Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Oh my gosh I don't even know where to start. I usually just talk about my day but Friday became epic around lunchtime and I don't remember what my morning workout was, I don't know what I wore to work...what I do know is I decided to do my first full Olympic Length Triathlon!!!! OMG!!!!!

I actually decided that I was going to do it on Thursday night when I was doing my swim but my niece and I must be on the same wave length because on Friday when I was a lunch she called me and said she wanted to do it. So now not only am I going to be participating in my first real triathlon but I have someone to do it with! I just love this girl!

So I was pretty much on cloud 9 after work. I not only made the decision but registered for the race so there is no going back. I feel like I have already gotten a good start on training so this is a new kind of motivation I need...for more than one I have to hit my Phase One goal because the prize is my road bike. That's kinda critical for a triathlon.

I know some of you are new on here to let me do a quick explanation of the Phase One comment: I have decided to dedicate this entire year to weight loss, much like the TV show Extreme Makeover Weight Loss edition. I have broken down a year into 4 Phases all with their own goals and rewards or meeting those goals. The first phase is up in just a few weeks. This first Phase is the biggest goal and the biggest prize, after this first phase the weight loss becomes less (phase 2: 40 lbs, Phase 3: 30lbs, Phase 4: 20lbs) and so do the prizes. Thanks for this blueprint Chris Powell!

On Friday I didn't have an excess of calories. I usually allow a little bit of a cheat on Friday but I didn't this week because I'm getting down to the wire and I have to hit this first goal. I was so glad I didn't cheat because on the way home I had to stop by Gigi's cupcakes. I had called ahead and asked if they had any mini cupcakes and they were sold out so I knew I would not get to participate in the cupcake love but when I got there they had a sample so I did get my mini splurge and I got to have the new flavor Candy Bar Crunch.

Can you find my cupcake?!?!?!

I didn't have any plans for Friday night except for sleep. I was late to bed so many nights last week and I needed some sleep, but I couldn't resist not taking one of my babies shopping for some St. Patrick's day swag. My family will be looking good tomorrow at church with our buttons and bow ties and glasses!

I ended up hanging out with Sister 3 and my bro-in-law and ended up staying until after midnight! So much for sleep.

It was ok because I got a late wake up call to go swim with my swim buddy and I even got in a quality lap time on my own. My swimming just got more serious, with an open water triathlon swim.

After my swim I became incredibly productive. I got my office work done, I got my yard mowed and leaves up. I have gotten my clothes laid out for the week and even got a pet.

I told my sister the night before if I had to sit at my dinner table one more time by myself and eat dinner that I was going to go I bought a fish!

After pulling the mower all afternoon I feel like I have gotten two workouts in today. OK by me!

I think tomorrow is going to be a complete rest day so I can hit next week hard again, but things are always subject to change around here. Lets say I'm hoping for a day of rest and just hope the plan doesn't get shot to hell.

Before I log off for the night I do have one request. If you guys have any tips or things I should know about competing in a triathlon please let me know. I had lots of runner friends that helped me out with my half and full marathon training but I don't know near as many people that are into triathlons and there seems to be a little more to learn: transitions, clothes, and so much more! Feel free to email or comment if you have any advise.

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