym right after work. My calf was pretty sore after my morning workout so the planned treadmill intervals were not feeling so hot so I moved on to the recumbent Stair Master and really got my burn on! I was kinda surprised at how good the workout was on the seated StairMaster.

Then home for a quick change, clothes in the washer and off to clean the office. I got the office done and back home to finish up the laundry and get one final workout. I did take the time to get a little ice on my sore calf, recover when you can right?!?!

I was glad to be home and ready for some dinner. I was not ready for the salad that accompanied dinner. Grilled fish and salad! At least this salad had extra carrots, I like carrots.

After dinner I was out to the garage for a Jillian Michaels 30 minute DVD. At that point I was ready for bed! I still had some winding down to do but I think I have finally wrapped up for the night.

I was happy to get all my chores, workouts and work done before midnight, I was sure I was never going to get it all done today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little quicker and I can get to bed earlier but so far Im on track.

I have 6 days left until the weigh in and I am getting more and more eager. I was asked if I was going to tell my weight. I hadn't planned on it, I was a little bit embarrassed that I had gained so much weight so I was just going to make you take my word for it but now Im like...

SCREW can know my numbers. Its only fair if Im gonna talk about these magic numbers you should know them too! It not really embarrassing to tell my weight to strangers its the people I know that I will see when I pass at Wal-Mart that makes it weird. And really, do I think people are going to be shocked at my weight! Anyway, on April 1 I will be looking for 266lbs on the scale.

Thats my goal board, it tells me the goal, the start weight and the exact number I need to lose to get my Road Bike!

So there it is, my goal is 266lbs in 6 days.

I have hopes for 2 big workouts tomorrow, maybe a lunch time walk and an evening DVD. I have lots of fruits and veggies planned for tomorrow as well. I wish those veggies weren't in the form of salads but its just for a week and amazingly enough its better than it was the last time I tried it.

Nighty night!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Final Week of Phase 1: BRING IT!

I was incredibly pissed off about my weigh in on Friday but it is what it is and I have to get ready for this final week. I have 7 days until my final weigh in for this first Phase. The goal is 65 lbs and I might be too far away to hit my goal but I will surely give it 110% to hit this goal.

I did take my heavier calorie days this weekend but I was able to get in more quality workouts than I normally do on the weekend. I also got all my clothes laid out for the entire week and my food packed up.

I decided to eat clean all week long, mostly fruits and veg but definately not sacrificing my protein, which I hope to eat at every meal just more focus on the fruits and veggies this final week.

And since I will have to take every free second to burn calories I even pre-packaged all my food so I can just grab it and go. Being prepared and knowing exactly what has to be done works best for me.

I had my pout fest on Saturday and then today when I was packing up all my stuff Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition came on TV. It was just the motivation I needed. I watched it while folding laundry and Im finishing it up now as I pack up my food. I think it might just be a sign! I am ready for this final week, I have what it takes to burn 7000 calories a day (oh my heavens!) and I CAN do this!

I have to keep saying that because if I dont say it the doubt comes in my mind. You will probably hear that a lot of the next week. Wish me luck for the week to come and I will be having my final weigh in on Monday April 1! I should weigh on March 31 but I get another day because it falls on a Sunday and I want to weigh on the same scales I have the whole time.

Let's go!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Terrible End of the Week

Alrighty, sorry I didn't post as the week ended but I have this philosophy of not posting when I'm pissed off, but since its more than 24 hours later and I'm still pissed so I thought I might as well post.  So here goes, I'm pissed because I weighed in on Friday so I could see what all was left before my final weigh in.  I had not weighed in two weeks and was really thinking I was going to have a great number.  It should have been 5-7 pounds each week so you can imagine my surprise when I got a 6.  A FREAKING 6!  Two weeks of hard work, pushing my body to every limit and a freaking 6!

I just knew I could hit my goal for the end of the month and that just took the wind out of my sails. I can still do it, but what was in reach is now going to take a really really long arm.  Don't worry, I'm not going to give up, I am still pushing towards the goal with all I have but I just don't know anymore.

I have to re-evaluate what I'm got to do this last week of the month.  I know for starters I have to do more in the gym and burn some more calories.  I don't really have the option to eat less because I'm really at the minimum intake I can be right now.  I only can burn more.

