Sunday, March 24, 2013

Final Week of Phase 1: BRING IT!

I was incredibly pissed off about my weigh in on Friday but it is what it is and I have to get ready for this final week. I have 7 days until my final weigh in for this first Phase. The goal is 65 lbs and I might be too far away to hit my goal but I will surely give it 110% to hit this goal.

I did take my heavier calorie days this weekend but I was able to get in more quality workouts than I normally do on the weekend. I also got all my clothes laid out for the entire week and my food packed up.

I decided to eat clean all week long, mostly fruits and veg but definately not sacrificing my protein, which I hope to eat at every meal just more focus on the fruits and veggies this final week.

And since I will have to take every free second to burn calories I even pre-packaged all my food so I can just grab it and go. Being prepared and knowing exactly what has to be done works best for me.

I had my pout fest on Saturday and then today when I was packing up all my stuff Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition came on TV. It was just the motivation I needed. I watched it while folding laundry and Im finishing it up now as I pack up my food. I think it might just be a sign! I am ready for this final week, I have what it takes to burn 7000 calories a day (oh my heavens!) and I CAN do this!

I have to keep saying that because if I dont say it the doubt comes in my mind. You will probably hear that a lot of the next week. Wish me luck for the week to come and I will be having my final weigh in on Monday April 1! I should weigh on March 31 but I get another day because it falls on a Sunday and I want to weigh on the same scales I have the whole time.

Let's go!

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Elizabeth said...

i have confidence in you!!! you are so motivated and so prepared!if those crazy :) contestants on b.l. can do amazing things, then you soooooo got it even more!

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