Thursday, March 7, 2013

Holding UP After So Many Two a Days!

I am so happy to report that I am in great spirits tonight.  I got to get online for a while tonight and take part in some Blog Hops, I got a wonderful treat in the mail today from another Blog (or Instagram) friend, and I found out about an hour ago that I get to keep my baby tomorrow!!!

My new T-shirt, thanks so much RunEmz

I started today off a little bit late but I did get up and go to the gym...I just went a few minutes late.  And I drank too much coffee on the way there so I was a bit sluggish.   I made a goal at the beginning of the week to get in two-a-days for the whole work week M-F because even though I am close to my goal weight there is still no slacking off and I do not want to get close to my 65 pound goal and not get there.  In all honesty I would really like to hit 75 pounds and its still an option but 65 was the goal that I set originally so I am doing everything in my power to get there.

I did spin for an hour.  This is the instructor that I like but he was really into the 80% intensity while sitting on the seat, it is sooooo hard when you don't get to stand up, but it was a great workout.  I know because I had the sweat dripping off my nose issue today. 

I tried to get on the treadmill and run this morning but my hips and legs were just not feeling it today.  I have absolutely beat them to death this week so I cut myself a little slack and moved on to the Elliptical machine.  It was a good decision and the butt-centric program really kept my sweat going.

After my cardio I moved on to abs and then a little stretching...

I know this looks crazy but it felt crazy good!  The guy that was walking in the background (see if you can find him) thought I looked funny doing it, he kept laughing.  I would go into a back bend and my back would cramp up so I would have to come down.  The squatting was making my hips feel better, it was really a catch 22!  This is also my way of showing off my new pants, I took better pictures of them but there are lots of selfies today so I will keep those to myself.

I was off to work and off to the butt crack show!  All day long I watched 4 guys put in carpet in the office next door and show off their butts!  It made for hours of laughter, oh and I worked a little bit too.  I actually stayed pretty busy at work which made the day go by quickly, again!

And I wanted to show off one of my new finds, my new cotton blazer.  I told you I was having a shopping problem the last couple of days. 

Rocking the Miami Vice rolled up sleeves on the blazer.  Hello 80's!
I came home from work because I just couldn't imagine another second in the gym today.  My legs were worn out so I thought since I had to go into town to take out the garbage tonight (I'm a part time cleaning lady) I would run by my old gym (I am still a member so I can swim with my swim partner) and do my mile swim and use the paddles so I can really focus on my upper body. 
That might be the best decision I made all night long.  First .25 warm up regular stroke, next .25 paddles with kick, .75 paddles and thigh holder (no kick) my arms were burning, and finally the last.25 were regular stroke/cool down.  I swam the whole thing as hard as I could.  I just realized that if I go harder it makes it hurt a little more but it makes it finish faster.  I did the whole swim in a new PR of 35.05, that's 5 minutes better than my last one.  Some people are like, "you just didn't go hard last time!" or maybe its because Ive been busting my ass to get better every time, how 'bout that! 
I was on cloud 9 after my swim!  I love setting new PRs and I was able to get in workout #2.  I have one more day of two a days and its Friday which means I have a Balls to the Wall workout in the morning!
I always say once it gets late I don't care cause I want to keep blogging and Instagramming and Twittering but I know I will regret it when my alarm goes off at 4:45 A freakin' M!  So I'm going to run off to finish lacing up my new shoes to try out tomorrow and get in bed.  Hope you all had a great day too and lets hope tomorrow is another day like today!

The shopping is out of control, at least these were free!

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Spoonful of Me said...

Great job on the new PR.

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