So I am going to have to find some more hours to hit the gym, lunch, after work, no TV time for a week, no resting on the couch, just work work work work.  I have to hit my goal and I am not going to just lay down because it seems too out of reach.

So here goes to the final week of the month.

I'm trying to be positive...really trying....but my body is so sore, my belly is really thinking it is hungry, and my feelings are hurt that I didn't get the weight loss I wanted.  Tomorrow is the last day I have to prep before the official beginning of the week (but I haven't let up this weekend yet) and I have to pack up for the entire week so there wont be anytime wasted packing bags and cooking dinner, nope, every waking hour will be dedicated to burning calories and hitting my Phase One goal!

Wish me luck this week!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Uneventful Day

Happy Hump Day everyone! I don't know about you guys but my day today was a pretty ho-hum kinda day. It was pretty much like most every Wednesday I have had for a while.

I got up early, which was so much easier since I finally got in bed on time for once. I wasn't sure I was going to get to do Pump today because the class filled up but I got there and there were several no shows so I was in! I made a point today to really push the weight up.

After class I was off to do a short circuit of weights and then done for the morning. I was able to get in a 20 minute set on the elliptical machine before I had to go. My morning was cut just a little bit short because I had to get signed up for Boot Camp. It starts on April 1 and I am ready. Its a smaller class than I thought and they were getting full so I was lucky to snag a spot.

Im kind of excited because I am really starting to make some friends at the gym and that makes it more fun to go everyday. At first I didn't know anyone and now I know several people who I look forward to seeing every day! I just think I have made a good decision with my gym choice.

One I got to work it was a pretty normal day as well. I had plenty of work to do so I wasn't bored at all but no real drama or anything troublesome. The biggest thrill of my day was lunch. I was a hungry turtle today and I needed food! I was ready to eat my lunch about 11am. I managed to keep my lunch out of my mouth until a little after 12 but I had to give in a touch early today.

Today it was a sandwich and soup with some carrots. Not really eventful but I was starving so it made it seem like the best lunch ever. I enjoyed it so much today that I am having the same exact lunch tomorrow. And if you are wondering yes, that is a sandwich on a hot dog bun and no it is not some sort of trick I know, its the only bread I have in my house right now. I bought an 8 count bag for a cookout and had 7 left over, so Im using it as sandwich bread.

This was todays soup, and it is delicious and I highly recommend it. I only ate half a bowl because I had a sandwich to go with it but I could easily take the whole bowl down! Delish!

That's what Im talking about!!!

After work I was back to the gym. All of my evening plans were cancelled so I had the night to get my stuff done. I got an hour at the gym, another steam for the day and then hit the road to finish up errands that I needed to do but have put off for a few days.

Could I possibly get matching socks?!  Seriously, all I have to do is match the color.

After my workout it was off to the grocery store, then home to pack up for tomorrow. I wanted to get my hair colored tonight because as the day went on today I was not loving my new hair cut. Its the same as before but for some reason I was not loving it. Now that I have it colored up nice and white I feel much better! With all my swimming I have been doing my hair has been getting really brassy so I am going to try some new things to keep it shiny and white like I like it.

I kept putting off my dinner tonight and it got to late to eat, but have no fear, I did make some dinner just a smaller portion that I normally eat this late. I had planned on fish and green beans and settled for a half a peanut butter sandwich a banana and milk (I have been craving milk all week.) Im not to full so I will be able to sleep and I got some quality protein before bed.

I'm going to finish up on here tonight and hit the sack early again! The following day is so much better when I get more sleep and I don't have to start the day by cussing my alarm clock.  Hope you all had a little more eventful day but if not I hope you enjoyed yours...I know I enjoyed mine!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Biggest Loser Review

I am going to try to do a Biggest Loser review tomorrow.  I have still not said much about it and I'm sure everyone knows who won by now but I will wait one more day because I have lots of opinions about the show but Ill give everyone a chance to watch!

Look for it tomorrow.

Cardio Only Success

I think I can safely say that Cardio day was more successful than even I could have imagined.  I started off the day with Spin and the teacher that I don't love.  I was a few minutes late because my bed was so warm and cozy this morning but I did get up and go to the gym, but since I was late I had to get the spot right in front of the teacher.

