Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cardio Only Success

I think I can safely say that Cardio day was more successful than even I could have imagined.  I started off the day with Spin and the teacher that I don't love.  I was a few minutes late because my bed was so warm and cozy this morning but I did get up and go to the gym, but since I was late I had to get the spot right in front of the teacher.

That makes things more challenging cause you cant take breaks in front of the teacher.  And as strange as it sounds I have a new respect for my spin class now that I have registered for my triathlon.  I have to take this a little more seriously.  The class was pretty successful and one of the most enjoyable ones I have had in a while.  It made me happy that I got out of the bed.

After Spin I went to the elliptical machine.  It was 45 minute of no hands and holding that core tight.  I know I was working hard because I got to the intense level on my Body Bugg.

Yellow, we are always looking for yellow.

After the workout it was a rush but time for a steam and stretch.  I cannot miss my steam and stretch but today I had to do them at the same time. 

After I got all dressed and ready for work I saw the sign for a new workout program.  Its a boot camp style class that starts up right at the same time as Phase 2, that seems to be perfect timing so I will be joining up with that to have new things and stay motivated and entertained.

After all was said and done I got out of the gym early and had enough time to get to Dunkin' Donuts.  I am really not tempted by their donuts, they don't have hot melty donuts but I am obsessed with their coffee!  If you have not tasted it you must get there pronto...tomorrow I will leave early just to go get some more of that delicious nectar.

I might have a coffee problem.

After getting ready today I had this one piece of hair that was really not participating.  I had to get this mop under control.  I called my hair girl and amazingly she was able to give me a cut tonight.  I rushed home right after work to get this hair cut.  I know it sounds crazy but I am going to grow it out but I have to get it all evened out so I have cut it off short but for the last time in a while.  Hopefully I can keep my hands and scissors out of it so I can get a little growth on it and it not be so uneven.  But until then I will rock my mohawk...

That was the piece of hair that caused a scissor explosion!

I would show you an after picture but I have since run a couple of miles and washed my face and I'm just not feeling the makeup less, dirty hair, pooped eyes photo tonight!  Ill try to get a pic of the hair tomorrow.  I'm going to try and color it again tomorrow to clear up any missed spots and then maybe an after photo.

The hair cut kinda messed me up because I was late for my second workout but things worked out better than expected.  I had been texting with my cousin and she wanted to meet and we ran the steps/stadium.  It started with a full trip around and then I thought of a game.  She is obviously the faster of the two but I am holding my own pretty well these days so I extended the challenge, "Lap me!"  So that's what we did....I said we could finish once she lapped me. 

Oh my gosh, it was intense.  I wasn't willing to let her catch me but I was getting so tired.  I was pushing with everything I had and so was she.  It lasted quite a few trips around...she ended up with 2.5 miles of uphill....that's nice!  According to my Body Bugg it was an hour of running.  I know my legs are defiantly filling it.

I was ready to get home and get some food in my belly.  I'm feeling the pressure getting close to the first weigh in because I was under my calorie goal for the day.  I wanted soup for lunch and I just love the Southwest Chicken Chili from Jason's Deli.  Its so full of nutrients and low in calories that I just cant resist, but when I was ordering I wanted the bowl but thought I better make a better choice so I got the cup and ended up way too low for my calories.  I always pack lots of snacks and I had to eat all my snacks to be on track (still low but close) for the day. 

I got to have a little extra for dinner after my low calorie day so it was a Spaghetti and grilled chicken for dinner and milk (not water!!!!).  Even for dinner I was thinking pasta and chicken is too much.  I have to get this out of my brain because I have to get in my calories, cutting calories too low is never a good thing and always backfires.  I just really really really really really want to hit my goal!!!!  Now I need my road bike more than ever.

Tomorrow I am going to do better on my calories.  I have already packed up my food for tomorrow and I know I did better than today.  I also get to eat fewer calories for tomorrow because tomorrow is weights day so more protein but not as many calories as I usually have on Cardio day.  Yes, I break my calories down by what workouts I have that day.  I plan everything and it makes my OCD very happy!

All this has been done, the car is packed up for tomorrow and I am ready for bed.  I have even washed my face already!  I am going to get early bedtime tonight!!!!!  I have been trying to get early bedtime for 2 weeks.  I'm going to bed with my ice pack tonight in hopes of a full recovery/no soreness from steps before tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great night!

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