Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Ok, I hope you don't find my attempt at Easter humor offensive, but I just loved this.

I hope you all had just a wonderful Easter. I know that mine was a little non-traditional but it was still a pretty amazing day. We started with church like usual but its Easter so that makes it special.

After our first service and before the second service I had a huge sandal blowout, which wouldn't be a big deal normally but we hadn't done music for the second service yet. So I trotted around the church with one shoe until we had to sing again and stood in it for 30 minutes and then lost the shoes all together.

Best Shoes Ever!!!!

I love these shoes they are perfect for everything and I have only had them for 12 years. The best part is that they are high hills that do not hurt my feet, thats unheard of!!!!

Ok so they are shot, going in the garbage can. I rocked out flip flops the rest of the day. Once home I took a huge nap in preparation for our egg hunt, but thanks to Mother Nature and lots of rain we cancelled the egg hunt and played Easter Trivia and BINGO to give out the Easter prizes. That wrapped up my Easter Sunday and I'm thinking we might have a new Easter tradition.

Now, after this weekend I think I might be ready for my weigh in tomorrow. I still don't know if I can hit my number but I know that I have done everything I could do to get there.

I have resisted holiday candy all weekend, yes I have jelly beans on my desk for after my weigh in tomorrow, and I have gotten in some pretty good workouts this weekend.

I went on a run on Saturday morning, way to early I might add, and then went to the gym for a swim. I was major fatigued on Saturday and ended up slowing down the other runners (which I hate) but I did get 5 miles done (which I love.) I went to the gym after my run to get in a swim but the pool was closed so I had to move on. I went home and took a nap, ate some lunch, packed my bags and clothes for the week and then went back to the gym for a swim.

The swim was nice but the 20 minute hot tub soak was even better. My body is so looking forward to a little less stress this week. I keep thinking Im going to get a little more rest this week but turns out thats not looking really good, I start boot camp this week!

Im ready to weigh in so I can get this over with, I get in one more workout tomorrow morning before I weigh, yes, I am working out one more time to sweat out any additional calorie I can. If Im gonna be at the gym I might as well get my burn on.

Ill let you guys know how it goes and Ill try to do it earlier rather than later. You know if I get my goal it will probably be on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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