That makes things more challenging cause you cant take breaks in front of the teacher.  And as strange as it sounds I have a new respect for my spin class now that I have registered for my triathlon.  I have to take this a little more seriously.  The class was pretty successful and one of the most enjoyable ones I have had in a while.  It made me happy that I got out of the bed.

After Spin I went to the elliptical machine.  It was 45 minute of no hands and holding that core tight.  I know I was working hard because I got to the intense level on my Body Bugg.

Yellow, we are always looking for yellow.

After the workout it was a rush but time for a steam and stretch.  I cannot miss my steam and stretch but today I had to do them at the same time. 

After I got all dressed and ready for work I saw the sign for a new workout program.  Its a boot camp style class that starts up right at the same time as Phase 2, that seems to be perfect timing so I will be joining up with that to have new things and stay motivated and entertained.

After all was said and done I got out of the gym early and had enough time to get to Dunkin' Donuts.  I am really not tempted by their donuts, they don't have hot melty donuts but I am obsessed with their coffee!  If you have not tasted it you must get there pronto...tomorrow I will leave early just to go get some more of that delicious nectar.

I might have a coffee problem.

After getting ready today I had this one piece of hair that was really not participating.  I had to get this mop under control.  I called my hair girl and amazingly she was able to give me a cut tonight.  I rushed home right after work to get this hair cut.  I know it sounds crazy but I am going to grow it out but I have to get it all evened out so I have cut it off short but for the last time in a while.  Hopefully I can keep my hands and scissors out of it so I can get a little growth on it and it not be so uneven.  But until then I will rock my mohawk...

That was the piece of hair that caused a scissor explosion!

I would show you an after picture but I have since run a couple of miles and washed my face and I'm just not feeling the makeup less, dirty hair, pooped eyes photo tonight!  Ill try to get a pic of the hair tomorrow.  I'm going to try and color it again tomorrow to clear up any missed spots and then maybe an after photo.

The hair cut kinda messed me up because I was late for my second workout but things worked out better than expected.  I had been texting with my cousin and she wanted to meet and we ran the steps/stadium.  It started with a full trip around and then I thought of a game.  She is obviously the faster of the two but I am holding my own pretty well these days so I extended the challenge, "Lap me!"  So that's what we did....I said we could finish once she lapped me. 

Oh my gosh, it was intense.  I wasn't willing to let her catch me but I was getting so tired.  I was pushing with everything I had and so was she.  It lasted quite a few trips around...she ended up with 2.5 miles of uphill....that's nice!  According to my Body Bugg it was an hour of running.  I know my legs are defiantly filling it.

I was ready to get home and get some food in my belly.  I'm feeling the pressure getting close to the first weigh in because I was under my calorie goal for the day.  I wanted soup for lunch and I just love the Southwest Chicken Chili from Jason's Deli.  Its so full of nutrients and low in calories that I just cant resist, but when I was ordering I wanted the bowl but thought I better make a better choice so I got the cup and ended up way too low for my calories.  I always pack lots of snacks and I had to eat all my snacks to be on track (still low but close) for the day. 

I got to have a little extra for dinner after my low calorie day so it was a Spaghetti and grilled chicken for dinner and milk (not water!!!!).  Even for dinner I was thinking pasta and chicken is too much.  I have to get this out of my brain because I have to get in my calories, cutting calories too low is never a good thing and always backfires.  I just really really really really really want to hit my goal!!!!  Now I need my road bike more than ever.

Tomorrow I am going to do better on my calories.  I have already packed up my food for tomorrow and I know I did better than today.  I also get to eat fewer calories for tomorrow because tomorrow is weights day so more protein but not as many calories as I usually have on Cardio day.  Yes, I break my calories down by what workouts I have that day.  I plan everything and it makes my OCD very happy!

All this has been done, the car is packed up for tomorrow and I am ready for bed.  I have even washed my face already!  I am going to get early bedtime tonight!!!!!  I have been trying to get early bedtime for 2 weeks.  I'm going to bed with my ice pack tonight in hopes of a full recovery/no soreness from steps before tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great night!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A One a Day?!?!

Well it has been a while since I have had a One-A-Day on a weekday but that is how I roll, always mixing it up. Honestly....I had a party to go to tonight to watch the Biggest Loser so I had to get all my work in early today.

