Thursday, March 28, 2013

Exhausting and Exciting

Good evening everyone!  I am excited to get to post tonight.  I was a bad little blogger last night but I had a long run, choir practice, and a stomach ache so I took the night off from my computer and choose sleep instead.

I had two pretty awesome workouts yesterday.  My day started with Pump and very heavy weights and then moved into cardio central.  My calf was feeling better but I didn't want to over do in in the morning cause I had a long run planned for the evening.

I had a huge burn before 9am.  I was off to work for another busy day, I have had a busy week which I love cause it makes the day scoot by and I feel productive.  I need something to keep me busy the last few days of this month cause I'm starting to get really hungry and I want some more quality food. 

I am feeling really motivated right now so I don't want to lose my MoJo but my body is also exhausted and ready for a little bit of rest, just maybe a day or an afternoon of rest would do!

 After work I ran home to get ready for my long run.  I got home at a pretty reasonable time but had to run by our other office and do a file drop.  I ended up talking to some of the workers there and lost some running time but it was only a few minutes.

I ended up meeting my cousin for a long run!  Ok it was a semi long run, 4 miles total, but with my extreme soreness and fatigued muscles that 4 felt like 400.  I was glad to run it with no calf pain and glad to get in 4 miles.  This will be my last run of any distance before my half next weekend, I will still get in a few runs just nothing long.  Its time to taper down a little bit.  And I don't want to be sore before my race starts!

I did choir right after the run and then home.  I was ready to get home because I had been away from the house for 15 hours at that point.  My stomach was starting to hurt again, I need more rest after my long runs (Ill get it worked out) so I went home and packed up quickly and got in bed.  It was a 15 minute pack job but I had to lay down. 

I went to bed with no supper!  That comes into play later on.

Friday morning:  It started off with a bang.  I got to the gym for spin class and there were 2 people there.  2!!!  This class is usually full and it was so empty.  After class I was off to the Stair Master and I quickly discovered why no one uses this machine in the mornings.  I like the recumbent Stair Master especially on days that my legs are sore! 

I knew this morning had to be a great workout because today I was only getting one workout.  Yes 1 workout!!!  I cant remember the last time that happened.

Blinded By the Light!

Once I got to the office I parked, grabbed all my crap and headed inside.  On my way in I heard this really loud hissing noise, and I realized what it was, my tire was going flat right before my eyes.  I threw my crap down and found a friend to help me out and took my car directly to the tire store.

Then the sadness happened...4 new tires.  They were worn out and couldn't be patched or plugged anymore.  I had to get new ones.  This has nothing to do with my day or workout or diet but it was a little tragic to my checkbook and a big part of my morning so I had to share.

And since work has been so busy lately our  BossMan got us a coffee machine and 5 hour energy.  That combined with the coffee maker on my desk prompted this email from a co-worker.

This is what my work day feels like after about the 9th cup of coffee.  This week especially, with very little sleep, lots of work, and coffee I am overly stimulated!

Then tonight I skipped out of workout 2 and 3 so I could go see my babies take part in the grand march at their prom and celebrate my Bro--in-Laws birthday. 
They are not babies anymore!  Handsome boys!

This was a test of my willpower and I can gladly say that I was able to sit at Red Lobster and eat a very enjoyable meal without eating Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Fried Fish.  Don't get me wrong, I smelled every single thing at the table and tried to remove the food from my area but I didn't eat it.  Instead I had Blackened Tilapia and Green Beans.

It was delicious and satisfying.  The biggest challenge of the meal was the cake.  Nothing Bunt Cakes makes a delicious cake and it was fresh and all moist!  I wanted to eat it cause its cake but I don't want it cause I want to meet my goal.  My brain was in a conundrum! 

I was happy that I made it through the night without ruining my diet but I am ready for the stress of this first phase to be done so I can share in the celebration a little bit more and not have to be obsessive about my food choices.

Thankfully I have quite possibly the most supportive family who let me complain when its hard, help me out by moving the temping food away from me and understand when I just need to put my face in the cake and sniff!

I love these guys!!!!

Just a few more days until the first official weigh in to complete Phase 1.  Then it will be off to Phase 2, a new goal and a new set of challenges.   And now that I am kinda in a groove and realize what a challenge this year is going to be I can get a jump on Phase 2 and not be stressed out at the end.  (I really didn't realize the commitment it was going to take to lose 65 lbs in 3 months and now that I do I wish I had started a month earlier cause I feel like I missed all the work I should have been doing in January)

I'm so late to bed tonight so I must go.  I need to start this all again in just a few hours. 

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