Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Days Without a Post Is Not a Bad Thing

Sorry I skipped out on posting yesterday but have no fear I didn't do something shameful that I didn't want to tell, I just was not in the best mood ever yesterday afternoon and thought nothing good can come from me posting in a bad mood. I always regret when I post in a crap-tastic mood.

Today I am feeling much better so let me just tell you about my weekend and the beginning of my week. Over the weekend I was more active than I usually am on the weekend. I did a swim on Saturday, 40 minute mile! That's a PR for me baby, and its going to get better each week. After swimming I went to my dad's to help with yard work but I was late so I didnt actually have to do any real work, I picked up like 3 logs, but I looked good in my coveralls...

It was freezing outside! They actually worked really hard.

Then I got a special treat, Olive Garden and Krispy Kreme, but this treat wasn't exactly on my cheat day so I had to be good. Luckily I was able to eat off the kids menu so I didn't blow all my calories on a huge pasta entree, they had whole wheat options, and I enjoyed a breadstick and fried lasagna appetizer thingy. The meal was delicious. I ate a little too much but I totally stayed in control. I was more afraid when I walked into Krispy Kreme and saw this deliciousness up on the wall...

I ate a regular hot doughnut and got to take a bite of the Oreo goodness that looked so good on the window.

On Sunday I got another workout but I wasn't planning on it. I went to a birthday party at the local roller skating rink. I forgot I was a roller skating superstar and I might have had more fun than my niece. She was a superstar skater too!!!

I needed an impromptu workout on Sunday because that IS my cheat day so my calorie count is higher. After my extra calories on Sunday I was ready to get back to the gym and get back to my regularly scheduled lifestyle.

Now yesterday started off great, I started with Body Pump and some high intensity, high resistance on the elliptical machine followed by some high intensity abs. The steam was not high intensity thank goodness cause I was ready for rest at 8am.

Work was the same thing, nothing all that much different, but I was just kinda in a blah mood. I went to a volleyball game and then some of my family went out to Jacks for dinner. I really wanted to go eat with them but there is nothing I can eat at Jacks and I didn't really trust myself to make a good decision.

I was just having to decide on go and enjoy time with my crew and not get to eat and be later getting home or be selfish (I feel like I am being so selfish lately) and go home, cook my own food, get another workout in, and get to bed earlier so I would be ready to do it all over again today. I decided to go home and make the decision that was best for me (yep, selfish again) and was able to get all my stuff done at a reasonable time but I just wish I had spent that time with my crew. I think I would have enjoyed my my decision until I started watching Biggest Loser, as strange as that sounds, because the contestants got to see their families and I chose to leave my family to be alone! (I told you I was in a weird mood)

Anyway, I got off my butt and went outside and ran for a little bit. I felt better after my run but just really wanted to go to bed so I could get to Tuesday. Mondays seem to just suck!

Today I am feeling much better. I went to the 5am Spin class today and had to deal with the chipper teacher. You just should not be that perky at 5am. I got past her perkiness and her singing and got my burn on! Then I got another 4 miles in on the elliptical and headed off to work.

I knew today was going to be a little busier than normal so I wrapped up my workout a little earlier than normal, just a few minutes earlier but have no fear I didn't cut my steam short!

After work I planned on going to the gym again. I got to the gym, clocked in, started undressing and realized I forgot my sports bra. Well, I cannot and will not workout without a sports bra so I went home.

I got home and got straight in my workout clothes. I knew better than to do anything else first because I would put the workout off so I went outside and went to run. Then it was time for food. I was starving and the whole drive home all I could think about was dinner.

I had Tilapia, green beans, and spaghetti. Don't worry, I lowered my portions of the fish and pasta (1/2 cup) so that I could have both, but I kept the whole serving of green beans. I think my indecisiveness made for a great dinner. And the water in a wine glass! Fancy fancy!

Haha, my food wasnt the only thing I couldnt decide on...headband or ear warmer....eh, both!

I have finished up my dinner, 2 workouts complete, and since I was overly productive this weekend I have already laid my clothes out for the week and there is no guess work or packing up for the next day, all I have to do is pick up the pile out of the floor and put it in the bag.

Oh early bedtime is in my very near future! Y'all have a good night!

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