I started off the day with Pump and today I got to stand next to "That Guy!" You know the one Im talking about. The one in the group fitness class that cant seem to follow what is going on. He is always about 5 counts behind or ahead and your never really sure which one. He is all over the place. I felt like I was in a bad version of the Harlem Shake and I didn't know what was happening. I kept waiting for the class to let me in on the secret but nothing. I knew it wasn't a joke when the teacher looked at me and just starting giggling...apparently he has been there a lot longer than I have and everyone else knows to move away.

This is why I never have a set of dumbbells!

I got done with this class and this guy and made my way out to the gym. I set up a small circuit of core and upper body, with a few lower body exercises. It was an effective circuit if I do say so. And then it was a short run on the treadmill. I am really working on my speed and the treadmill is the only way I have to know my speed.

Work was the same ol' Monday work as usual. I was busy all day long which is so good...makes the day move quickly but not so busy that I was stuck to my chair all day long. I was incredibly productive while I was there but able to go to lunch and not feel guilty for leaving. It was a friends birthday at lunch so we went and got our eyebrows threaded before picking up food. It was a nice birthday treat. Oh and I ate cake...

I was a wild woman today!

I actually didn't pack enough food with my lunch today so I got to have a treat, Southwest Chicken Chili from Jason's Deli. It was delicious and I got to have soup and sandwich without going over my calorie budget for the day.

After work I had a ballgame and a party to get to and I still had lots of calories left for dinner. I am happy to report that I made it through the party without overdoing it. I had about 1.5 chicken fingers and grapes. I was satisfied and not stuffed and managed to party and still finish the night under my daily calorie count! What What!!!!


How great was that episode tonight. I thought Jackson was precious. I love him! and then "Damnnnnn Girl" how good did Danni look!!!!!

Ok I wont tell who the winner is tonight because it just ended, instead Ill just sit on my Instagram and twitter and watch the behind the scenes from tonight and talk about it tomorrow. So please watch tomorrow so I don't feel bad talking about it.

It all starts again tomorrow early! Tomorrow is cardio only day and I can tell my tired little muscles are ready for no weights. I love that my body is still fatigued but finally not getting super sore after every single workout. I think that means its time to turn up the intensity right!??!?? Ill reevaluate that over the next few days but right now just cardio tomorrow.

I must get some rest so I can get back to my 2 a days tomorrow.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Oh my gosh I don't even know where to start. I usually just talk about my day but Friday became epic around lunchtime and I don't remember what my morning workout was, I don't know what I wore to work...what I do know is I decided to do my first full Olympic Length Triathlon!!!! OMG!!!!!

I actually decided that I was going to do it on Thursday night when I was doing my swim but my niece and I must be on the same wave length because on Friday when I was a lunch she called me and said she wanted to do it. So now not only am I going to be participating in my first real triathlon but I have someone to do it with! I just love this girl!

So I was pretty much on cloud 9 after work. I not only made the decision but registered for the race so there is no going back. I feel like I have already gotten a good start on training so this is a new kind of motivation I need...for more than one I have to hit my Phase One goal because the prize is my road bike. That's kinda critical for a triathlon.

I know some of you are new on here to let me do a quick explanation of the Phase One comment: I have decided to dedicate this entire year to weight loss, much like the TV show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss edition. I have broken down a year into 4 Phases all with their own goals and rewards or meeting those goals. The first phase is up in just a few weeks. This first Phase is the biggest goal and the biggest prize, after this first phase the weight loss becomes less (phase 2: 40 lbs, Phase 3: 30lbs, Phase 4: 20lbs) and so do the prizes. Thanks for this blueprint Chris Powell!

On Friday I didn't have an excess of calories. I usually allow a little bit of a cheat on Friday but I didn't this week because I'm getting down to the wire and I have to hit this first goal. I was so glad I didn't cheat because on the way home I had to stop by Gigi's cupcakes. I had called ahead and asked if they had any mini cupcakes and they were sold out so I knew I would not get to participate in the cupcake love but when I got there they had a sample so I did get my mini splurge and I got to have the new flavor Candy Bar Crunch.

Can you find my cupcake?!?!?!

I didn't have any plans for Friday night except for sleep. I was late to bed so many nights last week and I needed some sleep, but I couldn't resist not taking one of my babies shopping for some St. Patrick's day swag. My family will be looking good tomorrow at church with our buttons and bow ties and glasses!

I ended up hanging out with Sister 3 and my bro-in-law and ended up staying until after midnight! So much for sleep.

It was ok because I got a late wake up call to go swim with my swim buddy and I even got in a quality lap time on my own. My swimming just got more serious, with an open water triathlon swim.

After my swim I became incredibly productive. I got my office work done, I got my yard mowed and leaves up. I have gotten my clothes laid out for the week and even got a pet.

I told my sister the night before if I had to sit at my dinner table one more time by myself and eat dinner that I was going to go I bought a fish!

After pulling the mower all afternoon I feel like I have gotten two workouts in today. OK by me!

I think tomorrow is going to be a complete rest day so I can hit next week hard again, but things are always subject to change around here. Lets say I'm hoping for a day of rest and just hope the plan doesn't get shot to hell.

Before I log off for the night I do have one request. If you guys have any tips or things I should know about competing in a triathlon please let me know. I had lots of runner friends that helped me out with my half and full marathon training but I don't know near as many people that are into triathlons and there seems to be a little more to learn: transitions, clothes, and so much more! Feel free to email or comment if you have any advise.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Short and Sweet

Im gonna try to keep this short tonight because its getting late and I need to get some sleep. After all I only got 8 hour last night. Ha! Its been a while since I actually got in bed on time and it took an upset stomach to get there.

I am feeling much better today. I did my early morning spin class today and 30 minutes on the elliptical. I was doing a kind of active recovery today. Make sure and keep my body moving but not really pushing all that hard.

Luckily, the spin class was not too intense this morning. Sometimes it is killer and sometimes it makes for a great workout right after a long run. I can honestly say I am not as sore as I thought I would be. I am having a little bit of a cramping issue today. My calves starting cramping during my run yesterday and spastically throughout the day today they are seizing up. Im happy to say they are not "Charlie Horses" yet, and lets hope they don't become them.

I get sidetracked, thats why my post are too long!

I did get a little treat at lunch today. I treated myself to a pedicure. I have been begging my dad for a leg rub for days and he wont help me out so I am now having to pay for a leg rub! This is why you get married: weed eating and leg rubs!

His name is Peter and Im thinking about going back tomorrow for another.

After work I had to run so many errands and and I had a ballgame and had to get in another workout. I really thought I was going to get home around 8:15 and it was more like 9:15. It was a later than normal dinner but at least I got dinner tonight. I was hungry today so I gladly at at 9pm.

My evening workout was a trip to the pool. Remember, active recovery! I got a mile in tonight and it was one of my best. I was not a PR by any stretch but it was easier than it has been. I swim in quarter mile splits with breaks, but tonight I did the middle half with no break at all and kept a pretty good pace. Active recovery- success!

Once home I got all my household chores done and got fresh sheets on the bed since I slept nasty last night.

Now that is some comfy fluffy goodness right now. I have actually already crawled up in those sheet to blog tonight. Sleepy time is officially here so I wish you all a good night and please ho

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Watch Out! Your Crazy is Showing!

I’m so sorry guys for not getting on here and posting last night. I had a horrible day from 5am to 5pm, then my day got amazingly better, and about 8:30 I got sick. I don’t know what happened. I thought I was coming down with a stomach virus so I went to bed. I probably didn’t cool down correctly after my long run and that’s what made me sick or I had an 8 hour stomach bug which I slept through (not very likely) but either way I went down hard last night, so let me tell you about my day!

Go ahead and know that all of my CRAZY is fixing to come out for the whole world to see. We all have it in us, don’t act like you don’t, but we try to keep it hidden away as best we can. Well yesterday I woke up like normal, a little tired cause I was late to bed the night before. I got ready and got out the door. When I got in my car I felt like my heart just skipped a beat, you know that feeling of just a palpitation, really not a big deal! I reached over to grab my water because a sip of water makes everything better and my water bottle was left at home. Here comes the crazy….For most people that is not big deal but for some reason it spiraled me into a panic attack. Full out panic. My heart started racing, I was nauseous, sweaty, I worked myself into a complete frenzy over not having a water bottle. I’m sure there was something more on my mind or something but I sure couldn’t tell you what it was. The whole drive to the gym I just kept thinking, “should I just go to the hospital for this heart attack I’m sure I’m having!” Now, don’t get me wrong, logically I know I am not having a heart attack but in the throws of a panic attack all logic goes out the window. I made myself go to the gym because you get weird looks when you go to the ER for a panic attack!

I got to the gym, did the first track of Pump (still heart attacking at this point) and left for the second track to go get a bottle of water. I thought maybe this would calm me down. Between the water and the endorphins I was indeed fine about an hour after the panic attack started…I’m glad I refrained from going to the hospital because that is just embarrassing. All is well!

So I got a phenomenal workout despite the panic heart attack. It was a little bit shorter than normal but that was intentional because I knew I had my long run that afternoon. I went to work! I’m not going to go into much detail but you know how you have some good days, some regular days, and then you have “those” days. Yesterday was one of those days!

This greeted me and summed up my work day!

I was so ready to leave the office and just get away! I needed some serious running therapy, good thing I had a long run scheduled. On my way home my cuz and old usual workout buddy texted me about when I was running. I was hoping she wanted to join me.

OK, the run part of the day is where it got good, really really good!  My cuz was going to meet me but I had a lot of running to get in and not a lot of time to do it so I started as soon as I got home and told her to meet me around the halfway point.  I started off on an incredibly high hill and then got to go downhill for a while, mile one down: no walking!  I was still feeling good and not needing a walk break so I kept going.  I ran until I hit the next massive hill which was just before the 2 mile mark.  I was still kicking but walked the hill and started running again once I got to the top.  (Please note:  My idea of fast and others ideas of fast are very different…I think a 12 minute mile is perfect but I have friends that think an 8 minute mile is slow.  It’s what works for you so please never try to run other peoples pace!)  I was just shy of 3 miles when I met my cousin and we started off for the 2nd half of the run.  I was getting tired but still feeling ok enough to run. 

We ran around the avenues with periodic walk breaks but not as many as I thought I was going to need.  I was pleasantly surprised at my stamina.  In the last full mile I had the biggest hill of all (I walked) and then a final straight stretch of about half a mile.  That last stretch my calves started acting like they were going to cramp up but I made it to the end cramp free and feeling amazing.  I was super pleased with the run overall, super pleased is actually an understatement.  I was ecstatic!  I haven’t done any real distance in about a year and I was pushing and running for 90% of the run.  I finished at 5.82 miles because I ran out of time, I would have totally gotten 6 and I felt like I could have kept going for days.  This really eased my mind for Oak Barrel Half coming up…and it was so nice to have someone to run with.  All my workouts have been solo for 3 months now I miss getting to have friends around.  I am making friends at my new gym but they are not my people yet!

After the run it was a quick clean up in the church parking lot and off to choir practice.   I didn’t have much of a cool down before practice, I just tried to pound water and sing.  After about 45 minutes of singing my stomach started hurting.   I was fine but just feeling a bit queasy.  I was still on cloud 9 from my run so I was sure I was just needing to cool down.  But the longer I stood there the more upset my stomach became.  I just knew I had this bug, you know the one that makes you throw up for 4 days and want to die.  I finished up everything I needed to do in town and went home.  I tried to pack up my stuff for today before I went to bed but I just couldn’t go anymore.  I got my clothes packed up and my lunch bag inside but that was the best I could do.  It was off to lay down. 

You know I didn’t feel good cause I got in bed without washing my face or showering or anything, I just couldn’t stand up one more second. (and for that I get to change my sheets tonight before I go to sleep)  I was uneasy in bed until about 1am and my stomach finally settled and I was able to sleep, a nasty sleep, but sleep none the less.   Must have just been a sour stomach. I woke up on time for the gym and was on my merry way.  I could tell exactly how I felt last night because my outfit for work today looks like I didn’t feel good and threw a bunch of clothes in a bag, because that’s exactly what happened.

This is actually right for the day, I didn't eat supper (cause I was sick) so I was way under my calorie intake, but look at all those check marks!
I am so grateful that I am not sick, so happy about my nearly 6 mile run (9 for the day if I count my morning workout) and happy that I woke up on time to get to the gym this am and do it all over again!

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